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Sausage eggs is a mondegreen in AGK parodies. It is often referred as Leopold's favorite food. What exactly are sausage eggs? Well, we are not quite sure, but Brazilian McDonald's defines a "sausage egg muffin" as a "delicious combination of fluffy muffin-like bread, eggs, sausage and cheese". This might assume that sausage eggs are a mixture of sausages with eggs.

In AGK parodies

Leopold is also known for liking sausage eggs and goes crazy when his relatives decide to make some. Sausage Eggs appear in almost every Angry German Kid series from after Jeeves476's interpretation of the original PC Games being reversed.

Leopold Slikk and Sausage Eggs

So, what do sausage eggs have to do with Leopold? Well, when you play the famous video backwards, you can hear him say "sausage eggs" (he even sings it!) This started the rumor - and mini-meme - that Leopold is addicted to sausage eggs.


This mondegreen was first utilised by early AGK Parodist Jeeves476, in a video where the original AGK video (PC Spielen) was reversed. The speech in particular which becomes 'Sausage Egg' when reversed is the phrase, Jetzt geht's los, which roughly translates to 'Let's get started' or 'Let's go now'.

Some users further expand the mondegreen by making him sing this song when his parents cooked sausage eggs for him.


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