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Scammers (formerly known as Scams) is a business character who recently appeared in BlueNewton's series. Scammers had his store called Scam's Department Store where he formerly lives in a store.


BlueNewton's series

Scammers appeared in episode 35 where he had a commercial called Scams Department Store and Leopold watches his commercial. Scams was in his store meeting Leopold and Jake showing both the golf ball machine in the areas with the other collectors including BEN toys. Scammers appeared in BlueNewton's AGK Movie: DGK's Revenge in part 3 in the arcade building while Jimmy Slikk and Jack Slikk were talking when Scammers was walking when Inking boy and a person with a mask were walking though as a camo and Scammers did appeared as a camo in the movie.

Rockydoes53's series

Scammers appeared in episode 2 where he had his GameScams commercialize where pumpkin man appeared buying his own game with the resister and the resister said about his lame rewards card and passes him and punches Scammers for no reason. Leopold was in GameScams and he wants to buy a game called Dup simulator which it was created by someone in Nintendo and he does not want the resister's sign ups and the resister exploded from Leopold yelling at him.

Travrinity's series

Scammers appears in episode 160 in a new commercial of his dept. store. As Leopold's siblings were watching TV, they saw this commercial, which was a ripoff, but immediately went there for some stuff. He appears again on episode 186 with another commercial about his video game store. As Leopold and his brothers went there, they saw the same scammer, but with a gas mask on. He states that he has a disease that can turn anyone he touched into paper. He even says that they're working on a hospital called MedScams if they receive enough of their payment. By doing this, every scammer will travel to a distant planet to create a Scamtopian empire. He will be voiced by The Dups.



  • Scammers was one of BlueNewton's favorite characters from The Dups.
  • Scammers had his assistant which was one of his employees but BlueNewton called his assistant his sister.
  • Scammers does have a game store called GameScams, which it was an a game store he developed.
  • BlueNewton made a copy of Scams with a moblie app called "You Doodle" which is like a reference to MS Paint, but with improvements he added.
  • Even though Scammers is male, his voice is high pitched.
  • Scammers has his own theme song for his commericals which BlueNewton attempts to find his theme but he found Scammer's theme in the website but unfortunately, Lemurboy123 cleaned his Mugman website in June 29, 2016, and BlueNewton only downloaded 2 Mugman soundtraks: Mugman intro theme and Scammer's theme