This is the script for episode 131 in Travrinity's AGK series. Not going to be used anymore because I am changing my series

The characters in this film will be: Leopold, Jake, Kaeru, Ronald, Fabrice, Tailsko, Tilsim, Alex, Noah, Traver, Hitler, and Slenderman

Minor characters: Ms. Sukscox, Cammy, and Chun-li

The voice actors/actresses are:

  • Leopold as himself
  • Jake as himself
  • Connor as Kaeru
  • Ronald as himself
  • Fabrice as himself
  • Emily as Tailsko
  • Tilsim as herself
  • Microsoft Mary as Ms. Sukscox
  • Alex as himself
  • Noah as himself
  • Traver as himself
  • EpicLloyd as Hitler
  • David Near as Slenderman

Enjoy the script:

(Angry German kid intro)

world war II documentary

Ms Sukscox: As you can see, Stalin made an agreement with Hitler to not take military action against each other. Two years later, Hitler broke that promise and attacked the Soviet Union, making them enemies.

note appears on Leopold's desk

Leopold: *reads* Nice

Ms. Sukscox: Are you even listening?

Leopold: Yes of course

Ms. Sukscox: Good. Now then, let's finish the video

documentary continues

Leopold: (Why was this pamphlet here?) *looks at window*

Traver: *thumbs up*

Leopold: *smiles*

bell rings

Ms. Sukscox: Alright class, we do not have enough time for today. I will see you all on Monday.


Jake: Hey Leopold, did you get that strange note?

Leopold: What, *takes out pamphlet* this?

Jake: Exactly. I bet we got these for saving your girlfriend yesterday.

Leopold: Honestly, it was worth it

Jake: I'll see you at the party

Leopold: Same goes for you

Jake: Bye *leaves*

Leopold: *takes out phone* *texts his father*

Hi dad, I'm texting to let you know that my friend is inviting me over to watch movies. The event starts at 4:30 AM. Can I go?

Harold: *texts back*

You may

Leopold: *texts back*

Thank you

Leopold: *leaves text and calls someone* *phone calls* *phone picks up* Hello there, I would like to invite you over on Nietzschestraße street at Traver's house. We are going to watch a lot of movies.

at the house

Traver ....What do we got. Cups, chips, drinks, candy, and dibs. I think we are prepared.

door knocks

Traver: Oh! That must be them *opens door*

Noah: Hey there bud

Traver: Ah, glad you two could make it. Come right in.

Noah & Alex: *enters house*

Traver: Did you bring the movies?

Alex: We sure did. I brought Fury

Noah: And I brought the Ratchet & Clank movie

Traver: Splendid

Jake: Is this where we meet?

Traver: Yes it is. Come right in.

Jake, Kaeru, & Ronald: *enters*

Leopold: Hello

Traver: Just on time. Come in.

Leopold: *enters*

Traver: *closes door* Now we got to wait for two more guests. *phone rings* *picks up call* Murhba (Hello)?

Fabrice: Hello Trav

Traver: Oh hey Fab, what's up?

Fabrice: I have some bad news. I can't go.

Traver: Why not?

Fabrice: Tailsko's mother texted me that Tailsko is feeling sick and that I needed to hang out with her and treat the illness.

Traver: Aw. That's sad. I understand. Be sure to keep her entertained.

Fabrice: I will

Traver: See you later

Fabrice: Au revoir (Goodbye) *hangs up*

Traver: Guys, it seems the two are busy. Let's start the movies right now.

Leopold: Hold on, hold on. I invited another guest over.

Traver: Oh good. When is that person arriving?

Leopold: Right now

door opens slowly

Chaka Khan - I'm every woman

Tilsim: *enters very slowly* *spawns Tilsim clone*

clone nods

Tilsim: *continues to enter slowly*

Leopold: *music stops and changes to Boys II Men - I'll make love to you*

Tilsim: *still walks in very slowly*

Traver: *music stops and changes to R.E.M. - It's the end of the world*

Chun-Li - *appears outside at window* *music stops and changes to Katy Perry - I kissed a Girl* *nods while making a sexy face*

Cammy: *looks over at Chun-li and lightly elbows her*

Chun-Li - *looks next to Cammy* *mouthed words* (What?)

Tilsim: Hey guys. Nice to see you again.

Leopold: You're looking great with that outfit

Tilsim: Oh this? Yeah I thought a red dress would suit me. 

Traver: Did you bring a movie?

Tilsim: Am I supposed to?

Traver: You don't have to

Tilsim: I can make one appear

Traver: No you can't

Tilsim: Watch! *takes out a brick* *hides it in curtain while holding it* Now that you can't see it, *takes out movie magically* voila! I just turned a brick into a Harry Potter film.

Traver: You hired someone for that

Tilsim: Ugh! Alright come out of there

magician assistant reveals himself and leaves

Tilsim: But atleast I can still do real magic. Like this *spits in hand* *turns spit into ice* *tosses ice into cup*

Jake: That is disgusting

Tilsim: I can do more *tugs a string of hair and puts it on the table* *takes out wand* Wingardium LeviOsa *hair levitates*

Traver: Nice. Now get yourself a chair.

Tilsim: Sure *grabs a stool*

Traver: Now then. I have brought at least three movies: Misery, The Thing, and Castaway

Ronald: I brought Y Tu Mamá También

Kaeru: I brought The Grudge 3

at Tailsko's house

Fabrice: I have a movie that we can watch

Tailsko: *sick tone* What is it?

Fabrice: The Artist

Tailsko: Nice

back at Traver's house

Traver: We will be playing five movies. The first one will be The Thing. 

inserts DVD into Xbox One

movie plays

after movie ends

Traver: *takes CD out* That's the first done. We will vote for another movie. Who wants to vote for Fury?

2 votes

Traver: Who wants to watch Y Tu Mamá También?

1 vote

Ronald: What, no one wants to see this?

Traver: How about Harry Potter?

1 vote

Tilsim: How do you guys not like this?

Traver: Ratchet and Clank movie?

4 votes

Traver: Hm. R&C it is then. 

Noah: *inserts DVD*

movie plays

at the half hour of it

Leopold: Hey Trav

Traver: *pauses movie* What

Leopold; Is there anything fun we can do?

Traver: *thinks* Well...there is one way for entertainment

Traver: What is up my homies. Today we're making something that will fry your mind to *Crow sound*. Literally. We got the *crow sound* that will water your taste buds, frosting, meat, Jack Daniels, and our secret ingredient: *show a strip of meat* Bacon strips

Epic Meal Time #1

Traver: First we grab our hamburger meat and we slap that bitch into squares. We combine these into one, then add the keys on top, then wrap it in bacon strips, bacon strips, bacon strips, and bacon strips. Cover that bitch in Jack Daniels. Frost it as well.

music stops

Traver: As you can see, our boys have made a giant keyboard out of meat and *Crow sound*! Now you will see how it feels when you spend too much time on the computer! Let's dig this mother*Crow sound*

Epic Meal Time #3

they eat the food

Fabrice: Here you go. Some homemade soup will help

Tailsko: Thanks *takes the bowl and sips*

they continue eating

music ends

Traver: Next time we eat an unreal tournament

Tilsim: .....Got it

Traver: That was excellent

back to the movie

movie ends

Noah: Another movie ends *takes CD out*

Traver: Now let's watch Fury *inserts DVD*

movie begins

one hour later

Tilsim: *yawns* I'm tired. Well, I gotta get home.

Leopold: Okay. See you later.

Tilsim: *opens door, leaves, and closes door*

Traver: .....

movie ends

Alex: *takes out DVD* *tired* Two more left

Traver: *tired* Let's just only watch one last movie. Kaeru. Play The Grudge.

Kaeru: *inserts movie in Xbox*

movie plays

after an hour and thirty minutes, Traver sleeps with his head on Noah's lap while Leopold keeps his eyes awake

Leopold: *tired* I think the party is over now *gets up off couch* *leaves house*

Fabrice: Well, I better go. Sleep tight *leaves room and walks downstairs* *opens door, leaves, and closes door*

at Leopold's house

Leopold: Great. Now I got to get inside without waking up my parents. *teleports with keyboard into his room* Time for some rest *falls to ground and sleeps*


Cry of Fear - Menu

Hitler: ..................

Slenderman: Hitler

Hitler: *wakes up* What?

Slenderman: Wake up

Hitler: W-who are you?

Slenderman: I am the most dangerous evil you should fear

Hitler: Slender Man? I thought those legends were fake?

Slenderman: Would I ever do this? *tentacles appears and quickly grab Hitler's throat*

Hitler: *choking* L-let go! You are...real

Slenderman: Thought so *lets go*

Hitler: *recovers breath* *stands up* Why are you here? What do you want from me?

Slenderman: Do you wish to kill your nemesis? *holds up hand and spawns a staticy hologram of Leopold* This teenager you always hated?

Hitler: ........Ja! He's ruined my life worse than the jews!

Slenderman: *hologram goes away* Take my hand

Hitler: Alright *slowly grabs Slendy's hand*

Both: *disappears in a split second as static*