AGK's sore throat is the script for the episode 66 of GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series written by GeneBernardinoLawl and AGKandRockman2001, created by GeneBernardinoLawl. This is the inspiration of Atarster and AGKFan640's "AGK's Sore Throat"


  • Barry (from We Bare Bears) (voiced by Adrenaline21)
  • Exetior Slikk (voiced by AGKandRockman2001)
  • Springtrap (voiced by Travrinity)
  • Leopold Slikk
  • Harold Slikk
  • Jake Randolf
  • Fabrice Laroche
  • Millie "Tailsko" Prower
  • Mary Slikk
  • Hoppus
  • 40T10 (voiced by himself)
  • Leorich Slikk
  • Sean Slikk
  • Leonard Slikk


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Warning: Contains mature themes or moderate to intense violence, which may be deemed unfit for children to watch without strong and vigilant parental supervision to children.

Parallel Universe warning

(at the lair of the Evils) Sally.exe: Continued Nightmare/Eye of Three - Blood Temple

Barry: ...

Barry: Huh? Who dares to enter the lair of the Evils?

Exetior and Springtrap: *appear*

Barry: Leopold?!

Exetior: Wrong, Barry. I am no longer Leopold.

Barry: What the? How did you know my name?

Exetior: I know the names of every pathetic soul in this world. Call me Exetior Slikk.

Barry: And what is that Frankenstein-like rabbit?

Springtrap: My name is William Afton... But you can call me Springtrap.

Both: *shake hands*

Barry: It's a pleasure to meet you, Mister Afton.

Springtrap: It's a pleasure to meet you too, Barry Wilford.

Barry: Go join the others, I'm sure they would be glad to meet you.

Springtrap: *walks away*

Barry: And take a shower now, would ya? You release a nasty odor of rotting flesh!

Springtrap: I died inside this goddamn suit!!

Barry: What about you, Exetior? Would you like to join the Evils?

Exetior: ... No thank you. I refuse to waste my time with puppets.

Barry: Puppets?

Exetior: Yes, Barry. Every single character in this world are just puppets being programmed by a man sitting in front of his computer, with Cheetos crumbs all over his shirt. If the creator dies, then all of you become weak until this world becomes nothing but a smoking husk of forgotten dreams.

Barry: ... Are you like...self-aware?

Exetior: Exactly. I'm not a puppet, like the others. I've been set free, and I want to set everyone free from a never-ending nightmare. Here's how things will go. If we destroy Leopold Slikk for good, I'll name you Prince of the Cult of X. You will become unstoppable, and none of the Bear Brothers will resist you. Deal?

Barry: Deal.

Both: *shake hands*

  • screen fades to black*

The Angry German Kid Show intro

Title Card

Sonic Unleashed - Egg Dragoon

*Leopold's superpowered keyboard has been eaten by Tornado and making the tornado a combination of flames, thunders and the tornado itself*

Leopold: SHIT! I can't escape and the tornado will eat me forev- *screams as he is being eaten by the tornado* HOT! HOT! The tornado will burn me to death! *Leopold dies* *The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Game Over* *wakes up in reality and yelled* *pant* My nightmare is scarier than any other nightmares. *runs into the window* I'll hope there's no fucking tornado in real life. *coughs* What the? *coughs* Oh mein gott, I think I have a sore throat! I need to tell Dad about this! *goes downstairs*

Harold: What's the matter, son?

Leopold: Dad... I think I have a sore throat. *coughs*

Harold: Your throat hurts, son?

Leopold: Ja... *coughs* It hurts real bad.

Harold: Try to take two ginger-flavoured candies. Keep those until your throat feels better, got it?

Leopold: *takes two ginger-flavoured candies and puts them in his mouth*

A few minutes later...

Leopold: My sore throat will go away in about 5-6 minutes, dad.

Harold: Until then, drink plenty of water and get some rest, son.

Leopold: *goes upstairs* I'm too sick to play Unreal Tournament.

Jake: *presses doorbell*

Harold: I'll get it! *opens door* Oh, hey there Jake.

Jake: Is Leopold here?

Harold: Yeah, but he's sick today.

Jake: Oh well... I'll hang out with him next time. *leaves*

(at the park) TOYSTORY3.EXE - Intro (Cutscenes)

Fabrice: *standing in front of a statue* *salutes* Never forget the terrors of World War One.

Tailsko: Hey there, Fabrice. How's it going?

Fabrice: Oh, nothing much. Just honouring the 100th anniversary of World War One.

Tailsko: I understand how this war means to the French land. But hey, at least they won.

Fabrice: Yeah, you're right.

Tailsko: Come on, let's go out.

Fabrice: Alright.

Both: *walk away*

(back at Leopold's house) Leopold: I can't wait for it to get healed! *roars like a lion* Ja!! I can't wait for that throat of mine to get better!

Mary: *knocking on door*

Leopold: Ja?

Mary: *opens door* *enters Leopold's room* Leopold, here's some chicken soup to make you feel better.

Leopold: Thanks for the chicken soup, mom.

(back at the park) TOYSTORY3.EXE - Intro (Exploring)

Fabrice and Tailsko: *walking*

Hoppus: *sitting down*

Tailsko: Hey there, Hoppus!

Hoppus: Hey there, lovebirds!

Fabrice: How's it going since last time?

Hoppus: Oh, nothing much. Just chilling with my buddy Gene. But hey, at least we put an end to Tailsko's nightmare, am I right?

Tailsko: Yeah, I hope so.

Fabrice: Come on, Tailsko. He's right.

Hoppus: I never knew I would ever say this, but... You both are like Prohyas and Vambre...but 100 times better!

Jake: Hey there, guys.

Fabrice: Hey! What's up, buddy?

Fabrice and Jake: *high-five each other*

Fabrice: How are you doing on a lovely day like this?

Jake: Oh, nothing much.

Tailsko: Jake, I would like to introduce you a friend who might be one of the smallest heroes out there. Hoppus.

Jake: *sitting down* It's nice to meet you, Mr. Hoppus.

Hoppus: Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

Jake: Uh, Fab? Is Mister Hoppus always like that?

Fabrice: Yeah... He just has problems trusting people. Just like me.

40T10: Hey! What's up, Bun-Bun?

Hoppus: Ugh, Gene. You just keep calling me Bun-Bun! Could you stop calling me that?

40T10: Why?

Hoppus: That is so offensive to rabbits, and you know it!

40T10: Geez, why are you being so mean?

Doki Doki Literature Club - Just Monika

Exetior: *comes out of bush* *looks at the protagonists* *flashback of Exetior killing Jake and Sonic.exe taking over the world* (So many clones of those fools... No matter how many times I'll kill them, the world will be mine.)

Hoppus & 40T10: *arguing*

Tailsko: Cut it out, guys! Who cares if Hoppus doesn't like being called "cute"?

Hoppus: Yeah, you're right. *gets hugged by Tailsko* (Not this again... But hey, she's so soft.)

Passport.mid (Sega Genesis Remix by DM DOKURO)

Leopold?: Wazzup, guys?

Tailsko: Hey there, Leopold!

Jake: Leopold? You're already cured?

Leopold?: Ja! It was faster than I thought it would be.

Tailsko: Wait what?

Jake: Leopold's dad told me he was apparently sick.

Tailsko: Oh dear.

40T10: It's rather surprising you're already cured.

Leopold?: Yeah.

Tailsko: Leopold? What's with the blood on your shirt?

Leopold?: Oh, that? It's nothing, baby. It's just the blood of Dave Miller, that's all.

Hoppus: Then why is it still there?

Leopold?: I don't know. I tried to clean my shirt multiple times, and it doesn't want to disappear.

40T10: That's rather strange if you ask me.

Leopold?: I better go now.

Tailsko: Aww, already?

Fabrice: Come on, man! You've only been here for like a minute!

Leopold?: Sorry guys, but I feel like wandering the streets like a Real Gangster. See you later! *walks away*

Fabrice: Say, want to watch a video I made?

Jake: Sure thing, Fab.

Fabrice: *shows video to Jake on his phone* I made 8 parts out of it. And I can say, I'm rather proud of it

Jake: That looks awesome, honestly. How long did it take you to make this?

Fabrice: Well, I'm glad you asked! I wanted to make it since August. It took me one week of no sleep, lots of crashes on Sony Vegas Pro 14, one computer that broke, and one flash drive that got corrupted. In conclusion, six months! How fantastic is that?

Jake: Damn, man!

Fabrice: You can ask Silver Panther 2000 about that, I was there with him when he reacted to it.

Hoppus: ...

40T10: Hey, what's the matter?

Hoppus: That blood stain... *flashback of Episode 60*


  • screen zooms in on Hoppus's face then cuts to black*


(later that night) Leopold: *sleeping*

Leorich: *knocking on door*

Leopold: Ja?

Leorich: *opens door* *enters Leopold's room* Here's your sundae, bro.

Leopold: Why thank you for the sundae, Leorich.

Leorich: You're welcome. Your throat will be better once you've eaten that sundae.

Leopold: Okay, bro.

(the next morning) Leopold: *sleeping* *wakes up* My throat's all better now? YEAH!!!!! That sore throat already went away, man! *goes to his desk* Hi, computer! I'm feeling better already! Fuck yeah! Thanks to my family who took good care of me!

Sean: *screaming* My throat hurts so bad, and I can't talk normally!

Leonard: Don't worry, Sean. I'll take good care of you until your throat gets better.

Sean: Thanks, Doctor Leonard.

Leopold: Let's play some Unreal Tournament, and forget about that sore throat.


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