This is the script of the prequel of Angry German Kid: Halloween Special OVA written by GeneBernardinoLawl & AGKandRockman2001 and created by GeneBernardinoLawl.

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Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning - Hidden Fog

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An OVA based on Episode 41 of IcyAGKMaker2001's AGK series

(At Kervin's hideout) Madrice: No. No! This can't be! This can't happen! No! NO!!!

Leopold: *blasts Madrice*

(At the hospital) Leopold: *phone rings* Hang on a second. *answers call* Hello?

40T10: Leopold! I have some news that I need to tell you.

Leopold: I wanna hear it.

40T10: Fabrice is still alive and reverted into his normal self again.

Leopold: Sounds great. At least, all because of this wave. It's my fucking fault.

40T10: It's OK, Leopold. But we don't have much time yet. I just wanna see Fabrice at the hospital you're at. I'll call you later. *hangs up*

Leonard: Is Fabrice going to be okay, bro?

Leopold: Yes.

Narrator: We all thought after Epiosde 42 that it was over, that Fabrice would never come back. Some of you hoped that he would return, and that wish has been granted in the Halloween Special. However, many of you were asking questions like, how is Fabrice still alive? Where was he this whole time? Why has Madrice returned to cause the zombie apocalypse? All those anwsers and more shall be revealed today.

Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning - Bad Ending

AGK VS Fabrice: The Aftermath

A prequel to Angry German Kid: Halloween Special

Starring: Gene Bernardino, Fabrice Laroche, Hoppus, Madrice, Leopold Slikk, and more...

Created by Gene Bernardino

Written by Gene (GeneBernardinoLawl) & Fabrice (AGKandRockman2001)

Edited by Gene Bernardino

Part 1: How it all started

Super FNAF - Aftermath

Anna: Doctor, is my son going to be okay?

Dr. Mario: I can't tell if he is going to make it out alive. Parts of his body are almost unfixable. We tried our best to sew pieces of skin, but some force doesn't allow me to do so.

Hoppus: *in tears* *runs away*

40T10: Hoppus!!! Where are you going?!

Hoppus: Go away! I don't want you anymore.

40T10: Hoppus.

Hoppus: Don't you get it, Gene? I just stabbed Fabrice and it's all my fault.

40T10: Hoppus, just calm down-

Hoppus: No! You're just mad at me!

40T10: Hoppus, I know this is important. Just listen to me.

Hoppus: *leaves hospital*

40T10: ... *sigh* I feel bad for that bunny.

Fabrice: *groans*

Anna: Did you hear that?

Leola: Yes, I did. It sounds like...

Fabrice: My head... It hurts so much...

Super FNAF - Heaven

40T10, Anna & Leola: Fabrice!!! You're alive!

Fabrice: W- What just happened?

Anna: We found you lying on the ground, severely injured. I contacted 911 to take you to the hospital.

40T10: How are you feeling, buddy?

Fabrice: My head is spinning, as if I passed out after drinking too much Champomy.

Leola: *screaming* His body still has pieces of flesh exposed!

Fabrice: What? *notices that flesh is being exposed* Chill out sis, it doens't hurt one bit. Let me show you. *leaves hospital bed* See?

Anna: Woah, that sure is odd...

40T10: Hold on, I should tell Tailsko about this. *takes out cellphone*

Part 2: Strange Things

Narrator: After this, everyone thought the devil was gone for good. Boy, were they wrong. An evil spirit always returns, no matter what you do.

Sonic CD - Game Over US (Remix by Maciek Kukla)

Phantom Ruby appears

white silouhette forms

Madrice: *appears* *laughing* Stupid Leopold! Thinking you got rid of me that easily? Ha, how pathetic you are. Yet, you have done a mistake. And leaving your friend behind is only going to make things worst.

(Outside the hospital) All: *leaving the hospital*

Fabrice: *twitching*

40T10: Are you alright, Fabrice?

Fabrice: Sorry, I don't know what just happened.

40T10: Oh. Let's keep going.

All: *continue walking*

Fabrice: *stands still* *lets out scream*

40T10: Are you sure you're fine? If not, we can take you back to the hospital.

Fabrice: I swear, I'm alright.

Anna: Just calm down, Gene. Maybe something is making Fabrice act strangely.

40T10: Yeah, right. Hopefully you're telling the truth.

All: *continue walking*

(at the Laroche residence) Anna, Fabrice & Leola: Home sweet home!

40T10: I have to go now. I'll see you tomorrow to see if Fabrice has been doing anything suspicious. *leaves*

Fabrice: *goes to his room*

Leola: Do you think Onii-chan is acting strangely?

Anna: You may be right, Leola. I better have a talk with him about this. *goes upstairs*

(In Fabrice's room) Sally.exe: The Creepypasta Remake - Despair

Fabrice: *staring at window*

Anna: Fabrice, are you alright?

Fabrice: Of course mom, I am.

Anna: I don't really know. You've been acting strangely towards us today.

Fabrice: What are you trying to say?

Anna: I believe a spirit is trying to take control over your body. I'll call a priest and we'll go to church for an exorcism tomorrow after school.

Fabrice: Are you sure about that? Let's just hope I won't die after that like Anneliese Michel.

Anna: We'll see about that tomorrow. I should leave you alone for a while. I'll call you for dinner. *leaves Fabrice's room*

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Music Box

Fabrice: S. A. V. E. M. E.

  • Madrice appears behind Fabrice for a split second before cutting to the next scene.*

(at the hills) Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning - Suicide Hill

Hoppus: *sitting down* *sigh*

40T10: Hoppus... Please...

Hoppus: I don't wanna hear your crap anymore.

40T10: Look. I'm really sorry for being angry at you earlier.

Hoppus: Everything that is happening now is my own fault! *inhale* This crouton is about to cause chaos to this world because of me! If only I didn't knock him down in the first place...

40T10: Don't feel bad, Hoppus. We all make mistakes. I once broke my 2DS and cried over it, but what's occuring now couldn't possibly know it would happen. So cheer up for once for now and we'll try to fix this.

Hoppus: At least, I know a genocide might occure because of me. Do you expect me to go along with it?

40T10: It isn't time for feeling sorry! You shouldn't be expressing your sorrows in a situation like this. We'll research a solution to this madness and we'll be alright.

Hoppus: Yeah... You are probably right.

Part 3: Missing!

Narrator: Now that Fabrice has returned to his family, everyone lived happily ever after, right? That is, until the next day...

40T10: *watching TV*

  • doorbell rings*

40T10: I wonder who it could be at this hour? *opens door* Oh, it's you girls.

Anna: Gene, we would like to talk with you for a moment.

40T10: Come in.

Anna & Leola: *enter Gene's house*

40T10: So, what seems to be the problem?

Anna: Yesterday, I woke up my kids, so they could go to school. But Fabrice didn't respond. I went to his room, and found out he... went missing.

40T10: *screaming* How on earth is that possible?

Leola: We have no idea.

Anna: We have been on the news for that. Check it out for yourself.

40T10: Alright then. *turns on TV*

TF1 News Theme

News Reporter: Good morning, everyone. Welcome to TF1 News. Today's top story on the news was a 15-year old french boy named Fabrice Laroche mysteriously disappearing from his home. This same boy was last seen at the hospital after a terrible fight. We will take you there with Microsoft Mike.

MS Mike: Microsoft Mike here. I am in front of the Laroche residence, where a 15-year old french boy named Fabrice Laroche ran away without leaving a trace. *music stops* We have some people who would like to talk about it. Our first interviewees are Annabelle Moreau, Fabrice's mother, and his sister Leola. So Mrs. Moreau, what are your thoughts about this whole incident?

Annabelle Moreau, Music Teacher

Leola Laroche, Fabrice's Sister

Anna: Well, me and my daughter went to visit Fabrice at the hospital yesterday. We were so glad to find out he was still alive, but we didn't expect that he would act strangely. The next day, I called him for school, but he didn't wake up. I went to his room, and found out he's no where to be seen.

Leola: Please Fabrice, where ever you are, please come back. A lot of people out there are very upset upon hearing that you've been missing. I also told Tailsko about this, and the last thing she sent me was a video of her crying in her bed. I've shared this video on Google+ and Facebook.

Anna: Leola!

Leola: Oops!

Anna: I can promise that whenever he will return, I will take him to church and ask for an exorcism.

MS Mike: Thank you ladies for your time.

Anna & Leola: *walk off screen*

MS Mike: Next, we have Leopold Slikk, one of Fabrice's best friends, who apparently knows what happened before the incident. So Leopold, tell us what happened before the incident.

Leopold Slikk, the Angry German Kid

Leopold: Well, before the incident, his mother informed me that he has been kidnapped. I accepted to find him and-

staic appears

Fabrice: *whispering* He killed me...

static dissappears

Leopold: -went everywhere to figure out where he is. I later found him-

staic appears

Fabrice: *whispering* He tore me apart...

static dissappears

Leopold: -at Kervin's house. I had to deal with his brothers, and when I found Fabrice-

Static appears

Madrice: *laughs*

screen displays color bars

News Reporter: Mike! Do you copy? ... *looks at audience* We'll be right back.

Technical difficulties

Please stand by

40T10: *turns off TV* *Sally.exe: Continued Nightmare - Terrible* This can't be true!

Anna: I'm afraid it is.

Narrator: After this terrible announcement, they sent out a search party for Fabrice. But after 6 days, they have given up.

Leola: *crying* Mommy, he's been missing so long. Do you think they'll ever find him?

Anna: God, I hope so, Leola.

Joe: *knocks at door*

Anna: *opens door*

Joe: Good evening, Mrs. Laroche. Can I talk to you in the kitchen for a second?

Anna: What is it, officer? Please tell me my son is alive.

Joe: *sighs* It's been six days, Annabelle. I'm sorry. But we had to call off the search. I'm afraid that you're just gonna have to accept the fact that... he's gone.

Anna: Nooooooo! *cries*

Leola: Fabrice is gone?!

Joe: Sorry girl, but you'll never see your brother again.

Leola: *screaming* *crying*

Part 4: 40T10's nightmare

Narrator: Ever since then, no one has received any news from Fabrice. People have started to forget about him. Except for one purple plumber...

40T10: *sleeping*

dream starts

Sally.exe: Continued Nightmare - Dark Subconscious

40T10: *gets up* Huh? Where am I?

Slaved Hoppus: Heeeelp.

40T10: What? Who's there?

Slaved Leopold: Heeeelp.

40T10: H- H- H- Hoppus! Leopold! What's happened to you?

Slaved Hoppus: We've become slaves of Madrice.

40T10: No.

Slaved Leopold: I'm sorry. We're fading away now.

40T10: No. Please don't.

Slaved Hoppus: It's too late now.

Slaved Leopold: He's now after you.

Both: *fade away*

Madrice: *laughing*

40T10: Who's there? Show yourself!

Madrice: *appears* Glad to see you again, Gene.

40T10: Why are you doing this? I thougth we were friends!

Madrice: Friends? *laughing* Don't you get it, Gene? Your friend Fabrice is dead because of you, and he will never return.

40T10: What are you saying?

(*parts of Episodes 42, 48, 52 & 56*)

Madrice: While you all enjoyed yourselves, you forgot about me. You let me fade in the darkness. With no one to save me. Now you will die, and you'll join your pathetic friends!

40T10: Please no. Don't do th- *gets burned* *The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask - Game Over* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! *wakes up in reality and yelled* *inhales and exhales* My gosh, what an horrible nightmare.

Part 5: Searching for Fabrice


Super FNAF - Break my Heart

40T10: *stares at window*

Hoppus: Gene! There you are! I was looking everywhere for you! What are you doing here?

40T10: Sorry, Hoppus. I was just thinking about some things that happened recently.

Hoppus: You mean about the stuff with Fabrice?

40T10: Yes, I was. I want to know why he has been acting strangely, and why we can't find him. He has broken so many of our hearts, and even his best friend, Tailsko.

Hoppus: Yes, I know how you feel, Gene. They were great friends. But now, we are-

40T10: *turns around* No Hoppus, don't say it... *tear drops from his eyes*

Hoppus: Let's go for a walk, okay Gene?

40T10: *nods*

Both: *walk off screen*

(Outside) 40T10: Hoppus, I want to know how his mother reacted to her son's disappearance?

Hoppus: I wish I could answer that, Gene. But I'm afraid that not even I know.

40T10: Hoppus, I never let you down. We just need to team up so we can find our friend before things get worst.

Hoppus: … You know what? … Alright then.

Leola: *crying*

40T10: It looks like something terrible happened. What's wrong?

Leola: I came home and... I saw Mommy... She... killed herslf!

(At Fabrice's house): Anna: *hung up on a noose*

40T10: Oh my gosh, Fabrice's mom just commited suicide!

Hoppus: Oh, great... *grunts*

40T10: Wait, there's a note.

Leola: Let me see it! *takes note*

“I can't take it. Without my son, I am nothing. He made me what I am right now. I am greatful to him. But now, with him dead, I just have no purpose in life. I can not live with myself, without Fabrice. If he is, then I want to be dead. Goodbye everyone in Mannheim. I'm sorry for hurting anyone for doing this, but I can't live like this without Fabrice. If anyone finds this note, then I am probably dead. Goodbye...”

Leola: Please help me, guys! *crying*

Hoppus: Gene, I have an idea. We need to find out where he's gone. Look around for clues, and if you need help, come and ask me.

Toy Story (SNES) - Sid's Workbench

Task: Look around the house to find something that can help you search for Fabrice.

40T10: *goes to Fabrice's room* There has to be something in here that can tell us wher he is. *looks at desk* *notices DVD of High School DXD*

You found Fabrice's High School DXD DVD box

40T10: This is Fabrice's favourite anime! I should show this to Hoppus! *goes back to living room* *Super FNAF - Shadow Bonnie* Hoppus! Look what I found! *shows DVD box of High School DXD*

Hoppus: Good! Maybe this can help us figure out Fabrice's plans.

40T10: Hey, wait! There's a note inside! *takes note out of DVD* It says, “If you find this DVD, return to Fabrice at once, as the master's powers are too much for the mere mortal to handle”.

Leola: What? “The master's”? “Mere mortal”? What is this? Some kind of sick religion?

Leopold: Maybe it is.

40T10: That's so strange- Wait. Who said that?

Hoppus: *turns around* Halt! Who goes there?

Leopold: Don't worry. It's not Fabrice, it's just me!

40T10: Well, that's a relief.

Leola: Leopold, can I ask you something?

Leopold: *sigh* What is it?

Leola: Even though you still hate me, can you help us find my onii-san Fabrice? Please?

Leopold: … Sure thing. And for that, I'll let you have my brother Leonidas.

Leola: Thank you so much!

40T10: Where should we go next?

Hoppus: Why don't check outside for more clues?

Leopold: Alright, let's do it!

All: *walk off screen*

(In the backyard) Toy Story (SNES) - Really Inside the Claw Machine

Hoppus: There should be one more thing of Fabrice's lying around. Try and find it.

Task: Look around the garden to find something that can help you search for Fabrice.

40T10: *looks in garden* No. *looks behind bushes* No. *looks in shed* *finds body pillow*

You found a Tailsko body pillow

40T10: Huh? Is this Fabrice's body pillow?

  • screen fades to black*

(at Fabrice's house) Super FNAF - Shadow Freddy

All: *appear*

Hoppus: What the? How did we get back here?

40T10: I don't know, I just touched this body pillow, and-

Leopold: Gene! You shouldn't touch the master's stuff!

40T10: I'm sorry, Leo- Wait, what did you just say?

Hoppus: I think you heard him clearly, Gene. He told you not to touch the master's stuff.

40T10: What's going on here, guys?

Leopold: Master Madrice's wrath will be upon you...

40T10: No! Stop!

Leopold & Hoppus: *turn into silhouettes* *grow larger until emcompassing the entire screen*

(back outside) 40T10: *lying down next to Tailsko body pillow* *opens eyes* O-oh, it w-was just a dr-dream... *gets up*

Hoppus: *arrives* Gene! There you are! I was wondering what was taking you so long!

40T10: I-I guess I just fell unconscious... *picks up body pillow, then hands it to Hoppus* Let's go back to the house now, alright?

Hoppus: Alright, Gene.

Both: *walk off screen*

(Back inside) Super FNAF - Tragedy strikes again

40T10: Alright, so what do we do now, Hoppus?

Hoppus: I'll just follow the scent of Fabrice. I may not have the best sense of smell, but I think it can help us find him. *smells Fabrice's DVD and body pillow* Ack! It smells like blood!

Leopold: Well, what did you expect?

Hoppus: Well, I guess you're right... *sniffs again* I'm sorry, but I can't follow the scent, because the scent of the blood is too strong.

40T10: Well, there goes that idea...

Part 6: The devil's plan

Sally.exe: Continued Nightmare - Not Perfect

Narrator: Over the months, everyone started to forget Rockman. They went on to never mention him ever again. As for Rocky himself, his body began to rot, but for some reason has stopped mid-composition, leaving him with green skin.

Madrice: This is perfect! My army of zombies is ready! Soon, I'll return to Mannheim and find the Master Emerald. But this time, I'll be more powerful than the last time! Hmmm... But how can I do this without being spotted easily? *looks at screen* *idea!* This guy might come in handy.

Narrator: Poor Fabrice, he's now all alone, with no one to be with. Ever since his transformation, he has refused to get contact from anyone.

Fabrice: *sobbing* Leopold... Why? Why did you kill me?! I thought we were friends, right? If you're my friend, then why would you use your powers to kill me?! … Isn't that what you want? To kill all your friends? Thanks to you, I'll remain unfixable! *starts crying*


Madrice: *appears* Perhaps, I can do something about it.

Fabrice: *gasp* Who are you?

Madrice: Have you forgotten so easily? I am you. I am the madness that lurks within you, begging to be free at every moment in your deepest animal mind. I am what you hide from in your bed every night. I am what you sedate into silence and paralysis when you go to the nocturnal heaven where I can not tread.

Fabrice: So you're... me?

Madrice: I'm surprised you figured that out.

Fabrice: What do you want for me?

Madrice: In a few days, I'll send an army of zombies to take over Mannheim. But doing it all by myself won't be enough, I need to avoid getting spotted.

Fabrice: But, why do you need me to do that? You can do it on your own.

Madrice: Have you ever asked yourself why you and I share faces?

Fabrice: … No?

Madrice: Our fates, as well as our choices, are one...

Fabrice: But, my friends...

Madrice: Pawns on the way to perfection. You see, Fab. You and I, we are like the yin-yang. I'm just your dark side! You hate Leopold Slikk now that he made you look like this, don't you?

Fabrice: Well...

Madrice: Does your feebleness exceed you? Without me, you're nothing! Dirt beneath men's feet!

Fabrice: If you force me to join you, then I guess I can.

Madrice: I'm glad you made the right choice. *shakes hands with Fabrice* Now listen up. Tonight, you'll go back to the city and kill Leopold. However, I can tell you that Rabbit-Slut and Purple Plumber will try to bring you back to life. If they do so, then just let yourself be. They'll try to ressurect you, but to no avail. Once they leave, I'll take care of you. Do you have that?

Fabrice: Sir, yes, sir!

Madrice: Perfect. Now go.

Part 7: The events of the Halloween Special

Sally.exe: Continued Nightmare - ... .. -- ..- .-.. .- - .. --- -./-.-. .- ...- .

Narrator: A few days later, Madrice has preapred his plan and is ready to start the zombie invasion. With Fabrice on his side, he hoped that Rocky would be the one to blame for. As for Gene and Hoppus, they are determined to bring him back with them.

40T10: Okay, Hoppus. I found a way to revive Fabrice. I learnt from the book of magic and-

Hoppus: Yeah, yeah. Let's just go and revive him already.

40T10: Okay then.

(In the streets) Fabrice (as a zombie): Leopold. I will find you. And when that time has arrived, I shall make you feel pain. The same pain I had to endure!

40T10: *hiding behind a building* Alright Hoppus, what's the plan?

Hoppus: Well, I heard that Fabrice wants to kill Leopold after he removed the demon from his body. I shall distract him with this. *plays sound clip of Leopold smashing his keyboard*

Fabrice (as a zombie): ! Come out of your hiding spot, German Bart! This time, your soul shall be mine! *runs towards sound clip* *gets hit by frying pan*

40T10: Wow, that sure was quick.

Hoppus: Told you this will do it.

40T10: Alright then. I think it's time to use the magic I learnt. *drags Fabrice by the leg*

Madrice: *hiding behind a building* Everything is going as I expected.

(At 40T10's house) 40T10: Alright, it's time for me to bring Fabrice back from the dead. *uses magic on Fabrice but failed* Damn it! It didn't work.

Hoppus: Blast! The evil force is stronger than I expected!

40T10: There has got to be something I forgot. I need to check again. *leaves*

Hoppus: Wait for me! *leaves*

Sally.exe: Continued Nightmare - Trouble

Madrice: *appears* Those fools. Magic is worthless! I should do it myself. *uses Control Shock on Fabrice (x3)*

Fabrice: *reverts back to normal*

Madrice: Perfect!

  • footsteps*

Madrice: *disappears* *music stops*

40T10: I don't get it, I did it right. Why didn't it-

40T10 & Hoppus: *gasp*

Fabrice: *groans* What... just... happened?

Super FNAF - Balloons

40T10: Fabrice!!! You're alive!

Fabrice: How did I get here?

40T10: We knocked you out while you were wandering the streets. We wanted to bring you back to life.

Fabrice: Well, thanks man.

Super FNAF - Apology

Hoppus: Sometimes, I make mistakes like everyone else in this planet... and... I feel like a monster after I kill someone.

Fabrice: Awww, don't be upset, Hoppus. You're not a monster.

Hoppus: Thanks, Fabrice.

Fabrice: Anyway, how's Leopold doing?

40T10: Oh yes, Leopold. Well, you know him. Smashing keyboards, eating sausage eggs, blah blah blah.

Fabrice: Yeah, right.

40T10: I suppose you would like to talk to him after what happened. Of course, I can let you go see him.

Fabrice: Thank you so much! *walks off scene*

Hoppus: I feel an evil force inside of him.

Sonic Colors (DS) - Cutscene: Anger

Madrice: *laughing* Oh, I have been waiting a long time for this! *presses button* FIRE!!!

meteor charges towards Mannheim

Leonard: *watching Annoying Orange on his PC* *laughing* I like this show!

  • meteor strikes ground* *explosion*

Leonard: *falls off his chair*

Leopold: What the fuck was that?

Fabrice: I don't know about that, man.

Leopold: That's so strange- Wait. Who said that? *turns around* *gasp* Fabrice?!

Fabrice: What is it?

Leopold: How are you still alive?

Fabrice: Well, I was in the hospital for a few months.

Leopold: Oh. Can you forgive me for what I did?

Fabrice: Of course, man. I do forgive you.

Leopold: Thanks man! And by the way, who did this shit?

  • cut to outside of the house*

Leopold: *screaming*

Madrice: Success! A brilliant success! It's just as the Phantom Manuscripts foretold! The Phantom Ruby is as effective as I expected. Now I just need to harness its power. The world will finally be mine and will obey my command! *laughs*

Narrator: Now, you all know how the Halloween Special started. We hope your questions have been answered. If so, would you like to watch “AGK: Halloween Special” again? Until then, farewell...

Part 8: Credits

Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning - Average Ending

Credits roll (Fabrice will work on this part)

More Angry German Kid episodes coming soon!

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