Cue: Kingdom Hearts 2-Afternoon Streets~2.5 ver~

Johnny: So, Leopold. Do you found the recipes of Baumkuchen?

Leopold: Yeah, I found the recipe and where's the oven?

Adrenaline21: Sorry, Leopold. In my house, there's no oven because of messy things must be neatly.

Johnny: Spiel Food Scanner Box will help to make something.

Leopold: Like baumkuchen.

Johnny: Yeah, and drinks can be too.

Leopold: What!? Johnny, We must find recipes again.

Johnny: Yes, we make the baumkuchen and some drinks while others will be doing something fun.

Adrenaline21: Hahah, Johnny... good.

Johnny: OK, Adrenaline21. I'll ask them immediately. *faces to Ronald, Spencer and Kaeru* So, are you feel bored?

Ronald: Yeah, we're bored because of scary logos. *stop talking for a while*

Adrenaline21: *shows old Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone* Guys, how about Arena of Valor?

Ronald, Spencer and Kaeru: Yeah!

*Arena of Valor-Batman gameplay footage by Adrenaline21*

Ronald: *Batman gets his legendary kill* Hahah...hahahah... My Batman gets 1st legendary kill.

Spencer, Adrenaline21 and Kaeru: *watching Ronald killing his enemy characters*.

Adrenaline21: Good job, Ronald and continue again to kill some enemies...

Ronald: YEAH!

Leopold: How long to make these 5 Baumkuchens and shall I pick the plates?

Johnny: Just 30 minutes and you'll pick them immediately while Baumkuchen itself hot.

Leopold: *picks some glass and plates* Voila, Johnny Fort Spieler.


Leopold: It's almost done...

*Door Bell SFX*

Leopold: Yay! Whooa...

Johnny: Leopold, let's eat together with them.

*Leopold's face smiles*

*All of them are eat together*.

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