This is the script for episode 59 of GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series written by GeneBernardinoLawl and Adrenaline21, created by GeneBernardinoLawl.

Entire script

*Note: This is similar to Adrenaline21's AGK Series Episode 8-9 and 16. The music cue will taken by Adrenaline21.

*Warning Screen*

*Parallel Universe Screen*

*Season 3 Opening*

*Title Card Theme*

Hoppus: AGK meets Adolf Hitler

*Screen fades into black*

Cue: Rockman Zero 1-Intermission

Leopold: Halloween's over and what can we do now?

Jake: Maybe we're taking some party and Hitler will be invited.

*Scratching Disk*

Cue: Dun Dun Dunnnnn

Leopold: WTF! *continuing the 1st cue* CCTV Fucker Ass-Golf Shitler is invited from your party!

Jake: Yeah, you never met him before.

Leopold: Perhaps, yes.

Jake: So, Leopold. Are you ready for tomorrow's party list?

Leopold: Yeah, and give the list to me.

Jake: Sure. *hands over to Leopold*

Leopold: *reads* What, what and what. Is this list too long, Jake?

Jake: Yes, Leopold and you can call 40T10 or Hoppus or both to help you.

Leopold: Tch, OK. *calls Hoppus* Hey, Rabbit-Slut.

Hoppus: What's up, Leopold?

Leopold: Rabbit-slut, can you help me to complete tomorrow's list for Adolf Hitler on Jake's house party?

Hoppus: Sure, and don't call me "Rabbit-Slut" for nothing! *end the conversation*

Leopold: Jake, that yellow Rabbit-Slut wants to help me.

Jake: Sure, it will lightens your load if 40T10 and Hoppus will help you.

Leopold: Thanks, Jake. Hoppus will be here to take me into the mall. *runs into Hoppus*

Hoppus: Yo, Leopold.

Leopold: What? Rabbit-Slut.

Hoppus: NO RABBIT SLUT AGAIN! Leopold.

Leopold: So, what? buying the list.

Hoppus: Yup, if I want to help you buy the items from the list, can you hand over that paper into me?

Leopold: Sure.

Hoppus: *reads the list* *scratching disk* Wait, wha? What the crap is this, Leopold?

Leopold: That's the list for Ass-Golf Shitler's party tomorrow.

Hoppus: Are you sure to do this?

Leopold: Yes, Rabbit-Slut.

Hoppus: Gee, I'm not a rabbit-slut.

Leopold: Whatever.

At Mall...

Cue: Kingdom Hearts 3D-Traverse in Trance

Leopold: Hey, Hoppus. I put this snack on the trolley. *Puts some snack on the trolley*

Hoppus: WTF! Leopold. That's too way heavy...

Leopold: Nuh-Uh, that's not heavy for me.

Hoppus: Leopold, that's heavy, you know.

Leopold: What a rabbit-slut, you must hear this sound. *Screaming Rabbit SFX, start from 00:45 and End at 01:03, without background noise for editing*

Hoppus: That's so irritating, Leopold! I don't want to hear that screaming rabbit SFX.

Leopold: So, what's the consequence?

Hoppus: The consequence is not helping you and I'm going back into Rhyboflavin.

Leopold: Hoppus, I'm kidding and you must help me to finish the list.

Hoppus: *sigh* OK, I'm ready.

Leopold: Here goes.

*Loading Screen*

At Jake's house...

Leopold: Hey, Jake, good evening.

Jake: Good evening, too, Leopold. How about the list? Complete or not...

Leopold: Jake, the lists are complete and we must go home to sleep.

Hoppus: Goodbye, Jake. We're at your house tomorrow morning.

Jake: Yeah, Hoppus. Don't forget to bring Leopold, OK.

Hoppus: Sure.

At tomorrow morning...

Jake: Good morning, Sir Hitler.

Hitler: Good morning, too, kiddo. So, how about my party list?

Jake: All completed, Hitler.

Hitler: So, when the party start?

Jake: At now.

Hitler: What time is it?

Jake: 10 AM.

Hitler: Thanks, kiddo.

Jake: You're welcome, Sir.

Hitler: *walks* *sits* Aaaah, what a comfortable sofa in this house after I got tricked by damn ass Fegelein with his Fegel-Sofa in my Fuehrerbunker *sleeps*

40T10: Uhm, Jake. Is that Ass-golf Shitler is in our party?

Jake: Perhaps, yes and we're just waiting the remaining member who joined into party.

40T10: Sure, Jake.

*Leopold's crew are doing their party*

At 5:00 PM

Hitler: What the fuck are you here in the party, kiddo?

Leopold: We're doing party, Ass-golf Shitler.

Hitler: So, what? Nothing else react after.

Hoppus: Hey, Shitler. You gave me chores when I was on your fuehrerbunker!

Hitler: Yes, because of you ruining my work in Fuehrerbunker, rabbit-slut.

Jake: What happened to you, Sir.

Hitler: These Leopold, Purple plumber and rabbit-slut are try to kill me because of Nazi.

Jake: Sir, that's my friend. Maybe they hate you because you're the political villain.

Hitler: Alright, Jake. *turn into Hoppus*

Cue: Rockman Zero 2-Supreme Ruler

Hoppus: Ass-golf Shitler! Let's fight.

Hitler: If you lose, I'll turn you into an anthro rabbit schoolgirl!

Leopold: Whatever, Shitler!

*Loading screen (Used on Adrenaline21's AGK Series Episode 7)*


Cue: Rockman Zero 3-I, 0 Your Fellow

Leopold: Rabbit-slut, we're won against Ass-golf Shitler.

Hoppus: Thanks for it, Leopold.

Leopold: I'm sorry, Ass-golf Shitler.

Hitler: That's OK, Leopold. I'm give up and I'll go into Fuehrerbunker.

Leopold: Goodbye, Shitler. I'll hope you're happier to go back into your bunker.

Hoppus: And have your time.

Hitler: Yeah, whatever.

Leopold: Gene, Let's back into our respective home.

40T10: Yeah, you're in yours and I'm in mine.

Hoppus: Except me, because that's way to hard to go back into Rhyboflavin Kingdom.

Leopold: *turn around into Jake* Jake, this is the best party ever you plan.

Jake: Thank you so much, Leopold.

Leopold: *walks* Goodbye, Jake.

Jake: Goodbye, too. Leopold.

*close the door*


*Viacom Sonic.exe of Doom (Start from 00:00 to 00:01)*

*Leopold appears*

*Viacom Sonic.exe of Doom pops out (from 00:04 to 00:07)*

Leopold: This thing will be my fucking nightmare!

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