AGK meets Angry Polish Kid is the script for Episode 64 of GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series written by AGKandRockman2001 and GeneBernardinoLawl and created by GeneBernardinoLawl. This episode is the sequel to "Angry Polish Kid goes to school" by Videoman1443. This episode is inspired by "AGK vs. Angry English Kid" by PrinceStickFigure.


  • Leopold Slikk
  • Fabrice Laroche
  • Baldi Baldimore
  • Stefan Kaczynski
  • Ronald Ramirez
  • Principal Diknoz
  • Sasha Fokin
  • Tailsko
  • Youri Kaczynski
  • Aleksander Kaczynski

Entire script

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Warning: Contains mature themes or moderate to intense violence, which may be deemed unfit for children to watch without strong and vigilant parental supervision to children.

Parallel Universe warning

The Angry German Kid Show intro

Title Card

Tailsko: I really did act like a boy back then.

Fabrice: Yeah, that made it pretty confusing.

Tailsko: It's okay, but we should catch up! A lot has happened to both of us in the time we've been apart.

Leopold: Yo, Fabby! *notices Fabrice's appearance* Wow! You sure look better like this!

Fabrice: Why thank you, dude!

Leopold: How did that operation go?

Fabrice: Well, I'm glad Kervin and Tailsko teamed up to do this. Though I asked Kervin to do it with force.

Flashbacks of Episodes 58 & 62

Leopold: Honestly, you didn't have to threaten Kervin just for that. Nor me.

Fabrice: Well, I was taken by anger back then.

School bell rings

Leopold: I better run to class! *leaves*

Fabrice: Hey Leopold! How fast are you?

Leopold: I'm fast as FuckBoy!!!

(In class) Baldi: Good morning, class. Today, we have a new student joining us.

Stefan: My name is Stefan Kaczynski. I moved here after I got expelled from every school in Poland. My dad is a prick and he wanted to move to this land full of Nazis!

Leopold: Are you dumb or something?! We're done with nazism since 1945!

Stefan: Shut the fuck up, you motherfucking aryan!

Baldi: Stefan, calm down! Now, go sit next to Ronald.

Ronald: No one's gonna to sit next to me!

Baldi: Ronald, keep your mouth shut or I'm gonna smack you with my thicc ruler!

Ronald: Fine.

Stefan: I've only been here for one minute and this school already sucks! Come on, you piece of shit! I want to share some videos! Good, the internet loaded. And I know who to start with.

Leopold: Huh? Stefan sent me a video. Maybe I should watch it.

Goosh Goosh

Leopold: *screaming* What the fuck?!?! He sent me "Goosh Goosh"! What a disgusting little frick! *raises hand* Mister Baldi! Stefan is sending me sick videos!

Baldi: Don't lie, Leopold! You're just trying to get Stefan in trouble!

Leopold: Then why don't you check Stefan's screen?

Baldi: You're an idiot.

Leopold: You're possibly the worst teacher I have ever seen in my entire life!!!

Stefan: That stupid nazi fell for it. I just wonder why High School DXD has aired in Germany.

Leopold: Oh, he's so asking for it! *goes on YouTube* There we go!

Stefan: Da fuq is this?! Leopold sent me a video back!

Sans Battle - Stronger Than You (Undertale Animation Parody)

Stefan: I love that song!

Leopold: *laughing* Here comes the best part.

Denzel Curry - Ultimate (skip to 0:17) (VERY LOUD!)

Stefan: MY FUCKING EARS ARE HURTING RIGHT NOW!!!! *goes insane* *smashes keyboard* *throws keyboard on floor*

Baldi: Stefan, you just interrupted the entire class! Not only you played loud music, but you were also being a little maniac! Go to the principal's office right now!

Stefan: Fuck you to hell!!!

In the principal’s Office

Diknoz: Stefan, your behaviour is unacceptable. You played loud music and disrupted the entire class. So listen here, don't get in trouble again. Have I made myself clear?

Stefan: I understand. Can I please leave?

Diknoz: Yeah.

(Outside the principal's office) Stefan: Screw what the principal just said! I will get revenge on that dumbass aryan for getting me in trouble!

Back in Class

Leopold: *laughing* Yeah! Eat that, bitch!

Stefan: Leopold Motherfucking Slikk!!! You're going to regret getting me in trouble!

Leopold: Well, that's what you get for sending a sickening video! And you deserved it after all!

Stefan: SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU MOTHERFUCKING NAZI BOY!!! *throws keyboard at Leopold*

Jake: Hey you, I saw you hurting my friend! Now come with me, you're so dead, I tell you that!

Stefan: Shit!!!

Back to the principal's office

Diknoz: I told you not to get in trouble again.

Stefan: Let me guess, I'll go to detention for X hours, right?

Diknoz: Actually, you are suspended for one week. You're as bad as one of your classmates, Leopold Slikk.

Stefan: Thanks to you, my dad will kick me in the nuts!

Diknoz: Out of my sight!

During Recess

Super FNAF - Aftermath

Leopold: *angry* …

Tailsko: Hey Leopold. Why are you so angry?

Leopold: It's Stefan. He kept saying racist stuff about Germany! Just because his grandparents were taken away during World War 2! What a dick.

Tailsko: I have met this guy before.

Leopold: You did?

Tailsko: I was online playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive with him and an ukrainian kid.

Flashback start

At Stefan’s House

Stefan: You guys really suck at this game! I know it better than you! All hail the king of CS:GO!

Sasha: You're the one who sucks at this game!

Stefan: Crawl back to your house, you crybaby! You and that Foxy Slut don't know how to play! You suck and I rule!

Tailsko: Just shut up, dude! You just keep getting mad because you're not even a true murderer.

Stefan: What makes you think CS:GO makes you become a murderer?

Tailsko: The more you lose, the more you want to murder people. I bet you're Dave Miller's son.

Stefan: I'm not Dave Miller's son!!!

Tailsko: Wow, you're as insane as him, you know that?

Stefan: The next time I ever see you, I'll beat you up so hard Chuck Norris will be impressed.

Tailsko: Violence doesn't solve anything.

Stefan: Your parents committed suicide because you kept getting in trouble at school.

Tailsko: Well, did you know I just hacked your PC and deleted all your Not Safe For Work stuff?

Stefan: … WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST DO TO MY COMPUTER?!?! *goes insane* *smashes keyboard* *throws keyboard on floor* Da fuq? Whatch doing, Youri?

Youri: What's the matter, bro?

Stefan: It's that stupid Foxy Girl! She dared to ruin my computer. That slut. *opens window* *throws PC monitor out of window* *closes window* I'll get you for this! You will regret doing this!

Flashback end

Leopold: You really hacked his computer?!

Tailsko: Nah, I was just messing with him. I mean, seriously? This dude has mental problems.

Leopold: Ah.


Aleksander: Take this... *punch Stefan* ...and that... *punch Stefan* ...and those! *punch Stefan*

Stefan: Please dad, have mercy.

Aleksander: I can't believe you! That does it! Your grounding time is extended to 11 months! Now go upstairs and don't come out of your room ever again!

Stefan: You're so fucking unfair, dad! *goes upstairs* *went to his room* Fuck my new so-called shithole, fuck that german kid who smashes keyboard like me! I don't care if I'm grounded for 11 fucking months! I'm so getting revenge on him no matter what! You're going to pay for this! YOU WILL PAY!!

At Leopold’s House

Leopold: Thank god! That new kid, Stefan, got suspended! I will play some Unreal Tournament to celebrate!

Stefan: *knocks at door*

Leopold: *goes downstairs* *opens door* Oh, you want to fight with me?!

Battletoads (Arcade) - Boss Battle

Stefan: Leopold Slikk!!! You're going to pay for getting me suspended!

Leopold: Bring it on, you Soviet Idiot! Nobody messes with me!

Both: *fight with keyboards*

Stefan: *punches Leopold*

Leopold: *charges at Stefan* There you are, motherfucker! *low punch (x2)* *goes forward and low kick* *hard punch* *special move effect*

Stefan: Wait, there's something I want to say!

Leopold: *rushes toward Stefan* *grabs Stefan* Omae wa mou shindeiru.

Stefan: Nani?!

Leopold: *uses Raging Keyboard*

*Stefan got defeated and the victory goes to Leopold*

(After the fight) Leopold: You good?! You finished?!

Stefan: I'm sorry for everything. Can you forgive me?

Leopold. … Fine.

Stefan: *grabs Leopold's hand* *gets up*

Leopold: Hey, we should be friends. What do you say?

Stefan: Sure, I would love to be friends with you.

Leopold: Oh, and one more thing. Tailsko said she tried to hack your computer. Is that true?

Stefan: Yeah, she's such a jerk.

Leopold: *hits Stefan with keyboard* Don't you dare talk smack about my girlfriend!

Stefan: Wait... She's now your girlfriend?

Leopold: Ja. We went on a date two days ago.

Stefan: Glad to hear it, man.

Leopold: But are you aware she had to deal with a psychotic killer?

Stefan: (Oh shit... I fucked up big time.) Do you think I still can apologize to her after my suspension is over?

Leopold: You better, man.


Round2.exe - Last Chance Act 0

Exetior: ... *looks at Springtrap* William... You are my servant. Welcome to my paradise!

Springtrap: B-but how were you able?

Exetior: To bring you back to life? Since you're my most trusted slave, I will tell you how it works. I sent little pieces of my soul into your dead body. It reanimates your body, enabling movement. However, under my control... I give orders with my spirit alone. And you follow these orders. *laughing*


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