This is the script for the second episode of AGKandRockman2001's AGK series. Special thanks to Travrinity for helping me on the writing of this script.

The characters in this film will be: Leopold, Rias, Harold, Randy, Don, Diesel, Issei, Asia, Akeno, Yuuto & Koneko.

The voice actors will be:

  • Leopold as himself
  • CrazyNelsonSisters as Rias & Koneko
  • Harold as himself
  • Fabrice as Randy
  • Don as himself
  • Diesel as himself
  • Alstrador as Issei
  • Jay Levi as Asia
  • Thesnowfairy as Akeno
  • Arkimation as Yuuto

Enjoy reading it:

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The Angry German Kid Misadventures intro

Title Card

Akumajou Densetsu - Nightmare

Leopold: *gets up* Where am I? I don't like the looks of this place. Looks like I have no other choice but go forward. *walks forward* The more I'm walking in this black void, the more I'm getting goosebumps. Wait, I can see something from far away. *walks forward* *screams* Wait a fucking second! OMG, that is my body! I keep remembering that date with Rayare! Oh god. Did Raynare kill Issei as well? It all makes sense, that slut killed both of us in the same way. *looks up to see a lifeless blonde girl* Aooooooooohhh! How can that girl be dead if there's no blood?! *vision of Asia having her Sacred Gear removed by Raynare* NEIN!!! *hugs Asia* *cries* I'll avenge you for what she did to you!

Raynare: *appears behind Leopold*

Leopold: Oh crap. *moves away*

Raynare: *teleports in front of him*

Leopold: Please don't do it... Just don't- *gets burned* *The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Game Over* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! *wakes up in reality and yelled* *inhales and exhales* Huh? I-I'm back in my room? *touches torso* My wound... It's healed... But how?

Rias: *moans*

Leopold: ! Who's there? *turns back to see a naked woman* *High School DXD - For me... Live On*

Rias: Good morning, you cute face boy.

Leopold: W-w- *wings pop out of his back* What the?! (Damn. That must be the hottest girl I've ever seen! Please tell me I'm having a wet dream! Wait, did I just see her on thursday? If that's the case, then, why would she take care of me? I know something bad's gonna happen. But let's try to talk to her.) *blushes* Huh... Gueten tag.

Rias: *chuckles* You must be that blonde sophomore, Leopold Andreas Slikk. Or should I say, the Angry German Kid, or the Keyboard Crusher.

Leopold: Ja?

Rias: From what I heard, you might be with less manners but you can be friendly. You focus mostly on just video games and have a bit of a hard time on school work. You are averagely smart and strong at the same time.

Leopold: (Damn, that girl knows a lot of stuff about me.) Whoever said that to you isn't wrong.

Rias: Now then, my name is Rias Gremory.

Leopold: That's a pretty name.

Rias: One thing you should know is that I am a devil.

Leopold: WHAT?! *grabs cross* Stay back, you hellraiser!

Rias: Whoa, whoa. Calm down.

Leopold: I ain't gonna calm down! You're a devil. Devils are portrayed to be evil.

Rias: But I'm different.

Leopold: Wie? (How?)

Rias: Would a devil ever do this? *channels red light on breasts*

Leopold: Da fuq?

energy heals Leopold

Leopold: Komisch. (Strange.) Devils never do this.

Rias: That sounds crazy, right? But do you also think a devil would save someone's life?

Leopold: *thinks* I don't think so. But what are you doing in my room?

Rias: *gets up*

Leopold: (Just look at those watermelons! She's so godlike, I tell you!)

Rias: I wanted to keep you company after I healed you last night.

Leopold: D-did you heal my wound? Are you saying you saved my life?

Rias: Yes, I did. You can thank Issei since he gave you that flyer last friday.

Leopold: (Warte eine minute. Did Issei try to warn from the danger last friday? Why didn't I know that in the first place?)

Rias: I have something that belongs to you. *gives keyboard to Leopold*

Leopold: *looks at keyboard* My keyboard...

Rias: While you were asleep, I added an upgrade on your body which gave you those wings. As for your keyboard, I somewhat managed to upgrade it like Issei's Boosted Gear.

Leopold: *looks at wings* I might look weird with these wings, but I look cool with that keyboard. It looks like it's a prototype of the keyboard of the 22nd century!

Rias: *giggles* It's true I made a keyboard that comes from the future. Not only that, but look at your arm.

Leopold: *looks at arm* OMG, I got an armor!

Rias: That armor is called the Boosted Gear. It can double the wielder's power every 10 seconds, transfer increased power to other people or items and penetrate through defensive barriers.

Leopold: Aooooooooohhh! Mein gott, that thing is useful!

Rias: It sure is! With this, you'll unbeatable against your enemies.

Leopold: Speaking of enemies, I was wondering if I could ask you something.

Rias: Sure, what is it?

Leopold: Who really was that girl I met yesterday?

Rias: The girl you dated was a Fallen Angel named Raynare.

Leopold: A Fallen Angel? What on earth is a Fallen Angel?

Rias: Fallen Angels are Angels that have fallen from the grace of God, due to having "impure thoughts" that divert them from the teachings of the God in the Bible. I've wiped all of them out of the map, but Raynare is the only one to survive after I finished her. And now, she has occupied an abandoned church and used it as her lair. However, she went out of her way to destroy all of the religious icons in that church. I don't know how she came back, but I can help you defeat her.

Leopold: I have no choice. I'll join you! Even if at first thought, you were some sort of demon that is trying to take my life away. But apparently, you're a Pure Blooded Devil that is protecting this world from any other devils that would cause a threat to this world, including Fallen Angels.

Rias: Wow Leopold, you impressed me with that amount of knowledge.

Leopold: Heh! I'm a smart Gockel!

Rias: Not to mention you're not the only one who got killed by Raynare. Someone else also got the same experience as you.

Leopold: Are you talking about Issei? Because his voice is still stuck in my mind. Not to mention I met him last thursday.

Issei: (in Leopold's mind) Raynare, you won't get away this time!

Rias: You got it.

Leopold: Still, thank you for saving my life! *kisses Rias*

Rias: You're welcome, Leopold.

Harold: *opens door* What is go- Aooooooooohhh!

Leopold: Dad?

Harold: Leopold, are you alive? *rushes to Leopold* JA!!! *hugs Leopold* Willkommen zurück, mein sohn! (Welcome back, my son!) *spins around*

Leopold: Dad! Let me go!

Harold: Alright then! *throws Leopold*

Rias: LEOPOLD!!!

Leopold: *screams* *breaks window* *The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Game Over* *wings pop out of his back* What the? How did those wings deploy themselves? Wait a minute, I'm actually flying. *flies like a rocket in excitement*

Harold: Please forgive me for what I did, Rias! I was so excited to see my son!

Rias: It's OK, Harold. I know it was an accident. But the most important is that Leopold is back. I mean, if I wasn't there for him, he would have lost all his 5 liters of blood.

Leopold: *knocks at window* Hey Rias!

Rias: *looks at window* Leopold? How did you do that?

Leopold: Let's just say that I'm trying to do some figures with my wings. *gets inside house*

Harold: Leopold, what happened to you?

Rias: It's nothing, Harold. Just some modifications, so he'll defeat his killer.

Harold: He might look weird, but he looks badass at the same time. Well, I better go to work. Behave well while you're at home. *leaves*

Rias: I wasn't expecting your father to be nice, since he sometimes beats you up.

Leopold: Wahr. (True.) (X2) He even beats me up for stupid reasons!

Rias: What a meanie he can be, considering that he has given you the wrong example during your life and he is the reason why you sometimes can't function in school. And I'm afraid you'll do the same to your kids.

Leopold: Mein gott, I'm so in deep deep trouble.

Rias: You still have 3 more years to make sure you don't end up like your dad.

Leopold: I'll make sure it doesn't happen. *hugs Rias*

Meanwhile, with Harold

Harold: *examinates pictures*

Randy: Hey Harold! How is it going?

Harold: Randy, be quiet! I'm trying to focus on something important!

Don: Are you fucking kidding me? You're looking at hentai!

Harold: *punches Don in the face* Can you please fuck off? I'm trying to focus on these pictures!

Randy: Who do you think it is?

Harold: Leopold had a date with Yuuma yesterday. But apparently, it was a Fallen Angel.

Diesel: *examines photos* Wait a minute, isn't that... Raynare?

Harold: Wait a minute, how did you know that?

Diesel: We'll explain that to you later, OK? Right now, we need to get back to work.

Back with Leopold

Doorbell rings

Rias: *goes downstairs* *opens door*

Issei: Hey there Rias!

Rias: Nice to see you guys!

Asia: Um Rias? Is Leopold alright? I've been worried about him all night.

Rias: Don't worry Asia, he's fine right now. I healed him during the night.

Asia: Phew. Thanks Rias. I thought I won't meet him.

(Upstairs) Rias: *opens door* What the? Where did he go?

Issei: I don't know, Rias. Maybe Leopold is playing Hide and Seek.

Leopold: *comes out of closet* *Persona 4 - I'll Face Myself* Hey you! Are you looking for Leopold Slikk? Well, I'm right behind you! If you don't want me to turn you into sauerkraut, fight me like a man!

Issei: *chuckles* Well Leopold, I gotta say, you almost scared me! But still, that was a nice introduction.

Leopold: Thank you. I wanted to show you how I introduce myself to an enemy.

Rias: I have to admit it, you sure showed your anger. Anyways, I want to introduce you my servants: Issei & Asia.

Issei: Hey, little bro! Glad to see you're OK.

Leopold: Are you calling little bro because we met the same fate?

Issei: Exactly. I never thought Raynare would come back to kill a young person like you.

Leopold: Me neither.

Asia: N-nice to meet, Leopold. *blushes*

Leopold: Nice to meet you, Asia. Wait a minute... *stares at Asia* *twitches*

Asia: Leopold? Are you alright?

Leopold: *bends down* Agh! That memory!

Issei: W-What's going on? Is Leopold trying to pray or something?

Rias: I have no idea about that, Issei.

Leopold: *vision of Asia having her Sacred Gear removed by Raynare* *puts his arm on Asia's shoulder*

Asia: Uh? Leopold?

Leopold: *Mega Man X8 - Hunter Base (Wickedness)* *gets up* *turns around* I won't let Raynare kidnap you again, Asia! She may have been succesful with you & Issei, but I won't let her get away with this! *turns around* I shall defeat her with the help of Rias and the Occult Research Club!

Asia: T-Thank you, Leopold! You're that kind of man who cares about what's going on. *kisses Leopold*

Issei: My, this is so emotional!

Leopold: *pushes away from Asia*

Rias: I never knew you were some sort of serial “tombeur”.

(NOTE: If you don't know what a serial "tombeur" is, it's a guy that can get so many women.)

Leopold: Ladies keep being in distress every five seconds. And honestly, I'd rather save that damsel than sitting my butt in a chair playing Unreal Tournament.

Issei: That needs to be said, little bro!

Asia: Leopold, since you showed how kind you can be, I give you these as a gift. *gives Twilight Healing rings to Leopold*

Leopold: Wait, are you giving me your Sacred Gear?

Asia: Not really. These are just for you.

Leopold: Danke, Asia. (Thank you, Asia.)

Asia: *blushes* No problem.

Rias: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go, we have to introduce Leopold to the others!


High School DXD - Ichinichi, Hajimarimasu

Leopold: So, where is the Occult Research Club at?

Rias: It isn't that far, Leopold. It's located right next to your school.

Leopold: Right next to my school? I never noticed there was a building right next to my school!

Rias: That sure is odd. Well, here we are.

Leopold: Woah... A clock house.

(Inside) Leopold, Rias, Issei & Asia: *enter*

Issei: So Leopold, how do you like the inside of the house?

Leopold: It looks cool.

Koneko: Hey you.

Leopold: Ja?

Koneko: Want a doughnut?

Leopold: No thanks. But maybe we can buy some for my dad. He loves eating them at work.

Harold: *eats donuts*

Randy: Harold! Why are you eating all the donuts? Now, our boss has to buy some more!

Harold: D'oh!

Koneko: What a greedy.

Leopold: Ja ja. Also, nice golden eyes.

Koneko: *blushes* Thanks. And nice ice bucket challenge video, by the way.

Leopold: Vielen Dank. (Thanks.)

Rias: Leopold, this is Koneko Toujou. She's a Rook.

Leopold: Nice to meet you, Koneko. *shakes hands with Koneko*

Koneko: Nice to meet you too, Leopold.

Rias: Koneko, this is our new pawn, Leopold Slikk.

Koneko: Finally, someone who is not a full pervert like Issei.

Issei: Oh come on, Koneko!

Leopold: *laughs* Sorry, big brother!

Akeno: Ara ara, you must be Leopold Slikk. I'm Akeno Himejima, the Queen.

Leopold: Nice to meet you, Akeno. Wait a second... *stares at Akeno*

Akeno: Um, Leopold? Are you OK?

Leopold: (Friend or foe? I can't decide about it. Her hair and her eyes are similar to Raynare's, I have a bad feeling about this. Just try to talk with her, maybe she won't harm you.) *blushes* Huh... Gueten tag.

Akeno: *giggles*

Leopold: It's hard for me to talk to a girl normally after what just happened.

Akeno: You mean, Raynare returned?

Leopold: Exactly. And that sucked a lot.

Yuuto: An honor to meet you, Leopold! I am Yuuto Kiba, a Knight.

Leopold: I wasn't expecting this club to have men, since most of it are women.

Yuuto: You're not wrong on that.

Rias: Leopold, we would like you to join the Gremory clan.

Leopold: *breathes heavily* JA!!! Of course, I will join you Rias!

Akeno: Ara, ara. (Oh my, oh my.) What an adventurous boy he is, right Issei?

Issei: *laughs* Yup, he sure is.

Leopold: (I'm sure my family will get excited when I'll them this. This is the best day of my life! What can go wrong?)

Rias: Leopold, we're about to fight the Great Devil Akuma. Are you ready?

Leopold: I'm ready when you are!

Issei: Alright then! Let's go!

All: *teleports*

(To be continued...)