This is the script for the episodes 108-109 of GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series written by Adrenaline21 and GeneBernardinoLawl and created by GeneBernardinoLawl. Also, this is similar to Sonic Forces & PrinceStickFigure's "AGK and the return of Sim".

Entire script

Part 1: Episode 108

Part 1.1: After the events of "AGK does the chesse touch

Part 1.2: Meanwhile on the life after GeneBernardinoLawl's first AGK movie

Part 1.?: Leopold vs Hoppus

Part 1.?: The REAL Hoppus returns

Leopold: Alright, Hoppus. What's the deal?

Hoppus?: *tries to attack Leopold*

Hoppus: Chaos Control! *time freeze* *hit the fake Hoppus*

Leopold: Another Hoppus? *the fake Hoppus disappeared* He just disappeared.

Hoppus: That was a fake.

Leopold: A fake? How?

To be continued...

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