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"Oh yeah!" - Leopold Slikk

The below information contains spoilers for a parody series. Do not read ahead if you want it spoiled!

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Angry German Kid: Final Mix~The Movie~ is a script will be written and created by Adrenaline21, GeneBernardinoLawl, Icepenguins101, YumaSonic2016, AGKandRockman2001 and JamaLamp95.



Multiverse Alliance

Adrenaline21's AGK Series

  • Leopold Slikk
  • Johnny Fort Spieler
  • Jack Randolf
  • Adrenaline21
  • Cauliflo
  • Ronald Suez
  • Spencer Grave
  • Kaeru Otoko
  • Vanessa Nakamura
  • Alisa von Dreissig
  • Sui von Dreissig
  • Leonard Slikk
  • Leonidas Slikk
  • Harold Slikk (Guitarist)
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Hermann Fegelein
  • Togsy
  • Alexander Catalyst aka The "Dark Weapon"
  • Zangetsu
  • Victoria De Vance
  • Alvaro De Vance
  • Fabrice Laroccia-Laroche

GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series

  •  ???
  •  ???

Icepenguins101's AGK Series

  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???

YumaSonic2016's AGK Series

  • Leopold Slikk
  • Jake Randolf
  • Ronald Ramirez
  • Kaeru Otoko
  • Sebastian Alexander Taito
  • Alexis Saya Kizumi
  • Serena Hiiragi
  • Yosuke Hiiragi
  • Sakura Takashiro
  • Yune Tsukishima
  • Yuya Katsumi
  • Koharu Sakakibara
  • Darrell Toño Rodriguez
  • Daniel Izumi Slikk
  • Hermann Fegelein
  • Nico Star
  • Charmx
  • Chibi Captain America
  • Filthy Frank
  • Pink Guy
  • Safari Man
  • iDubbbzTV

AGKandRockman2001's AGK Series

  •  ???
  •  ???
  • Monika

Atarster's AGK Series

  • Leopold Slikk
  • Noah Riegel
  • Ratchet
  • Dante

PrinceStickFigure's AGK Series

  • Leopold Slikk
  • Jake Randolf
  • Ronald Ramirez
  • Kaeru Otoko
  • Steve Demir
  • Jade Hopper
  • Ruby Dulcy
  • Gum the Yoshi

JamaLamp95's AGK Series

  •  ???
  •  ???

Team Valkyria

  • Valkyria
  • Nova
  • Nova's 10 Doppelgängers
  • Enrico Pucci-Xehanort aka Puccinort
  • Dio Brando the Dracula
  • Green Dio Brando (Broly + Part III Dio Brando)
  • Giorno-Dio (Giorno Giovanna + Part III Dio Brando)
  • Exetior Slikk/Leopold.exe (AGKandRockman2001's AGK Series (Adrenaline21 ver.))
  • Sonic.exe (Adrenaline21 ver.)
  • Arthur.exe
  • Supreme Keyboard Master
  • Corrupted Johnny Fort Spieler
  • Master Hand and Crazy Hand
  • Paradox
  • Exo
  • Barry Charles
  • Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
  • Shade
  • Raynare
  • Tanner the Lion
  • Emperor Akairo
  • Dark Leopold (UsefulAGKHelper ver.)
  • And more...


Adrenaline21's AGK Series

  • Akihiko Otoko
  • Gladys Slikk
  • Adrenaline27
  • Adrenaline15
  • Adrenaline09
  • Adrenaline17
  • Francis Laroccia-Laroche
  • Natalia Laroccia-Laroche
  • Rocky Laroccia-Laroche
  • Bullies
  • Students


Part 1: Valkyria's Plan to Start the Multiverse War

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*Adrenaline21 logo (FM)*

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*The scene zooms into Valkyria's throne*.

Valkyria: *sits on his throne*


Part 2: Adrenaline21's AGK Universe


Narrator: After Alvaro's defeat, he told to Leopold about Valkyria, another robot that was created by him. Nova and Valkyria had betrayed him when he was 38 years old due to their cursed power. To make another robot that wouldn't betray him, Alvaro made Zangetsu that acted as his bodyguard. Leopold heard Alvaro's story and he asked to Leopold to join the crew. Speaking of that, Leopold agreed and he allowed him to join alongside Victoria, The "Dark Weapon" and Zangetsu. Leopold's crew members are now in their peaceful life but what will happen if Valkyria invade this universe? Find out on the 2nd part of "Angry German Kid: Final Mix~The Movie~

16th September 2019, 08:00, Berlin

Cue: ???

Leopold: Good job, Kaeru. You launched your "Fiery Disks O' Pain" on me.

Kaeru: Your reflection is excellent too, Leopold.

Leopold: Thanks.

Jack: Time's over.

Leopold: *Sigh* Gee.

Johnny: How's the training?

Leopold: Fun enough.

Ronald: Hey, where are the others?

Johnny: Vanessa and Adrenaline21 are studying at their school, Alisa is enjoying her vacation at Mügelberge mountain and Spencer is enjoying his vacation in Warsaw, Poland.


Togsy: Hey, Shitler.

Hitler: What?

Togsy: After I was defeated by Leopold again, I told him to make myself joined into his team.

Hitler: Was that your idea?

Togsy: Yeah, Shitler. If you want to ask Leopold to join into his team, we must search his current location.

Hitler: About that searching something, I have 1 in my office room at Fuhrerbunker.

Togsy: Let's search him.

*Togsy and Hitler turn on the computer screen*

*Hitler clicks the app the picture that represented as map. Then, Hitler writes Leopold's location*

*Fegelein sneaks into Hitler's office room*

Fegelein: What does Shitler and that gay-ass demon planning? Are they trying to do their villainous plan to ruin Leopold's life again?

Hitler: Hey, Fegel-Ass. What are you doing here?

Fegelein: Oh, I'm just sneak into your room to find out what's your plan.

Hitler: My plan is not ruining Leopold's life again, Fegel-Ass.

Fegelein: So, if your plan is not ruining Leopold's life. What should you do?

Hitler: To find Leopold, apologize to him and ask him to make me and Togsy joined into his team.

Fegelein: Leopold and his friends are training at the hills to prepare theirselves from the dangerous threats.

Togsy: Shitler, Antic moron, how about going to Leopold's place?

Hitler: Leopold's place, sounds good.

Fegelein: Let's go, guys!

Back to the hillside of Berlin...

Togsy: Good morning, Alisa.

Hitler: How's your vacation?

Alisa: Great.

Adrenaline21: Yo, Alisa.

Alisa: Hi, Al.

Adrenaline21: How many days that you weren't appear at the school?

Alisa: Oh, I've gone back to Germany for a month.

Vanessa: When you were gone to another place, did you celebrate Leopold's 24th birthday?

Alisa: About that thing, I celebrated it with the Spiel-Communicator.

Vanessa: Leopold said that the celebration of his birthday became a day earlier because today was the training as he planned.

Alvaro: Hey, don't forget about us.

Victoria: We've gone vacation in Poland for 3 months.

Spencer: Yeah, it was fun that Poland had waterparks and roller coasters.

Leopold: Alisa, Vanessa, Adrenaline21, Spencer, Alvaro, Victoria, Zangetsu.

Hitler: Leopold.

Togsy: We want to join into your team.

Leopold: Join into my team, hmmmph... What happened if you joined into Team Valkyria instead? Because you had your revenge against me by your ridiculous plan such as creating your weird "Megazord" and creating nightmares on me.

Hitler: No, I don't want to join that team.

Togsy: I told you after we were defeated by you. We were tired of our plan to ruin your life.

Alvaro: Togsy's right, Leopold. Just accept them to join into your team.

Leopold: So...

Hitler: I prefer to join your team.

Leopold: OK, you 2 are accepted.

Hitler: YES!!

Leopold: But this is a reminder, don't hurting our allies. You always tried to hurt me, my friends and Fegelein, right?

Hitler: Wow, that was my past, kiddo.

Cue: Sonic Generations-Egg Dragoon Theme


Hitler: Huh?

Valkyria: Hahahaha, what a good news for my enemy.

Leopold: VALKYRIA!!

Alvaro: Tch!

Zangetsu: What do you want here?

Victoria: Fight against us!

Valkyria: Yeah, that's what I want before I'm going to tell you that my Universe Merger will have started.

Leopold: Prepare yourselves!!

Valkyria: *Launches Golden Spinning Edge*

Togsy: *Counter-attacks Valkyria's Golden Spinning Edge with his Death Axe*

Valkyria: Your useless axe won't help you.

Togsy: *Notices as his axe will hit him* Bullshit!!

Leopold: *Transforms into 2nd Form* *Launches an Energy Ball*

Valkyria: *His Golden Spinning Edge being reflected back to him* *Teleports* *Appears behind Leopold*

Cauliflo: *Uses Energy Balls on Valkyria*

Valkyria: *Uses Great Shockwave*


Valkyria: Hahahahahahahaha, YOU LOSE!! *Teleports*

Ronald: That fucking shit bastard!!

Spencer: His insult against us is unforgivable!!

Togsy: Everyone... please, stand up slowly.

Spencer: *Uses his Keyboard Master. Then, he lifts his hand into upwards* HEAL!! *Heals himself and his allies with "Полное Восстановление, Polnoye Vosstanovleniye (Russian: Full Restoration)" Seal*

Ronald: Thanks, Spencer.

Spencer: You're welcome.

Leopold: Before the "Multiverse War" will begin, we need the name for our team. Our team as Leopold's crew is kinda unacceptable because there are so many my clones. So, what is our team right now?

Alvaro: Multiverse Alliance.

Leopold: Good job, Alvaro.

Alvaro: Thanks.

Leopold: You're welcome.

Johnny: Want some ice cream?

Adrenaline21: Thank you for referencing to Kingdom Hearts series, Johnny.

Leopold: What the fuck are you talking about?

Part 3: Icepenguins101's AGK Universe

Cue: (IP101 will be select the theme)

Narrator: In classic timeline, Leopold and Alvin's fight isn't over in GoAnimate Studios while in modern timeline, Leopold finally defeats Mannerheim fatally and let's continue into Angry German Kid: Final Mix~The Movie~.

To be continued and edited by Icepenguins101.

Part 4: GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Universe

Cue: (GBL will select the theme)

Narrator: After Leopold defeated Grizzly Bear, he finally apologized him and became 1 of Leopold's allies but there's something wrong when Valkyria invades into this universe. Find out on this part of Angry German Kid: Final Mix~The Movie~

Valkyria: Hahahaha, I'm finally arrive in this universe. *Walks until he notices a fainted man (Barry)* Oh, my. *Uses Energy Restoration* Wake up, Barry. I've restored your life.

Barry: *Restored by Valkyria* Hey, what are you talking about and who are you?

Valkyria: I'm Valkyria the robot and you...

Barry: Barry Charles.

Valkyria: Nice to meet you, Barry.

Barry: Nice to meet you too, Valkyria.

Valkyria: So, Barry. Is this universe have Leopold? I have my revenge against him.

Barry: You mean Leopold Slikk.

Valkyria: Yes.

Barry: By the way, this universe have Leopold Slikk and he's at "The Germans" HQ building.

Valkyria: Oh, he's at there and what happened to you?

Barry: Leopold threw me to the outside of "The Germans" HQ building. So, I was defeated by him.

Valkyria: Defeated by Leopold, huh? Let's have revenge on him, Barry.

Barry: Yeah.

Valkyria: I recruit you as my team member.

Barry: Do you want to recruit me? I'm the leader of "The Evils".

Valkyria: You're no longer stay on your own team.

Barry: Uhm, fine.

*Both Valkyria and Barry enter into "The Germans" HQ building*

Leopold: Hey, who's back?

Barry: Of course. It's me, Barry Charles. You were defeating me by throwing me to the outside of this building. Now, I'm back to have revenge on you, Leopold!


Hoppus: Norman, I hate when you hired Danelda.

Norman: Oh crap! Not Leopold.

Hoppus: What happened to him, Mr. Warrior?

Norman: I think he's almost awake.


Leopold: What's going on?

More will be written soon...

Part 5: YumaSonic2016's AGK Universe

Cue: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable - Peaceful Street Corner

Narrator: After Leopold and his crew defeated Terminator for the second time, Leopold took a 3 day break worth of his free time. Throughout the week, Sakura got back to business after the fight while her older brother was in charge of the Shop and Repair Center she normally works at. And Yune planned a very special event at the Tsukishima Society for Sunday. However, a strange portal appears and Valkyria comes out to cause terror to Germany. If an explosion gets heard, what will happen? Let's find out and continue Angry German Kid: Final Mix~The Movie~

To be continued and edited by Taito.

Part 6: AGKandRockman2001's AGK Series

*Static for a split second then 10 seconds of black screen*

Cue: Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures-Welcome to Game Land

*Data select screen appears for 25 seconds*

Issei File: Unlocked

Asia File: Unlocked

Leopold File: Unlocked

*Static appears for 5 seconds*

Cue: Doki Doki Literature Club-Sayo-nara

*Data select screen appears for 25 seconds*

Issei File: Locked

Asia File: Unlocked

Leopold File: Unlocked

*Static appears for 5 seconds*

Cue: Doki Doki Literature Club-Just Monika

*Data select screen appears for 25 seconds*

Issei File: Locked

Asia File: Locked

Leopold File: Unlocked

*Static appears for 5 seconds*

Cue: Cuphead-Pirate Title Screen

*Data select screen appears for 25 seconds*

Issei File: Locked

Asia File: Locked

Leopold File: Locked

*Static appears for 5 seconds*


*Game Over Screen*

*Static appears*

*Screen goes black*

Cue: Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning (Remake) - Sark's World

Narrator: After Leopold's death by the Fallen Angel Raynare, everything started to fall apart. Although he was saved by the Crimson Haired Princess, he still wasn't saved on time, and died in front of his family at the hospital, which caused his father Harold to commit suicide. Leopold was later brought to the Cult of X and got reprogrammed as Exetior Slikk by the Lord X. After this, he killed his friends, his family, the Occult Research Club, and absorbed the Master Emerald's energy to obliterate everything. No one survived the apocalypse... Except for one...

*Screen shows multiple shots of a post-apocalyptic Koblenz*

(At the park) *Adoor appears*

*The door opens, revealing Monika inside*

Monika: Oh dear god... What happened here? *walks around the destroyed city*

*Buildings collapse*

Exetior: *Laughing*

Monika: Wasn't that...?

Exetior: *Shooting laser beams at buildings*

Monika: Hold it right there!

Exetior: Huh? ... Well, well, well... What do we have here? The traitor of X has come to face me.

Monika: How did you know who I am?

Exetior: Lord X told me about you. And now that you foolishly showed up, I'll finally destroy you.

Monika: Leopold, stop it! This isn't you!

Exetior: Wrong, Monika. I'm no longer Leopold. I'm Exetior Slikk, and I'll show no mercy. And don't think of deleting me, I already killed the Man behind the Screen, and I feel powerful than before. It'll take more than that to get rid of me. *Portal appears behind him* Catch me if you can! *Gets inside portal* *Teleports*

*Screenshots of some episodes by GeneBernardinoLawl involving Exetior Slikk appear on screen*

Narrator: For so long, Exetior Slikk sought havoc in Gene's universe, tormenting anyone that reminds him of his own land. As for Monika, who was a former member of the Cult of X before rebeling against what we refer to as "Sonic.exe", she's looking for Exetior Slikk while being noticed by any of the mortals. She was even the one who possessed Tailsko or Circus Baby in the episode "The Truth of Tailsko". But on the other side, the Lord is still waiting.

Cue: Sally.exe: Continued Nightmare/Eye of Three-Blood Temple

Lord X: What's taking Raynare so long? It's been a few months now, and she still hasn't come back!

Springtrap: I believe you should start worrying more about Exetior Slikk, my Lord.

More will be written by Fabrice...

Part 7: Atarster's AGK Series

Part 8: PrinceStickFigure's AGK Series

Part 9: JamaLamp95's AGK Series

JamaLamp95 will write his part soon

Part 10: Merged Universe

Cue: ???

Valkyria: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our special place, the meeting room.

Leopold.exe: So, Valkyria. What's your plan after you recruited us?

Valkyria: Merging different universes into a colossal multiverse and creating "Multiverse War". These are the goals that we must achieve together.

Nova: Great, brother. With this idea, we can kill Leopold Slikk!

Raynare: Yeah, I have the same problem with you, Nova.

Nova: Would you like to team up with me?

Raynare: As you want.

Puccinort: Valkyria, is your "Universe Merger" plan ready?

Valkyria: Yeah, but how about later? I haven't named the team of our members.

Puccinort: Hmmph, OK.

Valkyria: Brother, do you have any idea to name this team?

Nova: How about "Team Valkyria"?

Valkyria: Team Valkyria, eh?

Nova: The reason I choose "Team Valkyria" as our team name is you're the leader who wanted to kill Leopold Slikk, recruiting the villains from different universes to achieve the goal together and reviving me and Exo from the dead.

Valkyria: Good idea, brother.

Nova: Eheheh...

Valkyria: We've finally made our team made out of villains known as Team Valkyria.

All (Valkyria's Supporters): *Applause*

Valkyria: Puccinort, I'm ready to merge different universes.

Puccinort: Do it, Valkyria.

Cue: Sonic Forces-Infinite Theme

Valkyria: *Uses Universe Merger*

In Adrenaline21's AGK Series

Vanessa: Guys, what's happening with our universe?

Alisa: Our universe will have been merged soon.

Spencer: Crap!

Victoria: Valkyria begins his greatest plan.

Alvaro: Tch, that traitor. I'll give him a lesson after his defeat.

Harold: I agree with you, Alvaro.

Adrenaline21: Who's the traitor?

Alvaro: Valkyria, Nova's brother and my creation.

Ronald: Another fucking robot!

Kaeru: Speaking about the robots, we've defeated Hitler's Nazi-zords, Nova, Exo and Zangetsu.

Zangetsu: After my defeat, I would rather join into the Multiverse Alliance.

Jack: To help us fighting against Team Valkyria.

Zangetsu: Yeah.

Leonard: Team Valkyria's members are really dangerous than what I've thought.

Johnny: Some of them are Stand users like Puccinort, Green Dio, Dio the Dracula and Giorno-Dio.

Alexander: Yeah, other than that. There's Paradox "The Reality Overwriter".

Cauliflo: He overwrites the reality as he wanted when our distance is near from him.

Leonidas: Any last words before we prepare our fight?

Sui: Nope.

Fegelein: Everyone, prepare yourselves!

Leopold: Yes, sir!

*All of the Multiverse Alliance members prepare theirselves before the Multiverse War will start*

In YumaSonic2016's AGK Series

Yuya: (walking) ...What the hell?! Who's causing this universe merging?!

Serena: YOSUKE! What's going on?!

Yosuke: I think the universe is merging...

Koharu: KUSO! (SHIT!) The universe is merging.

Alexis: OH CRAP! The Multiverse War is gonna start soon!

Sebastian: I bet Valkyria is behind this!

Alexis: Who's Valkyria?

Yune: *humming* (brushing her hair) (stops) Na-Nani?! (Wha-What?!) *runs for 2 seconds* *gasps* OMG! The universe is...merging!!

Sakura: What's with the universes merging?! I can't do anything while feeling this strange vibration! It looks like we're gonna have the Multiverse War after all!

Charmx: What the frick is going on?!

Chibi America: The universe is merging.


Chibi America: Because we can both feel the vibration. I heard Valkyria is doing this!


Pink Guy: Yeash, Mass?

Safari Man: What's the problem!

Frank: Our Universe is being merged because of some bastard Valkyria! We gotta prepare for the Multiverse War right now!

Safari Man: Okay!

iDubbbzTV: So you heard about Valkyria? Unfortunately the Multiverse War will begin quite soon.

Nico: WHAT?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! I swear to god I'll send that bastard to Hell right now!

Frank: Calm down! We all need to work as a team! Valkyria is WAY more powerful than you think he is. Do you understand?

Pink Guy, Safari Man, and Nico: Yes, sir!

iDubbbzTV: Now let's go because we need to act fast!

Frank: Right with ya, Ian.


Leopold: Me too... I know who's behind this! VALKYRIA!

Dan: I can feel all the power of the universe merging... That means the official Multiverse War will start any time now.

In AGKandRockman2001's AGK Series

Springtrap: What's going on?

Lord X: Oh yeah, Valkyria wanted to merge our universe with others. This way, I'll find Leopold and I'll destroy him for standing up against us!

LeVar: Aren't you forgetting Monika?

Lord X: Both of them will die at my hands! I'll show them what it's like to Go Turbo on me! *laughing*

More will be wriiten soon by Fabrice...

In Icepenguins101's AGK Series


In GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series


Hoppus: Stay there, Leopold!

More will be written soon...

In Atarster's AGK Series


In PrinceStickFigure's AGK Series


Valkyria: Hahahahahahahaha, prepare to die in the war, Leopold!!

Leopold (A21): Valkyria wanted to have revenge on us due to Nova's defeat and Alvaro's side change. Then, he recruited the villains to achieve his goals. Merging diferrent universes, starting multiverse war that would destroy everything and his victory over our defeat are his goals. To prevent Valkyria's successful goals. We made our team consisting of different people known as Multiverse Alliance.

*Intro (Clips by other parodists and Adrenaline21 will assemble the clips (Cue: Kingdom Hearts 3-Face My Fears~Cover by Family Jules ft. Adriana Figueroa~))*

Part 11: The Road to Multiverse War Begins

Cue: Kingdom Hearts 3-Keyblade Graveyard Horizon

*All of the members from different AGK Universes arrive*

Ronald: Oh, bullshit!! Our universe has been merged with others.

Leopold (A21): Yeah, this is that fucking shit robot's fault.

Spencer: Look at that, the entrance gate of Multiverse Battlefield!

Leopold (A21): Oh, that's a proof for Valkyria's plan.

Kaeru (A21): Hey, look at that flying lamp!

Adrenaline21: That wishing-grant Genie, I don't believe it. *Summons Light Pillar*

Leopold (A21): Before we're going to the Multiverse Battlefield, let's introduce ourselves.

Johnny: Sounds good, Leopold.

Leopold (A21): My name is Leopold Slikk.

Johnny: I'm Johnny Fort Spieler.

Jack: I'm Jack Randolf.

Adrenaline21: Adrenaline21.

Cauliflo: Cauliflo, the Saiyan girl.

Ronald: Ronald Suez.

Spencer: Spencer Grave.

Vanessa: Vanessa Nakamura

Alisa: Alisa von Dreissig.

Sui: Sui von Dreissig.

Leonard: Leonard...

Leonidas: Leonidas...and...

Harold (A21): Harold Slikk.

Hitler: Adolf Hitler, the original 3rd Reich Führer's clone.

Fegelein: Hermann Fegelein, the original Nazi member's clone.

Togsy: Togsy.

Alexander: Alexander Catalyst, also known as The "Dark Weapon".

Zangetsu: Zangetsu the Grim Robot.

Victoria: We're De Vances, I'm Victoria and...

Alvaro: Alvaro.

Victoria: How about you, guys?

Leopold (YS2016): I'm Leopold Slikk.

Leopold (Other series): We're Leopold Slikk, too.

Jake (YS2016), Jake (GBL), Jake (JM-Modern), Jake (PSF): We're Jake Randolfs.

Johnny: Dammit! My trolls have arrived at this gathering point. *Echoes*

Yuya: Hey, do you feel something?

Johnny: Nope, I'm just surprised that Jake Randolfs came into this gathering point.

Yuya: Hey, don't forget to introduce my name, pal.

Johnny: Your name must be Yuya Sakaki.

Yuya: WRONG!! I'm not that tomato haired guy, Johnny Joestar!

Johnny: My name is more like Johnny Fort Spieler and I'm not that cowboy JoJo.

Yuya: Then, my name is Yuya Katsumi.

Yune: Yune Tsukushima.

Sakura: Sakura Takashirou.

Taito: Sebastian Alexander Taito.


Steve: Steve Demir.

Jade: Jade Hopper.

Ruby: Ruby Dulcy.

Gum: Gum the Yoshi.

Sui: Oh, I've remembered that name.

Jade: Who?

Sui: Steve and Jade.

Steve: Sui, you looked like our enemy Zoey.

Sui: Yeah, she's me from another universe and my clothing style is just different from her.

Steve: So...

Sui: I'm Alisa von Dreissig's older sister.

Steve: Owww...

Sui: I'm an anthro dog and my younger sister is a human.

Steve: Nice to meet you, Sui von Dreissig.

Sui: Nice to meet you too, Steve Demir, Jade Hopper, Ruby Dulcy and Gum the Pink Dinosaur.

Gum: More like Yoshi.

Sui: More like fictional dinosaur to me.

Gum: Gee.

Nova: Welcome to the Multiverse Battlefield, everyone.

Puccinort: The rule for Multiverse War is simple.

Leopold (A21): What?

Green-Dio: Eliminating other members and healing the members if they're on critical situation.

Leopold (A21): So, what?

Valkyria: The Multiverse War will start from now.

*All of the "Team Valkyria" members teleport into different zones*

Spencer: Look at the gate, it will open soon.

Johnny: Before we'll go find any enemies around here, we already have our weapons such as hoverboards.

Hitler: I have my "Monster Tanks" and "Flame Gattlings".

Leopold (A21): Oh, crap! My clones have already entered to the Multiverse Battlefield.

Adrenaline21: You know, they won't know the consequences as well.

Leopold (A21): Sure, for the remaining members like us must have the strategy to eliminate enemies.

Ronald: Spencer has seals which are good for Paradox's "Reality Overwrite" ability.

Johnny: Any last words, guys.

Yuya: Hey, what happened with our members that don't have any unique abilities.

Johnny: They'll ride the hoverboards equipped with powerful weapons as their combat.

Yuya: OK, how about go to the battlefield now?

Johnny: Sure, why not. Wasting our time here isn't good.

Cue: Sonic Forces-Zavok Theme

*The remaining members from Multiverse Alliance run towards the Multiverse Battlefield*

Fabrice: *Arrives* Oh, crap! I'm late to enter the battlefield. *Runs*

Part 12: Team Valkyria's Plan to Disband the Multiverse Alliance Part 1

Cauliflo: *Notices as her Doppelgänger appears*

Leopold (A21): These were our doppelgängers that we've already defeated.

Doppelganger Leopold: *Performs Dark Dragon Bite on Leopold (A21)*

Leopold (A21): *Counter-attacks with Final Blow*

Doppelgänger Johnny: *Teleports*

*All of Doppelgängers have been eliminated except for Doppelgänger Johnny*

Harold (JM-Modern): Who are you?

Harold (A21): I'm Harold Slikk the guitarist.

Harold (JM-Modern): You steal my name, moron!

Harold (A21): STFU, child abuse fat-ass! You're always beating your child in the parodies as your clones did. I mean that's kinda violent. For me, I'm never beating my child, just using my words instead.

Harold (JM-Modern): Fat-ass, that's fucking unacceptable!!

Harold (A21): Bah, your behaviour is unacceptable and which weapon would you use for the fight? I have my "Axe Guitar" made from oak wood and silver. How about you, fat-ass!?

Harold (JM-Modern): I have my fucking "Sledgehammer", mwahahahahahahaha.

Harold (A21): Bring it on, fat-ass maniac!!

Harold (JM-Modern): *Charges at Harold (A21), then swings his sledgehammer*

Harold (A21): *Blocks Harold (JM-Modern)'s sledgehammer attack with his Axe Guitar*

Harold (JM-Modern): Mwahahahahahahaha.

Harold (A21): Your laugh sounds like a maniac to me.

Harold (JM-Modern):

Leopold (Travrinity): *Charges at Paradox*

Paradox: *Overwrites the reality*

Leopold (Travrinity): *Freezed by Paradox*

Leopold (AGK&VM2000): *Charges at Paradox*

Paradox: *Overwrites the reality (Turning armies of Leopold Slikks into BND of Dooms)*

Leonard: *Strikes Paradox with his Keyboard Master*

Leonidas: *Assists Leonard's attacks*

Paradox: *Freezes Leonard and Leonidas*

Leonard and Leonidas: *Evade*

Leonard: *Uses his Keyboard Master to perform Keyboard Slide* Leonidas, fight him while I help dad fighting against his clone.

Leonidas: OK. *Charges at Paradox*

Paradox: *Stops himself from moving*

Leonidas: This is 1 of the fucking internet people! *Performs Rampage*


Leonard: Eat this, ugly fat-ass! *Summons BND of Doom on Harold (JM-Modern)*

Harold (JM-Modern): Grrr!

Harold (A21): Great job, kiddo.

Harold (JM-Modern): *Jumpscared by BND of Doom*

Leonard: Dad, let's help Leonidas.

Harold (A21): Sure, kiddo. *Grabs Leonard's Keyboard Master*

Harold (JM-Modern): Grrrr, your son trolled me!

Harold (A21): I still don't care with your complaining, fat-ass. I'm the best Harold Slikk.

Paradox: *Begins to explode*

Leonard: Leonidas, watch out!

Leonidas: Sure, Leonard. *Escapes with his Keyboard Master before Paradox starts to explode himself*

Paradox: *Explodes* Hahahahahahahaha.

Part 13: Team Valkyria's Plan to Disband the Multiverse Alliance Part 2

Leopold (A21):

Tanner: Leopold, you must watch this video. *Shows Leopold MGM Tanner Video*

Leopold (A21): *Scared*

Kaeru (A21): Eat this, bullshit!! *Fires his Fiery Disks O' Pain*

Tanner: Argh! What are these things?

Kaeru (A21): It's the disks from my "Disk-Launcher". If you're not getting away from these disks immediately, the disks will creating a big flame that burn you!

Leopold (A21): KAERU!!

Kaeru (A21): Leopold, are you OK?

Leopold (A21): I'm OK, Kaeru. I was watching Tanner's MGM logo.

Kaeru (A21): He forced you to watch a scary logo. That's fucking unforgivable!

Tanner: *Summons 10 MGM Masks*

Leopold (A21): *Uses Keyboard Master to perform Keyboard Slide* *Turns back*

Tanner: Heh, what a coward are you? *Uses his 10 MGM Masks to chase Leopold*

Leopold (A21): I'm not a fucking coward, fucker! *Launches his Energy Balls to Tanner's MGM Masks* Kaeru, use your Disk Launcher!

Kaeru (A21): Yup! *Uses his Disk Launcher to fire some disks into MGM Masks*

Leopold (A21): Kaeru, keep firing your disks while I have to defeat Tanner. I'll help you after I get rid of Tanner the fucking bastard.

Kaeru (A21): Good luck, Leopold.

Leopold (A21): *Thumbs up* *Returns back at Tanner's area* *Transforms into 2nd Form* Eat my shit, Tanner! *Launches some energy balls on Tanner*

Tanner: How about my "Evil Masks"? *Summons some BND of Dooms* Urgh!

Ronald (A21): Get away from my friend, bastard!

Tanner: You!

Ronald (A21): Spencer, Jack, come here.

Spencer: Leopold, we'll help you fight against that fucking scary lion.

Leopold (A21): Sure, Spencer.

Jack: *Performs 6 Bullets Shot*

Spencer: *Uses Energy Beam Seal*

Tanner: Argh! *Summons more MGM Masks to guard Tanner and chasing Kaeru*

Leopold (A21): Kaeru!! *Helps Kaeru (A21)*

Kaeru (A21): *Goes near into Leopold (A21)'s back*

Kaeru (A21): Let's finish this, Leopold!

Leopold (A21): Yeah, Kaeru!

Kaeru (A21): *Fires Fiery Disks O' Pain on Tanner's MGM Masks*

Tanner: Curses! *Teleports*

Leopold (A21): Watch out, Kaeru!!

Tanner: *Appears behind Kaeru (A21)*

Leopold (A21): *Attacks Tanner from behind* *Transforms into Accel Form* *Uses Quick Thunderbolts on Tanner*

Tanner: Argh!

Leopold (A21): Kaeru, look! It's my dad and my brothers.

Kaeru (A21): Are they fighting against Paradox?

Leopold (A21): Yup, we should be careful against Paradox.

Leopold (A21): Paradox!

Cue: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep-Unforgettable

Doppelgänger Johnny: *Summons Nightmare BND of Doom*

Johnny: *Throws Spiel-Explosives into Nightmare BND of Dooms* *Runs towards Doppelgänger Johnny and uses Spiel-Sword Slash Combo*

Doppelgänger Johnny: *Gets multiple hits from Johnny*

Johnny: *Prepares his finishing attack*

Supreme Keyboard Master: *Interrupts Johnny's attack with Keyboard*

Corrupted Johnny: Johnny Fort Spieler, did you always say hurting your dream troll Jake Randolf?

Johnny: Yes, I've always hurting him with my antic pranks in my dream.

Supreme Keyboard Master: This is not your dream, Johnny. This is reality.

Corrupted Johnny: *Uses his Dark Posession on Johnny*

Johnny: Argh!

Corrupted Johnny: Johnny Fort Spieler, kill those Jake Randolfs immediately.

Jake (YS2016): Don't do that, Johnny!

Johnny: It's too late, Jake. I'm going to kill you.

Jake (YS2016): Ah, fuck!

Part 14: Team Valkyria's Plan to Disband the Multiverse Alliance Part 3

Paradox: *Performs Reality Overwrite on Vanessa and Alisa* Now, Vanessa and Alisa. Kill that cat witch!

Vanessa and Alisa: Yes, sir.

Vanessa: Prepare to die, cat witch!

Yuune: How dare you insult me like that?

Vanessa: It's none of your business.

Alisa: Vanessa, let's go.

Vanessa: *Summons her giant Heli-Drone (Helicopter Drone)*

Alisa: *Summons her Trash Golem*

Vanessa: *Attacks Yuune with her Heli-Drone Charge*

Alisa: *Her Trash Golem's hands smashes Yuune*

Serena: Yuune-chan!! (Notices Yuune seriously injured) YUUNE! Hey! Are you okay? Speak to me!

Cue: Dragon Ball Z Kai - Requiem: Those Who Meet Their End

Yuune: (weak tone): and Sakura...have to snap Vanessa and Alisa...out of the "Reality Overwrite" spell...(Voice gets weaker): Please...defeat paradox...I don't wanna die...*faints*

Serena: NOOO!! Yuune! Wake up!!

Vanessa: It's no use anymore!

Alisa: Now that Yuune is defeated, you're next because it's a 1 on 2 battle!

Sakura: HEY! *throws spear at Vanessa and Alisa* Leave my friends alone!

Vanessa: You! Are you Sakura Takashirou?

Sakura: Yes I am! You two evil bitches are Vanessa and Alisa!

Vanessa: *laughs* You guessed right!

Alisa: (gets up) Now listen, we're gonna kill you two next! So be prepared for Hell!

Serena: (stands up) Alright you two delinquents! Now that it's 2 on 2 again, we're gonna save Yuune from dying! Prepare to die!

Cue: Kingdom Hearts 2-A Fight to the Death~HD 2.5 ver.~

Vanessa: *Spawns Laser drones to attack Sakura while she rides her own giant Heli-Drone* Do you feel the same pain as that cat witch?

Sakura: I won't give up...NOT LIKE THIS!

Alisa: Oh really??


Blaze: Yes ma'am! *forms laser* *shoots towards Vanessa*



Sakura: How you like that?!

Vanessa: Heli Drone! ATTACK!

Sakura: Not again... *dodges Heli-Drone*

Vanessa: That's it! You're dead now!

Sakura: *forms shield*

Vanessa: Now, Heli-Drone! *shoots lasers with Heli-Drone* *breaks Sakura's shield*

Sakura: Crap! I'd better get-- *touches laser* *gasp* What's going on?! *sparks come out her body* *breathing heavily* *sparks start attacking her* *screams in pain* Oh my god...How strong was that...

Serena: SAKURA!!! The hell did you do to my friend?!

Vanessa: Did I forget to tell you that any laser you touch, you get attacked by sparks, leaving you unable to move...

Serena: Damn you... Blossom-san! POISON IVY THORNS ATTACK! *poison Ivy thorns appear* *shoot at Alisa*

Vanessa: Alisa!

Alisa: Got it...

Serena: Sakura!

Vanessa: Oh no you don't! Heli-Drone! ATTACK NOW!

Serena: *gets hit by Heli-Drone*

Alisa: *Smashes Sakura with her Trash Golem*

Serena: *sparks start attacking* *screams in pain* *hyperventalating* Wait! Sakura? *gasps* (notices Sakura severely injured)

*music stops*

Serena: SAKURA!!!

Cue: Sonic Forces-Null Space

Serena: Sakura-chan! *runs to Sakura* Sakura-chan! Please wake up... Sakura? It's over...she's dead...(tears fall onto Sakura's body)

Sakura: *grunts and twitches in pain* Se-Serena... *coughs blood*

Serena: (in tears) (terrified tone): OH MY GOD, NO!

Sakura: Calm down...I know I'm severely injured, but you need to listen to me...

Serena: (tears run down her face) Yes! Please before it's too late!

Sakura: It's...that...

(flashbacks from earlier during the fight between Vanessa and Alisa)

Sakura: ...while you and Yuune were battling Vanessa and Alisa...I saw the whole I had to throw that spear at those two punks...

Serena: (sad tone): I know...I don't wanna lose you or Yuune-chan...

Sakura: ...not just and you...are like sisters...

Serena: Onee-chan desu? (Sisters?) Naze? (Why?)

Sakura: Because...we're like Leopold (YumaSonic2016) and Jake (YumaSonic2016)...we always were very close to each other...*grunts in pain*

Serena: *sobbing* What...else??

Sakura: *hyperventalating* You're the only one who can save me and Yuune...including yourself...*grunts in pain*(eyes fill up with tears) have to do this...please...let Leopold know...*hyperventalating* *faints*

Serena: *gasp* Sa-Sakura...No...(tearfully): NOOO! SAKURAAA!!! *starts crying* Please...hang in there while I get help...

Alisa: How relatable, but still. Time to end this! *summons her Trash Golem* Adiós, Serena Hiiragi...(Goodbye, Serena Hiiragi...)

*music stops*

Serena: *gasp* *stands up fiercely* (angrily): Vanessa...Alisa...I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS!!!

Cue: Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Fire Field (F-Zero)

Vanessa: Oh...did we piss you off?!


Alisa: Such big words...

Vanessa: And what about Leopold (YumaSonic2016)?

Serena: If you DARE lay one finger on my boyfriend, I swear to god...I'LL KILL YOU!

Vanessa: Your boyfriend? *laughs*

Serena: Alright that's it! Blossom-san! ULTIMATE SUNSHINE BURST! *bright yellow orb appears then grows and shoots towards Vanessa and Alisa*


*massive explosion*

Vanessa: This is nowhere near over! *summons Heli-Drone and charges it towards Serena*

Serena: Shit! Not again! *dodges Heli-Drone* Now to teach you bitches--AAH! *trips and falls down* Why did I just trip... (tries to get up)

Alisa: Game over! *smashes Serena with her Trash Golem*

Serena: I'm sorry, Leopold and Co. I failed to save Sakura and Yuune from Paradox...please forgive us... (tries to get up) *faints*

Victoria: *Arrives* Crap! Why Vanessa and Alisa hurted their allies?

Zangetsu: Victoria, how about stopping Paradox first, then free them from his "Reality Overwrite".

Victoria: Yup. *Hops on Zangetsu*

Zangetsu: *Goes to Paradox's area with Victoria*


Meanwhile at the Multiverse Battlefield, Zone 3

Valkyria: Look at this screen, Puccinort.

Puccinort: What's this?

Valkyria: This is my "Multiverse War" plan. My team and Multiverse Alliance do the non-stop fighting until all of the enemies have been elimated.

Nova: Brother, our team members that have been elimated by the enemy team are Harold Slikk, Barry Charles, Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, Dark Leopold, Supreme Keyboard Master, Johnny's Corrupted Form and My Doppelgängers.

Valkyria: True, brother.

Puccinort: Valkyria, there are 2 versions of Harold Slikk. 1 is the father of our enemy and 1 is our ally.

Valkyria: The Harold that has been defeated by enemy team is the lazy, fat-ass and child abuse guy.

Nova: My brother's team is undefeatable and soon, we'll disband your team.

Part 15: Team Valkyria's Plan to Disband the Multiverse Alliance Part 4

Spencer: Gotcha! Paradox fuck- *Gets damage from Exo's Chaining Quick Thunderbolt*

Cue: Sonic Forces-Null Space

Paradox: Ha, missed!

Tanner: *Uses MGM Masks to get rid Jack, Ronald and Kaeru (A21) away from him*

*Other Team Valkyria members appear*

Leopold (A21): *Performs Quick Rave on Valkyria*

Green Dio: *Uses his "Green version" of "The World" stand to stop time*

Dio (Dracula): *Smashes Leopold into the ground*

Green Dio: The time flows again.

Leopold (A21): *Smashed by Green Dio*

Valkyria: Now you have to surrender, Leopold! Your team has been finally disbanded *Walks toward Leopold (A21)*

Leopold (A21): *Returns to Default Form* *Vomits blood* N... Never! My team never gives up against the hardest challenge.

Valkyria: About the hardest challenge, this is the expiration period for your team.

Leopold (A21): Valkyria... You were the 1 behind this ridiculous plan!

Valkyria: Heh, what are you talking about? Something nonsense. Perhaps, yes.

Leopold (A21): Grrrr...

Valkyria: Because of you saying about nonsensical things to me, I choose you and your clone to fight at another dimension as the proof that your priceless "Multiverse Alliance" has been disbanded permanently. *Sends Leopold (A21) and Leopold (Atarster) into another dimension*

*Music stops*

Puccinort: Valkyria, can we continue the fight?

Exo: At separate areas.

Nova: Because there are many "Multiverse Alliance" members fighting against our team members here.

Valkyria: Sure, and I'll handle the Leopold thing. *Teleports*

Leopold (A21) and Leopold (Atarster): *Arrives in another dimension* Where...are...we?

Valkyria: Welcome to another dimension.

Leopold (A21) and Leopold (Atarster): VALKYRIA!!

Valkyria: Yes, I am.

Leopold (A21): What are you doing here?

Valkyria: Eheh, just trying to tell you something.

Leopold (A21): *Sigh*

Valkyria: Oh, my handsome man Leopold. I want you fight that demon. He's you from another universe.

Leopold (Atarster): My clone, don't obey Valkyria's order, dammit!

Leopold (A21): Do you want me to fight against my clone!?

Valkyria: Yes, and fight him, my handsome man.

Leopold (Atarster): Grrr...

Leopold (A21): Stop saying "my handsome man". You're a fucking gay-ass.

Valkyria: Gay, I'm not. I'm a cute, sassy and beautiful lady.

Leopold (A21): Gee.

Valkyria: Good luck.

Cue: Kingdom Hearts 3-Aqua's Theme

Leopold (A21): *Corrupts himself* Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Leopold (Atarster): Shit! You're laughing like a maniac. *Transforms into Demon Form*

Leopold (A21): *Transforms into Dark Form* Attacks Leopold (Atarster) with his Dark Bite*

Leopold (Atarster): What the fuck is this thing!?

Leopold (A21): It's none of your business! *Teleports*

Leopold (A21): *Attacks Leopold (Atarster) with Dark Twist*

Leopold (Atarster): *Evades as Leopold (A21) attacks him*

Leopold (A21): *Continues the attack with Black Flames*

Leopold (Atarster): *Counter-attacks Leopold (A21)'s Black Flames with Eye Laser*

Leopold (A21): *Teleports as Leopold (Atarster)'s Eye Laser would hit him* *Appears behind Leopold (Atarster) Eat this!!

Leopold (Atarster): *Eliminates Leopold (A21)'s Black Flames with his Keyboard Boomerang*

Leopold (A21): *Appears behind Leopold (Atarster) again* *Attacks with Darkest Shadows*


Leopold (A21): It's your shadow. Shall I finish you right now, demon?

Leopold (Atarster): *Screams*

Leopold (A21): *Uses Dark Walls on Leopold (Atarster)*

*Music stops*

Leopold (Atarster): *Vomits blood* *Thrown away into further distance*

Cue: Sonic Forces-Null Space

Leopold (A21): *Pant* I've... won.

Leopold (Atarster): *Vomits blood* You've... won... *Transforms back into normal* *Vomits blood* my...clone...

Leopold (A21): Yeah, and what?

Leopold (Atarster): I... have... to... tell... Noah... Ratchet... and... Dante... before... I... *Vomits blood* *Faints*

Leopold (A21): *Transforms back into normal* *Runs towards Leopold (Atarster)* Are you OK, my clone? Tell me!! *Notices* My clone has been defeated and it was my fault to fight him. I'll stand on here to shout something. *Stands up* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!! WHERE ARE YOU, VALKYRIA!!? YOU'VE MADE ME KILLING MY CLONE!!

Arthur.exe: Sorry, kiddo. Valkyria went hunting other members.

Leopold (A21): Who are you!?

*Music stops*

Arthur.exe: *Appears as his true form* I'm Arthur.exe. 1 of your clone's enemy from the past and I always planned on how to defeat him. Unfortunately for me, I was killed by your clone for good.

Leopold (A21): Any last words, fucker!

Arthur.exe: Recently, Valkyria has recruited me to destroy your team.

Leopold (A21): Valkyria told me that my team has been disbanded. Is the statement that what I said true?

Arthur.exe: True.

Leopold (A21): *Crying*

Arthur.exe: Why are you crying, kiddo?

Cue: Kingdom Hearts 3-The Encounter

Leopold (A21): *Transforms into Final Form* *Jumps higher* *Performs Tornado Slash* RRRRAAAAAAAARGH!!

Arthur.exe: Oh, do you want to fight with me?

Leopold (A21): Sure.

Arthur.exe: How about eat my rocks!?

Leopold (A21): NEVER! *Shatters Arthur.exe's "Giant Rocks"* *Pant* Your rocks are fucking plain gross. So, I can't taste with my tonge.

Leopold (Atarster): *Tries to stand up* *Pant*

Arthur.exe: Oh, that clone of yourself tries to stand up. How about I'm eliminating your clone first!?

Leopold (A21): Trying to kill the weak, huh? What an asshole.

Arthur.exe: How about I'm eliminating you instead!? You're so annoying!

Leopold (A21): You're worse than Ass-golf Shitler!

Arthur.exe: Eat this!! *Launches the energy beam from his eyes*

Leopold (A21): *Teleports* *Appears behind Arthur.exe*

Arthur.exe: Prepare to be eliminated, Leopold!!

Leopold (A21): How about prepare to go to hell, Arthur.exe?

Arthur.exe: Grrr! Who said that?

Leopold (A21): *Performs Combo (Tornado Slash-->Tornado Bite-->Finishing Combo)* *Lands on the ground* *Runs to Leopold (Atarster)*

Arthur.exe: Argh!

Leopold (A21): Please drink the blueberry juice from my pocket, my clone.

Leopold (Atarster): T... T... Thanks...

Leopold (A21): You can help me to finish the fight if you need me.

Leopold (Atarster): Yeah.

Arthur.exe: There you are, Leopold!!

Leopold (A21): There you are, Mr. Bullshit!

Arthur.exe: *Performs "The Wrath of Darkness"* Can you survive from my wrath?

Leopold (A21): I hope so! *Summons Golden Spinning Edges* *Uses "Light Aura" on himself*

*Leopold (A21)'s Spinning Edges finally destroy Arthur.exe's rocks and BND of Doom headed mutants*

Leopold (A21): LIGHT!! *Summons Light Pillars on Arthur.exe's other rocks and BND of Doom headed mutants*

Cue: Sonic Forces-Fist Bump (Null Space ver.)

Leopold (Atarster): *Stands up successfully* Great, my clone. *Pant* *Holds his keyboard* RRRRAAAAAAAARGH!! *Transforms back into his demonic form*

Leopold (A21): *Notices on Leopold (Atarster)*

Arthur.exe: What the heck happened with you!?

Leopold (Atarster): It seems that my health has been restored.

Leopold (A21): Excellent, and let's finish this Mr. Bullshit!

Leopold (Atarster): *Performs Demonic Rampage on Arthur.exe*


Leopold (Atarster): Finish him, NOW!!

Leopold (A21): *Charges his energy* *Running towards Arthur.exe* EAT THIS!! *Hits Arthur.exe with his powerful "Final Blow"*


Leopold (Atarster): See you, sucker!

Leopold (A21): Let's find the others.

Leopold (Atarster): Yeah.

*Both Leopold (A21) and Leopold (Atarster) return back to Multiverse Battlefield, Zone 2*

Part 16: Multiverse Alliance Reunites Again


Cue: Sonic Forces-Fist Bump (Double Boost ver.)

Spencer: Valkyria proved me wrong about the "Multiverse Alliance". He said that "Multiverse Alliance" has been disbanded.

Tanner: Hmm, what are you talking about? Your team has been disbanded permanently.

Spencer: You're wrong, Tanner. The team that has been disbanded permanently is yours!!

Tanner: My team!!

Spencer: Yes, Leopold told to me and my allies that "Multiverse Alliance" never gives up and Valkyria lies about my team!!

Tanner: What a nonsense

Prohyas: *Notices Spencer's speech with Vambre* *Stands up*

Vambre: *Stands up* Excellent speech.

Prohyas: Hey, how about getting rid that fucking scary lion first? Then, we'll go to find another enemies around the "Multiverse Battlefield"?

Vambre: Sure, brother. *Rushes at Tanner* *Strikes Tanner with her Magisword*

Prohyas: Your insults are priceless, Tanner!!

Spencer: Prohyas!! Vambre!!

Prohyas: *Thumbs up*

Spencer: *Thumbs up*

Prohyas: Keep going to find an enemy, Spencer.

Spencer: *Stands up* Sure, Prohyas.

Prohyas and Vambre: *Runs around*

Cue: Kingdom Hearts 3-Roxas/Saïx's Battle Theme

Spencer: *Runs around* Where are you, Paradox fucker!?

Paradox: Oh, someone calls me.

Spencer: *Stops from running* Your enemy is in front of you!!

Paradox: *Flies towards Spencer's area*

Spencer: Heal! *Heals himself with "Полное Восстановление, Polnoye Vosstanovleniye (Russian: Full Restoration)" Seal*

Paradox: Eat this!! *Summons his ice shards on Spencer*

Spencer: *Destroys Paradox's Ice Shards with "быстрые Удары Молнии, Bystryye Udary Molnii, (Russian: Quick Thunderbolts)" Seal* *Runs around*

Paradox: What the fuck with the cyrillic alphabets!?

Spencer: *Strikes Paradox from behind with his Keyboard Master* Gotcha! Paradox fucker! *Steps into the ground* Are you talking about the cyrillic alphabets? You must be shocked about that. The alphabets are from Russian Language and now, prepare to be finished, Paradox! *Seals Paradox with "Реальность, Real'nost' (Russian: Reality)" Seal*

Alvaro: *Notices Spencer with Victoria*

Victoria: Good job, Spencer.

Alvaro: Can we help you to finish Paradox together?

Spencer: Sure.

Alvaro: *Seals Paradox with "Реалност, Realnost (Bulgarian: Reality)" Seal*

Victoria: *Seals Paradox with "Движение, Dvizhenie (Bulgarian: Movement)" Seal* Now, you can't move until we finish you out.

Paradox: This is prison to me!!

Spencer: Your insults are priceless to us!

Victoria: That's a reminder for you.

Spencer: By the way, Victoria. This is the good news for our allies.

Victoria: Vanessa and Alisa will return to their normal state.

Alvaro: Other than that, Leopold Slikk clones that were turned into BND of Doom by Paradox, return to normal too.

Victoria: Anything about the reality that has been written by Paradox returned to normal.

Vanessa: Alisa, what happened to us?

Alisa: Look at that, Vanessa. *Points at Spencer, Victoria and Alvaro*

Vanessa: Spencer, Victoria and Alvaro successfully seal Paradox's Reality Overwrite ability.

Alisa: Now, it's our turn to call our allies to defeat Paradox.

Vanessa: Yeah, let's go.

Kaeru (A21): Hell 2 U, Tanner the Lion.

Jack: Yeah, don't ever come back again!

Vanessa: Jack, Ronald, Kaeru.

Jack: Vanessa!

Vanessa: Let's help Spencer, Victoria and Alvaro.

Kaeru (A21): We'll do it, Van.

*Jack, Ronald and Kaeru (A21) are arrive at Spencer, Victoria and Alvaro's area*

Jack: We'll help you, guys.

Spencer: Yeah, do it right now, Jack! We don't have time to seal Paradox's Reality Overwrite ability before he'll return again.

Kaeru: Fire!! *Fires various disks into Paradox*

Jack: *Fires 6 Bullets on Paradox*

Ronald: *Does the same as Jack*

Alisa: Trash Golem, let's finish Paradox! *Her Trash Golem uses Energy Balls*

Paradox: Argh! What's this?

Spencer: It's the power of alliance!

Victoria: Our powers are combined into 1.

Alvaro: Go to hell and see satan, Paradox!

Paradox: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! *Explodes*

Spencer: *Pant*

Victoria: Our fight with Paradox is finally ended.

*Music stops*

Vanessa: Yeah, before we'll go into other members to fight. We need to heal our allies.

Victoria: Let's go.

*Spencer and his friends see Serena, Sakura and Yuune's serious injuries*

Spencer: Wow, who made them like this?

Vanessa: It was our fault.

Alisa: Paradox made us fight these ladies instead of him by using his "Reality Overwrite".

Victoria: I'm going to heal them.

Alvaro: I'll join with you, Vick.

Spencer: After you healed them, bring them to the hospital while I help other allies to win the fight.

Victoria: Got it.

Alvaro: *Opens the Portal using Portal Seal*

*Vanessa and her friends enter to the portal that leads to the hospital*

Victoria: Don't give up, Spencer!

Spencer: *Thumbs up*

*At Hospital*

Cue: Kingdom Hearts 2-Missing You~HD 2.5 ver.~

Victoria: Are you alright, ladies?

Alexis: I feel so bad for these ladies because they're my friends as well.

Yuune: *Screams* SERENA-CHAN! TASUKETE!! (SERENA-CHAN! HELP ME!!) I'M GONNA--*snaps out* What happened? Where am I?

Victoria: You are in the hospital, along with Serena and Sakura.

Yuune: But, what about our wounds?

Alvaro: They're no longer.

Sakura: *Screams* SERENA!!!

Serena: *Screams* YUUNE!! SAKURA!!

Vanessa: Serena...Sakura...Yuune? Are you okay?

Yuune: Yeah...

Alisa: Please listen to us... We're so sorry for hurting you was all Paradox's fault.

Vanessa: He used Reality Overwrite on us just so we could kill you.

Alisa: If Victoria and Alvaro didn't knock the Reality Overwrite out of us, you would've gotten killed.

Alexis: (in tears) Yeah...if you three have died...I would've never gotten to see you again...I wish I was there to save you, but unfortunately...*Sniff*...I couldn't come because I was busy fighting someone else...

Victoria: I feel you, Alexis...

Yuune: Watashi mo... (Me too...) Kizumi-chan, you seem to be feeling the same way Serena felt when Alisa knocked me and Sakura out in 1 smash with her Trash Golem.

Alexis: You're right, Yuune...where's Alex?

Victoria: You mean the Dark Weapon...Alexander Catalyst?

Alexis: No, not that know who I'm talking about...

Serena: Sebastian Alexander Taito? He'll be here soon.

Sakura: He said he needed to talk to Fabrice and Adrenaline21.

Alexis: (sad tone): know...I care so much about you girls that I don't wanna be alone without you...

Yuune: Watashi demonai... (Me neither...)

Vanessa: Alexis really cares about Yuune, Serena, and Sakura that much.

Alisa: I think so, she really must've missed them a lot.

Alexis (sad tone): Dear God, today has been by far the hardest day of my life...(in tears) our universes got merged by Valkyria...*Sniff*...Paradox brainwashed two ladies who have harmed three of my friends...and my injured friends were hospitalized...please heal my friends...and make tonight better...(tears start running down face)...thank you for the food we eat...the water we drink...the shelter we live in...and the friends and family we have...please heal the sick...feed the poor...forgive our us learn from our mistakes...*Sniff*...and protect us at all times...(tearfully): ...thank you...*Sobs*

Victoria: Beautiful prayers...

Vanessa: You're right, today was the hardest day...

Alisa: I can't imagine something much worse than this.

Alexis: I know..*sniff*...YUUNE! (hugs Yuune) *crying*

Yuune: I know, I know how it feels...

Vanessa: We're sorry Serena! (hugs Serena)

Alisa: We're so sorry Sakura! (hugs Sakura)

Alvaro: What about Valkyria? We need to stop him and bring the universes back to normal.

Victoria: Now that you mention it. We must stop Valkyria as soon as possible before other universes are affected.

Meanwhile With Leopold, Sebastian, Fabrice, and Adrenaline21

Cue: Kingdom Hearts 3-Terra-Xehanort's Theme

Nova: Well, well. Who's back?

Togsy: Togsy.

Nova: You again, Togsy!!

Togsy: Yeah, you knew me when I was hunting him for my revenge but I'm now part of the "Multiverse Alliance" to stop your brother's plan.

Hitler: Leopold helped the other allies to fight against some of Team Valkyria members while we're at another section of Multiverse Battlefield.

Togsy: So, prepare to die, Nova!! *Gets damage from Raynare's blow* Tch!

Raynare: Did you forget me, freak?

Togsy: Stop calling me like that!

Hitler: Togsy.

Togsy: Yeah, Mr. Führer. Let's fight these 2 ladies out of us!

Hitler: Ready, Togsy!

Togsy: Ready! *Transforms into BND of Doom*

Raynare: *Blows Togsy by using her hand*

Nova: *Aids Raynare with his "Wing Shot"*

Hitler: *Uses Gattling Shot on both Nova and Raynare* Eat this!! No one can kill the 3rd Reich Führer's clone!!

Togsy: *Throws his "Death Axe" on Nova*

Nova: *Reflects with his Sword* *Togsy's "Death Axe" returns to the owner*

Togsy: *Teleports*

*Togsy's "Death Axe" disappears*

Togsy: *Transforms into BND of Doom Mutant*


Puccinort: MADE IN HEAVEN!!

Leopold (A21): Puccinort's Stand is kinda fucking dangerous to us.

Part 17: Let's End This Multiverse War Part 1

Part 18: Let's End This Multiverse War Part 2


Part 19: Ending

Valkyria: Stop... It... Leopold... Slikk...

Alvaro: Leopold, Valkyria told you to stop killing him.

Leopold (A21): Oww, fuck.

Cue: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency-Never Be Mine

Alvaro: *Runs into Valkyria* Oh, dear, Valkyria. Please, tell me anything you've got.

Valkyria: Alvaro... I'm... so... sorry... for betraying... you... with my brother... Nova... Would you... apologize... me?

Alvaro: Yeah, I apologize you, Valkyria because I was a member of "Multiverse Alliance", I had to fight against your team.

Victoria: We were trying to stop your team's actions from causing destruction.

Yune: Victoria's right, Valkyria.

Leopold (A21): If you don't have your apology against your creator, I'll destroy you into little pieces.

Adrenaline21: I want my peaceful life at home and school back again. I don't have my time to solve any new threats like your multiverse war. Your idea is a total mess, Valkyria!

Valkyria: Before... you want me... to do something, Could... you... tell me... about... the story...

Spencer: Yeah, We tell you a story, shit-bot.

Victoria: When my dad was 30 years old, he was having hard time to create you and Nova from his own gifts.

Alvaro: My gifts were pieces of plastic to build my own robot, originated from my blueprints that were drawn skilllfully by me.

Zangetsu: The tool that made you and Nova bigger as my size was 1 of Alvaro's inventions, his "Size-Modificator 2000".

Alex: You and Nova had been launched into the outer space after Alvaro's marriage.

Spencer: The thing that made you and Nova betrayed Alvaro was some mysterious powers hidden around the outer space.

Leopold (A21): Nova gained his powers to open or close the portal, making his own place, manipulating people and the transformation.

Alvaro: Valkyria had the same abilities as Nova but he gained the universe manipulation and watching his targets' activities.

Spencer: We're done to tell you the story here.

Sebastian: Valkyria, turn back this multiverse into the different universes.

Alexis: Our different universes are unique.

Valkyria: Everyone... is... this... what... you... wanted... for?

Leopold (YS2016): Yeah! Do it!

Valkyria: *Uses Multiverse Split*

*All of the parts from various universes that conjoined into a colossal multiverse have been returned into normal*

Valkyria: *BZZ SFX*


Cue: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep-Destiny's Union

Leopold (A21): Before we'll back to our own universe, let's have fun!

Johnny, Jack, Adrenaline21, Ronald, Spencer and Kaeru: YEAH!!


Adrenaline21: *Cries* I miss you, Fabrice.

Fabrice: I miss you, too, Al.

Adrenaline21: I would like to thank to you, Fab.

Fabrice: What things that you could thank to me?

Adrenaline21: Fighting Exetior Slikk, Leopold's demon from an alternate timeline as you said to me and the helpful books that you brought to me.

Fabrice: Oh, those are the words that you could thank to me. I got it.

Adrenaline21: Yeah.

Fabrice: Al, I need to go back to our universe.

Adrenaline21: Be careful, Fab.

Fabrice: Ah.

Leopold (YS2016): Phew, that was fun for a day.

Leopold (A21): Yup, anything else before you'll go to bid farewell to us.

Leopold (YS2016): Nothing, and I'll go back to my universe again, another me.

Leopold (A21): Be careful, my clone.

Johnny: Goodbye, my dream trolls.

Jake (YS2016): Hey, stop calling us like that!

Johnny: Heh, Jake Randolfs are my dream trolls that I've always dreamed.

Jake (YS2016): Stop calling my name "dream troll"!

Johnny: Hahahah.

Harold (A21): Goodbye, lazy fat-ass officer.

Harold (JM-Modern): STOP CALLING ME "FAT-ASS"!

Narrator: After the "Multiverse Alliance" members from different universes interacted each other for their last moments, they'll go back to their own universes to enjoy their peace while the members from Adrenaline21's AGK Universe are stay in this universe.


Cue: Sonic Forces-New Journeys


The End