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Angry Sulu Kid's Life as a Teacher is the script for episode 93 of GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series written by GeneBernardinoLawl and Adrenaline21, AGKandRockman2001, created by GeneBernardinoLawl. This episode is inspired by the Mighty Magiswords episode "School's In, Oh Bummer!"


  • Leopold Slikk
  • Jake Randolf
  • Angry Sulu Kid / Kervin Neinatterson
  • 40T10 (voiced by himself)
  • Fabrice Laroche (voiced by himself)
  • Vambre Warrior
  • Prohyas Warrior (voiced by AGKandRockman2001)
  • Narrator (voiced by Adrenaline21)
  • Barry (We Bare Bears) (voiced by Adrenaline21)
  • and more...

Entire script

GeneBernardinoLawl/IcyAGKMaker2001 Productions

Warning: Contains mature themes or moderate to intense violence, which may be deemed unfit for children to watch without strong and vigilant parental supervision to children.

Parallel Universe warning

The Angry German Kid Show intro

Title Card

Part 1 - What happened to Tailsko?

Narrator: On the previous episode of The Angry German Kid Show, Tailsko met her death after trying to fight against William Afton and his Twisted Animatronics. This made Leopold, Fabrice, Hoppus and Gene depressed since they were her best friends. But while they were mourning her death at the park, she somehow reappeared which cheered up Leopold. But to Fabrice, something isn't right.

Sonic.exe: The Spirits of Hell - Start Menu

40T10: What do you mean that's not Tailsko?

Fabrice: ...

40T10: Hey, I asked a question! F-Fabrice?

Fabrice: That's.. not Tailsko.

40T10: Fabrice, you need to get some help. Something is not right with you. Do you want me to call an ambulance?

Fabrice: NO!

40T10: Ok, sorry! Just calm down! What do you want me to do then?

Leopold: *squeezing Tailsko* Tailsko! They all thought you were dead!

Jake: Leopold, maybe we should give her some space. She's been through a lot, right? I mean, we all did.

Tailsko?: No, it's okay. I appreciate the welcome.

Fabrice: (That's not Tailsko. That can not be my childhood friend.)

Leopold: Rocky, I know. That's not our Tailsko; she's- she's perfect. Not a single wound, not a single spring lock wound.

Fabrice: You don't see the true light, man.

Prohyas: So, Tailsko rises from the dead!

Everyone (except Fabrice): *laugh at Prohyas's joke*

Vambre: Aren't you guys going to kiss and make up? Fabrice, you assumed the poor girl was dead for heaven's sake!

Fabrice: You don't understand, Vambre...

Vambre: At least, you could've said something to her. The both of you actually, neither of you have spoken a word directly to her since she arrived. ... What's wrong with you, man?

Hoppus: I believe he's stoic.

Prohyas & Vambre: Stoic?

Hoppus: Oh dear god.

Prohyas: Stoic... A person who accepts what happens without showing emotion.

Vambre: He keeps all his sadness boarded up inside! Poor thing!

40T10: Vambre, you could at least show some sympathy. You don't understand the shock that I and Fabric are in right now... We appreciate having Tailsko back, but--

Vambre: You don't appreciate any of us!

Everyone: ...

40T10: Let's get out of here.

Everyone (except Vambre): *leave the restaurant*

Waiter: I'm sorry madam, but I'll have to ask you to leave.

Vambre: *leaves*

(at Fabrice's house) Leopold: I don't get it, Fab. Why do you think it's not Tailsko?

Fabrice: It's just... I'm happy that she somehow came back. Especially after we've been through.

40T10: Yeah... I won't lie.

  • Flashbacks of Episodes 91 & 92*

Fabrice: But her reappearance is rather...suspicious.

Hoppus: What do you mean?

Fabrice: Either she has been reincarnated... Or Afton has something to do with that.

Leopold: Are you serious?!

Fabrice: What happened yesterday was real. What happened at the Afton Robotics warehouse was also real. If we want to investigate who this imposer Tailsko is, then we'll need to go to Kervin.

Part 2 - The deal

2 days later...

Kervin: *sitting at the table*

Fabrice: Hey there, Kervin.

Kervin: Oh hi, Fabrice.

Fabrice: What's up with you?

Kervin: Oh nothing much. How about you?

Fabrice: Same here.

Kervin: There's something I don't understand. Why do we have to go to school? What's our goal?

Fabrice: It's important because with the various subjects you learn at school, you can think of a job you want to do in the future.

Kervin: The teachers suck balls! They always give you homework and tests! And Mr. Baldi is is worst teacher in history! He enjoys spanking kids' asses with his ruler!

Fabrice: I wouldn't say that if I were you, because I'll become an English teacher in a few years.

Kervin: For real?!

Fabrice: Yep. Not to mention that I speak English very well.

Kervin: Good luck for your studies, Fab.

Fabrice: Thanks, man. But hey, what if you become a teacher?

Kervin: Are you crazy?!

Fabrice: Chill out, dude!

Kervin: How is a little child like me supposed to become a teacher?! You're insane, bro!

Fabrice: I'm sure you liked to play the teacher with your toys, so why not doing it with real people?

Kervin: In your dreams!

Fabrice: Are you sure? Because you're a mad scientist who does crazy experiments in his lab. I mean, remember what you did to me?

Kervin: !

  • flashbacks of Episodes 40, 41, 58 & 62*

Fabrice: Look, I forgive for what you did in the past, but I believ you have a lot of knowledge in science. So why not sharing your knowledge to other kids like you?

Kervin: ... I guess I can.

Fabrice: Good. But I'll have to train you. How about you come to my house tommorow?

Kervin: Sure thing.

Part 3 - First day on the job

The next week...


Kervin: Hey! No chit-chat in my class! Simply awful!

More will be written soon...

Part ? - The Final Showdown


Barry: Oops! *drop the potion that make everything bigger* I think I just dropped something. Oh well. See you around.

Monkey: *transform into King Kong*

Kervin: You guys are so fucking lame.


Hoppus: You fool!


Hoppus: You made fun of Leopold, Jake and Fabrice, just like I did to the warrior siblings.

Prohyas & Vambre: HEY!

More will be written soon...

Part ? - The results

Fabrice: *sitting at a table* Hey there, Kervin. How did it turn out?

Kervin: It was horrible! Superintendent Barry came in and tried to summon King Kong so he could destroy the school and blame me for it!

Fabrice: Oh yeah, I saw that. Freaking idiot.

Kervin: I'm sure you'll become a better teacher than me.

Fabrice: I certainly don't doubt about it. I may see you in my class. Just maybe, I don't know. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I used humanoids to be the pupils.

Kervin: Oh, I see. Hey Fab.

Fabrice: Yes, Kervin?

Kervin: Have you received any news from Tailsko? Your girlfriend didn't send me messages for quite a while.

Fabrice: *laughing*

Kervin: What's so funny?

Fabrice: Well, she wasn't my girlfriend. She was Leopold's girlfriend.

Kervin: Was?

Fabrice: Well, she died recently because of William Afton.

Kervin: Are you freaking serious?!

Fabrice: Yes, I am serious. She later "miraculously" reappeared.

Kervin: You should be happy she came back from the dead.

Fabrice: Yeah... But I believed Afton created a look-alike clone of her sent to kill her own friends.

Kervin: That's sick!

Fabrice: I was thinking if you could help me figure it out what that imposter actually is.

Kervin: I guess I can help you.

Fabrice: Thanks a lot, my man.

Kervin & Fabrice: *shake hands*