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Sean Turner (Also known as Angry English Kid) is a character in PrinceStickFigure's AGK series. He is Jade Hopper's misbehaved and abusive stepbrother who causes plenty of trouble. He looks a lot like Shawn Thompson from AGKandRockman2001's AGK series, Sean Slikk from GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series, Stefan Slikk from Silver Panther 2000's AGK Series, Spencer Grave from Adrenaline21's AGK Series. and Samuel Slikk from YumaSonic2016's AGK series.


Sean Turner was born with an unknown voice disorder that his mom or dad couldn't understand. They got a divorce when he was 3 years old. A month later, Lisa (His mom) started dating David Hopper, who had a daughter himself named Jade, as they too were looking for someone to help them after a tragic event in their family. Lisa and Sean agreed to live with them and David became his stepdad, while Jade became his stepsister. Sean and Jade shared a room together, however, Sean didn't like Jade very well. In fact, they hated each other a few day after they met because Jade couldn't sleep from his shenanigans. They moved to a home where they had 2 separate bedrooms to avoid conflicts. After starting high school. Sean was very misbehaved and got expelled from 5 different schools. After being disrespectful and spamming his teacher's computer with hentai, he was expelled for a 6th time and was moved to the same school that Jade, along with her boyfriend Steve the Cat. as well as Leopold, Ronald, Jake, Kaeru,and Stephen go to. He was enemies with Leopold at first, but they later became friends. Sean loves to play Counter Strike on his computer and watch YouTube videos. He is always angry at many things, such as getting grounded, slow technology, and many other things. He lives with his mom Lisa Turner, his stepdad David Hopper and his stepsister Jade Hopper.


Sean's voice can be heard in episode 4 of PSF's rebooted series, as he asks David to get him some food, but he refuses and hangs up on him.

He didn't make a full appearance in the series until episode 6 of the series. Where he sends Leopold 2 girls 1 cup, but Leopold gets him back with a John Cena prank that plays so loudly in class, he gets sent to the principal's office. After getting suspended on the first day at the new school, he goes to fight Leopold at his house. He loses, but they decide to become friends.

He also makes a small appearance in episode 9 of the series.


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