1. REDIRECT Template:ParodistSheepy King is a Spanish AGK Maker since March 24, 2013.



# Title Watch
1 AGK Calls the Wrong Assasin
2 AGK Discovers the R34 and the Brony Fandom
3 AGK Visits The Oni Mansion and Minecraft
4 AGK Gets Attacked at the National Music Day
5 AGK Punches His Doggy Plushie
6 Deleted Episode
7 AGK Gets Bothered by His Cat
8 AGK Arrives Late at School
9 AGK's Evil Clone (Part 1)
10 AGK Remember his Vacations
11 AGK and his Strange Weekend
12 AGK Complains about Unreal Tournament 2004's Rating
13 AGK and Friends - Halloween 2013 Episode
14 AGK's Evil Clone (Part 2)
15 AGK Crazily Searchs Hentai
16 AGK Goes to Spain
17 AGK Gets A Joke Call
18 AGK Plays Sally.exe and Shits on Himself
19 AGK Watches Smile HD
20 AGK Goes to The Aquarium
21 AGK Watches Random Videos
22 AGK And BEN's Basement
23 AGK Plays Yoshi.exe and Pisses His Pants
24 AGK Plays Insaniquarium and Other Surprises
25 AGK Attacks Cristiano R. and Plays FIFA 15
26 AGK And Mario Carvajal's Attack (Part 1)
27 AGK And Mario Carvajal's Attack (Part 2)
28 Deleted Episode
29 AGK Finds a Girlfriend and Plays CS GO
30 AGK and Hitler Play Wii Sports


  • FNaF (only the first one)
  • Undertale
  • Being nice with people


  • When his arch-enemy "Ismael" uses multiple accounts to dislike his videos.

Other Facts

  • He made a game called "Five Nights at Sheepy's" and one of the antagonists was AGKandvideomaker2000.
  • AGKandvideomaker2000 was also planned to appear on the sequel, but the idea was scrapped due to the already big number of enemies in the game and time restrictions.
  • Even though he thinks that his first game was really shitty, he's proud that some Youtubers played it.
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