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Silver Panther 2000 is an AGK parodist who is making AGK videos since November 2017. So far he has four episodes and plans to make more in the future. Aside from his AGK career, he is also the Founder of the Silver Panther 2000 Wiki.

His mysterious hiatus on the AGK series

After releasing his fourth AGK episode of his AGK Series, Silver Panther 2000 stopped making AGK parodies for since February 3rd, 2018, he did however make ADK parodies and AFK parodies, but they don't count.

The change that will restart his series

Recently, Silver Panther 2000 released a video talking about his plans and changes for his AGK series, he says he wants to restart the series because of how much of a "mess" it was. He also revealed that his ADK and AFK parodies are cannon to his original series, and he improved on his video editing and grammar.


Note: The numbers are the episodes that the character debuts in.

Leopold's family

Jake's family

  • Jacob "Jake" Randolf - Leopold's best friend. (1)
  • Danny Randolf - Jake's youngest brother and Leonard's best friend.
  • Jimmy Randolf - Jake's younger brother and Mark's best friend.
  • Emily Randolf - Jake's older sister and Nora's best friend.
  • Randy Randolf - Jake's father and Harold's best friend.
  • Elizabeth Randolf - Jake's mother and Mary's best friend.

The Ramirez family

  • Ronald Pablo Ramirez - Leopold's Dominican friend. (1)
  • Rodney Ramirez - Ronald's younger brother and Leonard's Dominican friend. (2)
  • Ronidas Ramirez - Ronald's older brother and Leonidas' Dominican friend.
  • Ronirich Ramirez - Ronald's youngest brother and Leorich's Dominican friend.
  • Donald "Don" Ramirez - Ronald's father and Harold's Dominican friend. (2)

The Otoko family

  • Kaeru Arata Otoko - Leopold's Japanese friend. (1)
  • Raesu Otoko - Kaeru's younger brother and Leonard's Japanese friend. (2)
  • Haru Otoko Kaeru's older brother and Leonidas' Japanese friend.
  • Aguri Otoko - Kaeru's father and Harold's Japanese friend. (2)
  • Akako Otoko Kaeru's mother and Mary's Japanese friend.

The Larson family

  • Sam Larson The main Deuteragonist and Jake's Friend.
  • Jamie Larson Sam's older sister.
  • Todd Larson Sam's Father.
  • Samantha Larson Sam's mother.

The Bernardino family

  • Gene Bernardino - a purple plumber who is friends with Leopold and has his own YouTube channel. (2)
  • Stan Bernardino Gene's Father.
  • Margaret Bernardino Gene's mother.
  • Rick Bernardino Gene's Grandfather.

The Laroche family

  • Fabrice Laroche A upcoming AGK Parodist who is friends with Kyle and Gene.
  • Damian Laroche Fabrice's cousin.

The France family

  • Dimitri France Leopold's Online enemy.
  • Denis France Dimitri's Younger brother.
  • Yannis France Dimitri's youngest brother.
  • Davy France Dimitri's Father.

The Riegel squad

  • Noah Riegel - The leader of the group. (2)
  • Ratchet - The engineer of the group. (2)
  • Dante - The most skilled of the group.(2)
  • Lara Croft The Scout of the group.
  • Rocko

The Lightning Skull

  • Kyle (2) The main secondary Deuteragonist, leader of his squad, and Leopold's Canadian friend.
  • Katherine Kyle's younger sister.
  • Nikolas Hiroshi Kyle's best friend.
  • Jane the Gardevoir (2) Kyle's companion.
  • Pepsiman (2) Kyle friend.
  • Ryu Hayabusa A Ninja from Ninja Gaiden.
  • Joe Musashi A Ninja from Sega's Shinobi.
  • Rex Kyle's Ninja friend.
  • Kenji Anjin A Samurai.
  • Terry McGinnis a superhero from Batman Beyond.
  • T-600 a Terminator sent from the future.
  • Haunter a Ghost-type Pokemon.
  • Dremora Lord a summoned Daedra.
  • Simon Belmont A Vampire Hunter from Castlevania.
  • Borya A Half-Giant.
  • Zina A Fox Healer.
  • Sally A Birdwoman.
  • Colin A Birdman, and Sally's younger brother.
  • Wesley A Centaur Paladin.
  • Iris Wesley's younger Sister.
  • Jenna A Centaur Knight.
  • Murray Another Centaur Paladin.
  • Tucker Another Centaur Knight.
  • Lance A Centaur Paladin that knows Magic.
  • Adam A Human Knight.
  • Timmy Vance
  • Rhinoceros An Insect Assassin.
  • Hydra An Reptilian Gladiator.

The Kabat family

  • Adrian Kabat the Angry Polish kid in the series.
  • Marek Kabat Adrian's Older brother.
  • Olaf Kabat Adrian's dad.

The Rogers family

  • Sim Rogers (1) a annoying simlish kid.
  • Dave Rogers Sim's father.

The Fokin family

  • Sasha Fokin A Crazy Russian kid.
  • Igor Fokin Sasha's younger brother.
  • Misha the Heavy weapons guy Sasha's father.
  • Diana Fokin Sasha's mother.

The Nazis

  • Adolf Hitler The leader of the nazis.
  • Hermann Fegelein an antic guy who always tricks Hitler.
  • LeVar Brown Adolf Hitler's Right-handman.
  • Inglorious Hitler Adolf Hitler's brother from the movie, Inglorious Bastards (2009).
  • Hans Krebs a fish loving, map pervert.
  • Alfred Jodl a bald objector who objects any plan Hitler makes.
  • Wilhelm Burgdorf A extremely fast talking ranter.
  • Joseph Goebbels A skeletor look-alike.
  • Otto Gunsche an informer that informs everything to Hitler, even the most useless stuff.
  • Heinrich Himmler Fegalein's mentor and friend.
  • Other nazis.

The Demon kingdom

  • Mephiles the Dark Main antagonist and king of the Demon Kingdom.
  • Sonic.exe Mephiles' brother.
  • Silver.exe Mephiles' older brother.
  • Arthur.exe Mephiles' cousin.
  • Knightmare Mephiles' bodyguard.
  • Frightmare Mephiles' 2nd bodyguard.
  • Scarface Mephiles' servant.
  • RED Mephiles' Demonic pet.
  • Kane A Mage that works for Mephiles. 

Planned Characters

Upcoming characters

Voice portrayals Silver Panther 2000 has done


  • Kyle


  • Noah Riegel (in episode 9 of Silver Panther 2000's AGK Series)
  • Danel Sanders A.K.A School shooter#2 (In episode 10 of Silver Panther 2000's AGK Series)
  • Mephiles the Dark (in Silver Panther 2000's AGK Series)
  • Sonic.exe A.K.A Exetior (in Silver Panther 2000's AGK Series and AGKandRockman2001's Upcoming AGK Series)
  • Arthur.exe (in Silver Panther 2000's AGK Series)
  • Silver.exe (in Silver Panther 2000's AGK Series)
  • Mr. Chesthairr (in Silver Panther 2000's AGK Series)
  • Michael Myers' inner-Voices (in Silver Panther 2000's AGK Series)
  • Knightmare (in The Kyle Misadventures and Silver Panther 2000's AGK Series)
  • Brad Pounds (in The Kyle Misadventures and Silver Panther 2000's AGK Series)
  • Alexander Woods

Watch Episodes

# Episodes Plot Watch
1 AGK, AJK, ADK and Jake are playing Dead by Daylight Leopold plays Dead by Daylight with his friends, Kaeru, Ronald and Jake. Will they make it out alive?
2 Agk meets his new neighbor Leopold and friends meet a new kid named Kyle. Will Leopold and Kyle be friends, or a enemmy of Leopold Slikk? Find out in this episode of The Angry German Kid Adventures
3 AGK Vs. SpammingMonkey

Part 1/2

After meeting Kyle for the first time, Leopold decides to go on YouTube and watch some videos. But, he meets again with sim, who sends him a link to a troll named "Spaammingmonkey." Will Leopold deal with him, or will he suffer from annoyance.
4 AGK Vs. SpammingMonkey

Part 2/2

Leopold goes to Spamland to fight SpammingMonkey, after he made videos on AVGN, Marvel, ETC. Will Leopold Andres Slikk Survive and defeat SpammingMonkey, or will he fail and die? Find out in this episode of The AGK Adventures (this is also the secend episode that does not have a opening, and the first episode to have a RPG battle test)
5 AGK's Grandfather
6 AGK Vs his Grandfather
7 AGK meets the Newcomers in his school

Angry English Kid Show Episodes

Title Plot Link to Episode
1 AEK plays Slender: The Arrival Stefan wants to play a video game on his computer, then he finds out he still has Slender: The Arrival, so he decides to play it
2 AEK gets lost in Atarster's AGK Universe part 1

Stefan goes to Sam's place to spend the night, but he ends up getting pushed into a time portal by Exetior. Stefan ends up lost inside Atarster's AGK universe.

No link yet.
AEK gets lost in Atarster's AGK Universe part 2 To be announced. No link yet.


Personal Facts

  • His first name is Kyle, but he never revealed his last name.
  • He has autism.
  • He's also Polish.

What Silver Panther Likes

  • YouTube. (ever since 2007, even though he joined in 2016)
  • Godzilla. (since 2016 til 2018)
  • Dinosaurs.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog.(Silver Panther loves Sonic the Hedgehog, which is how he got Silver Panther from)
  • Pokemon.
  • Team Fortress 2. (one of his favorite games.)
  • Anime (sometimes)
  • Doki Doki Literature Club (he admited it was one of his favourite games and the first visual novel he played)
  • Garry's Mod (he plans on using it to make animated videos)
  • Mortal Kombat franchise (it's his favourite fighting game series)
  • Soul Calibur franchise
  • Music (obviously)
  • Horror Movies.
  • Other AGK parodists (like Adrenaline21, GeneBernardinoLawl, Atarster, AGK&Videomaker2000, etc.)
  • The Elder Scrolls Franchise.
  • Killing noobs in TF2 (if they annoy him)
  • Horror Games
  • Sharks.
  • His fans.
  • Some cartoons (Cartoons such as Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Batman: The Animated Series, etc.)
  • Action movies.
  • Lego.
  • Creating AGK parodies.
  • Creating new characters
  • The Grand Theft Auto games (not as much as Icepenguins101)
  • Slendytubbies (sometimes)
  • When he is requested AGK, ADK, AJK, AEK or AFK Parodies/episodes that don't involve versus or killing.
  • Creating things out of paper (mostly masks)
  • Horror stories (simular to Creepypastas)

What Silver Panther Hates

  • FNAF (Not as much as he used to)
  • Cansin13 (Silver Panther hates Cansin13 after his childish posts on DeviantArt)
  • Bendy and the Ink Machine (Not as much as he used to)
  • Drugs.
  • Bullies (He hates getting bullied)
  • Being rick-rolled
  • Justin Bieber (he hates him because of his terrible "baby" music)
  • Zilla fans (He hates them because they spammed hate comments on his channel)
  • The Emoji Movie (as opposite to Adrenaline21)
  • Getting insulted for having autism
  • .exe Creepypastas (He hates .exe Creepypastas because they're getting too cheesy)
  • The Damn Daniel meme
  • GoAnimate videos (that's because of people making grounded videos with GoAnimate, he also wishes the site will be shut down forever)
  • Being called a fruitloop (by some of his haters, SP20000 eventually got used to it)
  • School (Adrenaline21 is neutral to school)
  • Barney the Purple Dinosaur (He says "The biggest disgrace for being called a dinosaur.")
  • Cailou (since childhood)
  • Dora the Explorer (since childhood, much like of Adrenaline21 and Atarster)
  • Michael Bay movies (TOO MANY EXPLOSIONS! Maybe 2007 ver. Transformers as the example)
  • Jake Paul
  • Cash Me Outside meme
  • Darude-Sandstorm
  • Logan Paul (because of filming a dead body)
  • Bad AGK Parodiests (Such as FallenAGKvideos, Brian Chiem, Etc)
  • When he is requested to do AGK, ADK, AJK, AEK or AFK Parodies/episodes that involve versus and killing. (for example he is requested to do AGK kills Roland Emmerich, AJK kills Roland Emmerich, AGK kills Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un, AGK vs Ajit Pai, Etc)
  • The Baby Shark song.
  • Haris18 (just like everyone else on the Wiki)


  • Silver Panther 2000 was not his first username, his first username is "silver_panther1000" then later it was "kaijusaurus," and it's currently Silver Panther 2000
  • His name came from Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog, Marvel's Black Panther and Godzilla 2000.
  • for some odd reason, Silver Panther 2000's mom likes, and prefers Go!Animate grounded videos than the Angry German Kid meme itself.
  • Most of the sprites are created with Sketch Club, and Magic Background Eraser, now he currently uses Scratch, Photoshop SC6, and
  • He is the 6th Canadian AGK parodist, the other Canadian AGK parodists are PrinceStickFigure, Tanzim K, DrLuigiGamer2001, StrongProblems (former parodist), and RadioactiveChicken 2000.
  • His favourite episode he made is episode 1, he likes this one because it took him 2 days to make.
  • His least favourite episode is episode 2, he hates it because of how cringeworthy it was.
  • He Re-Uploaded/Reconstructed Angry French Kid.
  • He is actually smart for someone who's autistic.
  • Kyle will admit that his old videos are, and will be cringeworthy. He will not delete them, because the view count is still going on his old videos.
  • If Kyle is going to add characters that he doesn't own, he will ask them if he can add them (For example, he asked GeneBernardinoLawl if he can add his OC in SP2000's series.)
  • Kyle is the 2nd AGK parodist to be a kaiju fan, the first is RCT3Crashes100, recently he has been losing interest in Godzilla.
  • He got a copyright claim, on a video he made that does not have any copyright, this was either misleading, or a copyright bot.
  • Kyle's end credits (From episode 2 to 3) are similar to Adrenaline21's End credits.
  • Kyle's signature color is blue.
  • Kyle shares the same birthday as Cansin13
  • Kyle used to hate AGK in April 2014, he was later neutral to AGK in 2016, then he became a fan and Parodist himself in November 2017.

Comparisons to other AGK Parodist

SP2000 Atarster AGK82 PSF GBL
Late 2017 Parodist Late 2014 Parodist Late 2009 Parodist 2012 Parodist 2016 Parodist
The main antagonists are Mephiles the Dark, Sonic.exe, Arther.exe, and Silver.exe The main antagonists are Tron Bonne, (Ep 67-70) Mundus, and Arthur.exe. (the true main antagonist) The main antagonists are Principal Diknoz, Ms. Sukscox and Adolf Hitler. The main antagonist are Shade and Zoey. The main antagonists are Kyle, (We Bare Bears) Barry (We Bare Bears) William Afton, Exetior Slikk and Adolf Hitler.
This Series has no idea what it's based on... This series is based on Devil May Cry. ??? This series is original. This series is based on We Bare Bears, Mighty MagiSwords & FNAF: The Silver Eyes.
same as GBL, but not demonstrated. Same as AGK82 and PSF Never played Sonic.exe Same as AGK82 and Atarster Leopold played it without going a Website or trying to find it

Kaeru first appears on Episode 1.

AJK appears in episode 27 but his name is Arata Hachiro. AJK never appeared. Kaeru Appears on episode 1 on Rebooted. Kaeru Appears on Episode 36.
Angry Sims Kid Appears, but his name is Sim Rogers Same as AGK82 Angry Sims Kid never appeared in this series He appears in both Original and Rebooted Angry Sims Kid Appears, but his name is Eric R. Sims

Episode Preview (Spoilers Warning!)​

Episode 50 preview

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes to Sam Larson: An AGK story (sorry if the quality is bad.)