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Leopold Slikk: The star of the AGK parodies.

Skuly2k's AGK series follows Leopold Slikk in his perils of being a internet celebrity. It has aired on youtube since January 18th 2008,and has gained loads of supporters. Sadly skuly2k has quit being an AGK parody maker and focused on gaming. Since quitting he hasnt had much views compared to his AGK parodies, example: (Sonic the hedgehog gameplay (189 views) vs. AGK Episode I (1,783 views).The series currently has 7 episodes,but skul has said that he will not make any more,as of now.


Leopolds house: This is where all of the episodes take place.

Outside: This is where a BUTT member tries to kill Leopold in the AGK christmas special.

Leopolds basement: This is where AGK hides from his parents in the AGK christmas special.


Leopold Slikk-The main character in the series.

Leopolds dog- Only appearance is in episode V

Leopolds mother- Only appearance is in the AGK christmas special.

Episodes plot and synopsis:

Episode 1:The Youtube Menace: After seeing all of the parodies on youtube about him getting angry at his computer,AGK decides to stop going on the internet for 2 months and then returning hoping the videos of him have been removed. After struggling to get his computer to load youtube he finally searches for the parodies. He sees that there are even more of them,so he smashes his keyboard.

Episode 2:Attack of the hijacker: After getting his parents to finally buy him the orange box,Leopold cant wait to play Half Life 2. He tries to log in to his steam account,but it doesnt work. He decides to check his email for his password. There he finds a email from a hacker who has hacked his steam account and now has his games and info. Leopold smashes the keyboard out of frustration.

Episode 3:Revenge of Tunak Tunak Tun: After getting parodied a few thousand times and getting his Steam account hacked,AGK goes into depression for several months. Finally he wants to cheer himself up with some funny videos. He decides to watch the Numa Numa Guy. He searches and clicks on a video. It turns out to be Tunak Tunak Tun,a stupid indian band that had created a song he hated.After several attempts of trying to find a good video and running into Tunak Tunak Tun,Leopold destroys his keyboard.

Episode 4:A New Game:After not beeing able to cheer himself up with funny videos,Leopold again went into a state of deep depression. Five months later he gets over it and his parents buy him a new game to celebrate. Leopold wants the game F.E.A.R because he has heard the good reviews it has had.He installs it and starts playing. Sadly he didnt know that the game is really scary. After getting spooked a few times and then seeing a disturbing image in a hallway,Leopold smashes his keyboard.

Episode 5:Leopold Strikes Back:Leopold,been subjected to many things wanted to solve all his problems.He uninstalled F.E.A.R because it was too scary for him. He couldnt do much about Tunak Tunak Tun much to his dissapointment. His Steam account had been used to hack,so Valve could not give him it back. He finally thinks on the final problem: the parodies of him on the internet. He decides to make a rebuttal video to the UT parodies,hoping to make them stop. He sets up his webcam and tries to act calm throughout the video. He was so calm that he does not remember what he did,so he watches it. It turns out he talks a bit about the UT parodies and then starts acting like a retard and shows his dog.Leopold is not happy with the results,but he uploads the video anyway,hoping the parodists will get the message. 2 weeks later Leopold checks his video. It has very negative comments so he smashes the keyboard.

Episode 6: Return of The Annoyances:After getting parodied a bunch of times,getting his Steam account stolen,getting annoyed by Tunak Tunak Tun,craping his pants while playing F.E.A.R and getting his rebuttal video made fun of,there was only one thing Leopold could think of: play Unreal Tournament over and over. He wants to start it,but his computer shows him Tunak Tunak Tun,F.E.A.R and a message from the hacker,Leopold destroys his keyboard.

Episode 7: AGK Christmas Special; Leopold writes down his list to give to Santa,he wants: 500 keyboards,500 new mice,playstation 3,xbox 360 and a wii.He gives the letter to his parents and decides to get himself tired by playing UT. Then he falls asleep and gets woken up by his mother. She says that its christmas. Leopold goes downstairs,but his presents are not what he expected: instead of 500 keyboard,he gets five keyrings,instead of 500 new mice,he gets a pet mouse,instead of the newest consoles,he gets a Phillips CDI. Leopold is so hurt by this that he has no faith in Christmas anymore and retreats to his basement to wait out Christmas. While reading a book in his basement,Leo's cousin comes in and tells Leopold to talk to his parents. AGK calls them and they say to AGK to look under his desk. He doesnt beleive that there will be anything good there,so he goes out for a walk with his afro on. After getting into a fight with a gang member of the Bringers Uf Total Terror (BUTT) he decides to check under his desk anyways. He finds all the consoles and is happy once again.

Skuly2k's AGK series

First episode aired on: January 18th 2008.

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Series ended on:December 25th 2009.

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Total ammount of views: 30,087

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Episodes: 7

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