Sonic.exe is an Internet creepypasta created by JC-the-Hyena. According to the creator, the story was originally inspired by an edited screen capture of the title screen for the original Sega Genesis video game. In the image, the sky is colored grey, Sonic's pupils are colored glowing red, his eyeballs are colored black with bloodstains dripping, the water is colored red, and the Sega copyright notice is replaced with "(C) SEGA 666".

The more well-known game, based on the original creepypasta storyline, was developed by MY5TCrimson and released on GameJolt. The game is commonly mentioned in various AGK parodies.

Sonic.Exe Info

  • Name: Sonic.exe
  • Species: Demon
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 25
  • Birthdate: 12/21/1992
  • Enemies: Kyle, Tom, Leopold, Brian and his friends, All humanity. Itanimulli apocalypse in illuminati 91021'sKBC series.
  • Birthplace: Hell, and not SEGA.
  • First AGK series seen in: OmgVk64's series
  • Wife: Sally.exe


Sonic exe the real title screen by secretagentjonathon-d5hapdl

Title screen

Unlike Sonic the Hedgehog this version of Sonic is monster, pure evil, sadistic, all powerful, nightmarish and demented monster and all he do just toying people who played his game. He also laughs like Kefka from Final Fantasy. But in Illuminati 91021's KBC series, he seems to be evil, but he is an ally of Leopold.

In AGK Parodies

He appeared in various AGK Series.

DewElr1 AGK Series

Sonic.exe is a friend of Leopold. He asked students of his school of Stephen Quire and he said that kid needs anger management class.

Cansin13's AGK Series

AGK Show Episode 92 AGK vs Sonic

AGK Show Episode 92 AGK vs Sonic.exe Part 1 3

Sonic.exe appeared in the First Episode and is Leopold Slikk's Number One Enemy And Leopold fought him in Episode 92 and 94. He was voiced by LouisVSFrost.

Illuminati91021 's KBC series

Unlike other appearance, Sonic.exe is a burst monster in Leopold's burst. He represents peace. He lets Leopold use his power to defeat enemies when he is weak.

OmgVk64's AGK series

Sonic.exe is a game seen in Episode 43 of OmgVk64's AGK series that is a haunted sonic game as well TakerTV1.

Adrenaline21's AGK series

In Adrenaline21's AGK series, he usually appears on Adrenaline21's Viacom Sonic.exe of Doom as his closing logo also Leopold refers this from the 1st episode when Johnny pranks him with his antic. Later, in the 22nd episode of Adrenaline21's AGK Original Series and 18th episode of Remastered Show... Sonic.exe appears along with Indosiar's Flying Fish of Doom, Viacom BND of Doom, Togsy and Adolf Hitler as Leopold's nightmare.


  • He also appears in Nein Cat's AGK series.
  • In recent months, he has become increasingly parodied, ridiculed and unpopular, due to the poor quality of the Creepypasta from which he comes from. The Creepypasta was even deleted from the Creepypasta Wiki. However, when the author found out about it, he became pissed off and forced his fans to spread the word. This post can be seen on Furaffinity and on Kiwi Farms.
  • His Crush Is Sally.exe. Their romantic moment can be seen here.