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Screenshot of Speakonia.

Speakonia is a discontinued Text-To-Speech software developed by CFS-Technologies. This app allows AGK parodists to virtually voice multiple characters (using robotic voices) due to many AGK parodies being made by extremely low budget (usually $0) and voice actors are hard to find for that much. Plus, not many people want to be voice actors for a online parody either. Its development has been discontinued along with other CFS software.

The voices are usually accompanied by a still picture of said character being portrayed.

The stars of Speakonia

Microsoft Sam

Usually the "go to guy" when it comes to portraying new characters. MS usually plays the role of authority figures like principals in Leopold's many schools. He also sometimes plays Leopold's Computer whenever it is sentient.

Adult Male #1 American

The second most used voice. Usually plays the role of assistants and other lowly minimum wage positions like a McDonalds store clerk.

Microsoft Mike

Despite being less used, Microsoft Mike has played some characters, including Mr. Stevenson and Harold Slikk (before AGK82 could use the lower-pitch AGK voice).

Microsoft Mary

The main female lead. She plays every woman ever, including Mary Slikk and Ms. Sukscox.