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7-day policy

Some articles may not follow our Manual of Style. For example, there are articles that don't mention which series they're in, only say "appears in some/many AGK series".

Also, there are so much misusage of trivias. The trivia is for information that is not necessary/essential to know. Basic informations such as "This character/place appears in someone's series" or "He/she is xx years old" should be put on the very first paragraph of the page.

We will try to correct them and find the sources of them. If not, we will notify the contributors of those articles, giving them 7 days to correct them and provide sources. If they can't do it in 7 days, the related pages will be deleted.

Wiki Tips

Usage of bots

Pages created by blocked users will not be deleted automatically because of their block. We can use bots to detect spams and automatically delete them and block the vandals.

AGK series creators can be admins in this wiki

AGK series creators play an important role in this wiki, because they make videos and provide the most information. They can be granted admin rights, just like the Untergangers in Hitler Parody Wiki.

Tips on making AGK Parodies

Your series and parodies should:

  • Focus on things interesting for everyone, not only yourself and fanboys (underaged AGK fans aged by 11 and lower).
  • In order to get more appreciation from other parodists, your series must have good storyline and plot. Like action, Sci-fi, Horror and Fantasy.
  • Be original, unique and avoid using overused clichés.
  • Keep the audience in suspense.

Be careful and mindful of these bellow:

  • Never make nonsense, confusing, highly clichéd, boring or outdated parodies.
  • Never copy others' ideas. Most outrageously, having the same character, same speech and same plot. Unless they are heavily modified and have only the same base, e.g. Leopold films his dad.
  • Titles like "AGK Plays", "AGK Watches" and "AGK goes to" is discouraged.
  • Avoid music that contains third-party content unless they're terrible. Like Justin Bieber's Baby, may result in having the video removed, or even a copyright strike.

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