Spencer Grave is the Angry English Kid of Arenaline21's AGK Series. His voice sounds like Sean Turner and Sean Slikk on PrinceStickFigure and GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series.

He made his debut in Episode 8 alongside Ronald and Kaeru as they were the newcomers to Leopold's school.


Spencer's appearances is in the 8th episode as debut character. He's the one of the newcomer members in Hitler's class as he introduces himself towards other students. He hears Viacom BND of Doom antic from Johnny towards Hitler. Spencer being listed by Hitler as troublemakers and he's being handcuffed in the 9th episode.

In the comic, Spencer appears in the chapter ??? as Leopold, Johnny and Jack are sitting on the class while he's introducing himself along with Ronald and Kaeru.


Because Spencer is the Angry English Kid, he always rant on various things such as ranting on Hitler and Togsy as they appear on Leopold's Crew TV screen to inform them.

Spencer is always bad on studies because he wasted his study time by watching TV and playing games. So, Spencer wouldn't have much time to study due to wasted time.

Other than being an angry boy, Spencer is the dog lover which means he has interest and taking any dogs carefully. Being a dog lover is Spencer's personality since he was a child.


Flashbacks from Angry German Kid: Final Mix

In Angry German Kid: Final Mix, before Alvaro is going to sealed into other world by Johnny, he tells a story about him. Spencer was born on 11th May 1996 in England. As he was born, his parents were going to France and Alvaro was the substitute of them along with 5-years old Victor De Vance and an unnamed wife of Alvaro. Spencer grew older but Victor bullied him by calling him "Gibberish Kid" until his parents were arrived at his 13-years old age.

Prior to Angry German Kid: Parody Show

When Spencer's parents arrived, Spencer left the home to back into his home. At the same time, Victor felt weird after he drank the magical fountain and turn into girl. Because of Victor's appearance was look-like a girl, so Alvaro changed his name into Victoria. Spencer was know to seal anyone from Alvaro, the villain who teached him but he didn't want to do and he continued his life as a normal student.

Angry German Kid: Parody Show

Spencer is the newcomer student of Hitler's classroom along with Ronald and Kaeru which theirselves at front of Leopold, Johnny and Jack. When Hitler gives the chores for Leopold, Johnny and Jack, Spencer got handcuffed by Hitler due to the mockery of him. As the chores finished, Leopold, Johnny and Jack are going into Hitler's classroom after Principal comes into his class. After questioning and answering ends, Principal brings him into the office for punishments and he'll freed by Leopold, Johnny and Jack along with Ronald and Kaeru. Spencer eats together with his friends in KFC and leave the mall.

Spencer's Biodata

Name: Spencer Grave

Japanese Translation:

スペンサーグレイブ (Supensaa Gureibu)

Age: 15-16 (Season 1), 18-19 (Season 2), 22-23 (Season 3, Final Mix and Final Mix ~The Movie~)

Birthdate: 11th May 1996

Blood Type: B

Alignment: Good


  • Raven Grave (father)
  • Katie Grave (mother)
  • Alvaro De Vance (uncle)



Height: 185 cm

Weight: 75 kg

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