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“My Mom just cancelled my brother's World of Warcraft account, and he is freaking out.”
Jack Quire[1]

Stephen Quire (born July 28, 1993[2]), known as the Freakout Kid, is an internet celebrity. He became known when his brother Jack recorded and posted a YouTube video of him, well, freaking out because Stephen's mom cancelled his World of Warcraft account, and that he always gets threatened by his dad. In the Angry German Kid universe, he is portrayed as one of Leopold's main rivals (and occasionally a supportive character).


AngryGermanKid82's Angry German Kid Series

Leopold had saw of video of Stephen. In episode 53, the class were taking a quiz, Stephen called him retarded, then Leopold was about to beat him until Mrs. Sukscox ordered him to go back to the quiz.

In Episode 61, Leopold was told by Sukscox

that he will work on a Civil Rights Movement poster, or he will go to detention. Leopold then decides to work on the poster, but Mrs. Sukscox caught him playing Sonic 3 and Knuckles instead of doing the poster and sends him to detention. In detention, Stephen Quire, a.k.a. the Freakout Kid is sharing detention with Leopold. Leopold then tries to beat the second boss on Sonic 3 and Knuckles and fails. Bored, Leopold drew a picture of his teacher being murdered, As Leopold then thought Stephen was gone, He then started watching inappropriate/sexual content on the computer. Principal Diknoz then calls him into the office and tells him that he was told on, and Leopold vows that Stephen will pay for it.

In Episode 62, Leopold plans to get revenge on Stephen. First he RickRolls Stephen, then Stephen retaliates by pranking Leopold with Tunak Tun Tun, but Leopold retaliates THAT by sending him the Baby music video by Justin Bieber, then Stephen finally sends Leopold Rebecca Black's Friday. Leopold goes to Stephen's house.

In Episode 63, Leopold has arrived at Stephen's house, Stephen put him in a microwave oven, but got irritated by Jack, then Leopold broke from the microwave, and battled Stephen. After he won, Leopold demanded that Stephen apologize, but the Freakout Kid refused, and Leopold was about to deliver the final blow, but Stephen stopped him and told him that he didn't tell the principal. Suddenly, Leopold's keyboard flashed blue and shot Stephen with a laser, knocking him into a coma, then Leopold ran away from the Quire house.

It is known that Stephen Quire had recovered from the coma, but he won't be back in future episodes Due to the cancellation of AngryGermanKid82's series.

TheKewlOne96's Angry German Kid Series

Stephen made his debut in episode 34, Angry German Kid's New School. Stephen's new teacher, Mr. Fuxkidz tells Stephen that he needs to turn off World of Warcraft, and type an essay of Shakespeare's Macbeth story. He is sent to the principal's office where Principal Dikshitt is waiting for him for the 12th time. Stephen also appeared in episode 45 when Leopold finds out he was sent to juvey as well. The two work together in episode 46 to break out. But then after Leopold crashed their escape vehicle, Stephen fell into an endless rage forcing Leopold to knock him out.

Pokebob1's AGK Series

Stephen appeared in episode 3, Angry German Kid Goes to Jail, and episode 10, Angry German Kid Visits the Haunted Mansion, and episode 13 where Leopold takes the stupid quiz. He appeared in episode 17, Angry German Kid Cuts School, when Stephen went to the bathroom to beat up Leopold, but passed out due to Leopold's stink bomb.

NeinCat's Angry German Kid Series

Stephen is first seen as he play the SD Gundam game but he just get spend lot of points for extra rare unit but he get rage after he point are $110 he used this for SS Rank unit

Later he just become to main Evil Characters of his series but he fight with every characters (ex: Krytus, Kyburi) and mostly is Leopold.

TheDrapocalypse's Angry German Kid Series

Stephen was seen in the first episode of Season Three where he was attacking a Condom Machine with a baseball bat and harrassing an employee at Morshu's shop. Leopold gets into an RPG fight with him but Stephen pussies out and runs when Leopold puts on his Demon Mask. Later it is revealed that Stephen had gone on a rampage in town and destroyed stuff, Animal Control joined forces with the Police because they confused him for a hairless sasquatch. It took an Officer with an Assault Rifle and an Animal Control Officer with a Titanium Net to subdue Stephen who had caused about $100,000 worth of damage.

SuperMarioZaki's Series


Angry German Kid S1 EP 12 Leopold Slikk VS Stephen Quire Part 1

In episode 12, Leopold is tired of Stephen. 1st Leopold trololol Stephen, 2nd stephen avrilrolled leopold, 3rd leopold


Angry German Kid S1 EP 13 Leopold Slikk VS Stephen Quire Part 2

send stephen #thatpower by & 4th stephen used Shake it off by Taylor Swift on Leopold.

AGKandvideomaker2000's Angry German Kid series

Stephen was seen in the first episode of Season 2 (episode 29) When Leopold see his 8th grade classroom, Stephen told him to shut up and called Leopold Freaking retarded whore. Dixfraction heard that he was a troublemaker on another school and repeated 8th grade 7 times.

GarrettComedian's Angry German Kid Series

Stephen was seen in the 5th episode of season 1. His jail cell was right next to Leopold's. He told Leopold to shut up and said to him that he doesn't have a life.

DewElr1's Angry German Kid Series

Stephen was seen in the 3rd episode of season 1. Stephen is not a person you might expect he is a bully towards Leopold. In the 3rd episode Stephen started bothering him by calling him a retard, and a fight started.

PVMAGKVIDEOS' Angry German Kid Series

Leopold went to Stephen's place to get revenge for hacking his Steam account. He went into a battle with him, but after that, MS Mike & Sam arrests him and puts him back in jail.

Xx4REXDARKHUNTER4xx's Angry German Kid Series

Leopold Slikk checks his YouTube and gets a mysterious message from this "Stephen Quire". Leopold thinks its the trailer for Unreal Tournament 4 but it turns out to be a troll. So Leopold sends him the middle finger and they get into a fight. Stephen then gets defeated and Leopold runs off.

PrinceStickFigure's AGK Series

In Episode 3 of his original series, he appears as an audience member at the movie. Leopold and his brother Leonard insult him.

In Episode 7 of his original series, he tells Leopold to shut up. That is all for his appearance.

In Episode 1 of his rebooted series, he makes a cameo appearance.

In Episode 3 of his rebooted series, he is constantly insulted by Leopold, Ronald and Kaeru. He keeps telling them to shut up as they are insulting Steve the Cat and Jade the Rabbit. But they both get in trouble after they beat up Steve and Stephen keeps yelling at them. Leopold later calls him a WoW fag and he gets chased. He throws a rock at him at the end of the scene. This was the first episode in any of his series where Stephen plays a major role.

In Episode 11 of his rebooted series, He is first seen at a diner criticizing the diner's menu until Sim shows up and asks him to help beat up Leopold and his friends. He then fights Leopold, Jake, Steve and Jade with Sim.

GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series


YumaSonic2016's AGK Series

Description: Not only is Stephen Quire very hotheaded and butthurt, but he is also a very racist deliquent just like Croyt.

Episode Appearances: INCOMING SPOILERS!

He first appears in Episode 1 where his gang kidnaps Yune and forces her to play one of his favorite games called "Mobile Flight Simulator 2001", then beats her after failing and refusing to try again. Leopold eventually shows up to beat him up, and Stephen and his gang runs away, announcing revenge on Leopold and his friends.