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Steve Demir is one of PrinceStickFigure's original characters in his AGK series. He was initially one of Leopold's enemies, but later became allies in episode 8 of the rebooted series. He is friendly to everyone around him except for his enemies. He is in love with Jade Hopper and is friends with several of PSF's other original characters. He is voiced by PrinceStickFigure himself. He is also the main protagonist of the spin-off series "Steve and Friends".


Steve was born in a very loving family with his mom, dad, and his younger sisters Nicole and Krissie. His parents were well married with little to no issues. He was very shy in his early years of elementary school. But one day while he was in the first grade, Logan the Deer and Andy Jackson saw him sitting alone and they started talking to each other and have been friends since. In the first high school he went to when he was 14, he met a girl that he dated for 3 years, until they broke up. He also didn't do well in the 12th grade and was held back into the same school that Leopold and his friends went to. But that was when he met his new girlfriend Jade, who sat right next to him and he was immediately hooked on her. He was, however, beaten up by Leopold, Ronald, and Kaeru after they knocked out Jade. After Leopold and Ronald bumped into him while running away from Professor Toothy, he agreed to help them fight him and they became allies. Steve likes to play video games, draw pictures, and use his computer. He is usually happy and enjoys his life as it is right now. He lives with his mom Martha Demir , his dad John Demir, and his sisters Nicole Demir and Krissie the Cat.


PrinceStickFigure's AGK Series

He first appeared in episode 3 of PSF's rebooted AGK series, where he was introduced to the classroom by Ms. Bottleneck. Along with Jade Hopper. He was beaten up by both Leopold Slikk, Ronald Ramirez, and Kaeru Otoko while Stephen Quire yelled at them to stop. Ms. Bottleneck then sends Leopold, Ronald, Kaeru, and Stephen to Principal Ashole's office.

He makes a cameo appearance in episode 6 of the series.

His next major role didn't come until episode 8, where he helps Leopold and Ronald fight Professor Toothy after he remembers being traumatized by the tooth feeding him lamb chops.

In episode 11, he meets Cassie the Fox after he took a shower in his house. He then goes and help Leopold and Jake Randolf fight Sim and Stephen. With his girlfriend Jade also helping them fight as well.

In Episode 13, he is thrown onto a desk by Zoey the Doxen as she later bullies Jade. He later sees Zoey and gets mad at her for putting Jade in depression.

In Episode 14, he goes with Ruby and Gum to fight Zoey and her cat trio, but they, along with Leopold, Jake, and Ronald are captured and put in a cage. Ruby breaks them out and they fight Zoey and Co. But they get defeated by her and Zoey tries to kill them, but Jade comes and saves them both.

In Episode 15, he makes a small appearance to give Leopold an NES cartridge.

Adrenaline21's AGK Series

He's only appeared at his animated series since season 2, also he has his major role with Leopold Slikk, Adrenaline21, Johnny Fort Spieler, Vanessa Nakamura, Alisa von Dreissig, Ronald Suez, Spencer Grave and Kaeru Otoko.

In his debut (Episode 21), he has introduced by PrinceStickFigure along with Jade to Leopold and his crew. While in Vs PrinceStickFigure episodes, he has lost of his owner along with Jade due to they miss him since PrinceStickFigure buys them in the pet store at 1st time, he defeates his owner's corrupted self along with Judy, Nick and Jade for their own goodness to him.


Bottle: Steve's ranged weapon. First seen in episode 8 of PSF's AGK Rebooted series. It is a normal empty glass bottle. When thrown at the opponent, it can stun them for 3 turns

Cat Claws: In light of Steve's feline physiology, he can use his claws to scratch at his opponent and make them bleed for -20 damage each turn. It was first demonstrated in SAF episode 3 when he used it on Ruby.

Night's Edge: A sword stolen from Shade by Steve out of a pile of Christmas presents. It was first revealed in episode 9 of Steve and Friends. It is one of Steve's most powerful weapons in his arsenal, as demonstrated when he was capable of slicing an entire Shade minion's body in two.



  • He drives a Dodge Challenger
  • His sword, Night's Edge, is based on the real Night's Edge sword from the sandbox game Terraria