Steven1991 is a AGK parodist and a video maker who signed up on YouTube on 1 December 2010, under the name "Steven1991Productions". The last "S" in "Productions" is however not shown on the site itself because the title was to long, but that's no longer any problem.

Steven1991 is mostly known for his countless parodies of the 1987 movie RoboCop, crossovers between two movies and of course, Angry German Kid.

He is a big fan of these parodies and also of Jeeves476.

Steven1991's account was canceled by himself on 12 December 2010 along with his series.

AGK Virus

(agk)hi who are you? (girl) Im just a girl who is giving you money. (agk)$5,0000 yea!!!!!!!!!!


Leopold Slikk
The main protagonist of the series.
Leopold's dad
Is short-tempered like him. In one of the films, Leopold discovers he's cheating his wife.
Leopold's mom
Leopold's mom is never seen on-screen.
Guy who works a fat camp.
AGK's annoying neighbour
Leopold's rude and abnormal neighbour. A middle-aged man who wears glasses. His is terrible and mean, to his own wife, to Leopold and his family, and many other people in the neighbourhood. His wife never seen on-screen.
Mr. X
Man who asks Leopold to work for him and do dangerous missions.


The episodes don't have a specific order.

Angry German Kid Dancing
Aired on 4 December 2010. Leopold is dancing with the music when the music player suddenly crashes. Leopold doesn't like when he's interrupted while having fun and takes revenge of his music player. The song played is "Party all the time" sung by actor Eddie Murphy, and is edited by Steven1991, fastened it and made the voice higher.
Angry German Kid sees his dad on YouTube.
The titles says it.
Angry German Kid vs the annoying song
AGK is annoyed by an ad with music.
Angry German Kid gets even with his neighbours
Leopold has an annoying neighbour, so he takes revenge on him.
Angry German Kid goes to fat camp
AGK's mom tells him that he's too fat so he has to go fat camp.
Angry German Kid downloads a movie
Leopold downloads a movie, however instead of the original movie, it's a screwed up version.
Angry German Kid saves his sausage eggs
Angry German Kid's sausage eggs have been stolen.
Angry German Kid goes on a mission
Angry German Kid is asked by the government to become a spy.
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