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SyafiqIqbalAgito90 is a Brunenian AGK parodist since 2012 before retiring to focus on Smash Bros. Lawl X, which was based on Smash Bros. Lawl which is a parody of Smash Bros. Brawl. He only made the first episode.

His show SyafiqIqbalAgito90's AGK Series, known as The Angry German Kid Show, stares one and only main protagonist, Leopold Slikk aka Angry German Kid. Agito90 confirmed that it will return in 2016 and being rebooted.


Main Characters

  • Leopold Slikk- The main Protagonist.
  • Jake Randolf - Leopold's best friend. (Starts Ep3)
  • Rise Kujikawa (From Persona 4) - She is beautiful and smart. She was attractive by Leopold, Ronald and Stephen who fall in love on her. But, she fell in love with Jake, which makes the trio jealous. (Starts Ep3)
  • Ronald Ramirez- Leopold's enemy to a friend. (Starts Ep3)
  • Stephen Quire - Leopold's enemy to a friend (Starts Ep3)

Recurring Characters

  • Harold Slikk - Leopold's Dad, he always beats up his own son for causing trouble. He also went to Liz Garden Academy of his past.
  • Mary Slikk - Leopold's Mom and Harold's Wife. sometimes she get mad at Leopold when he cause trouble.but she still care on her own son (starts Ep1c in the end)
  • Michael Rosen - Leopold's Teacher (Starts Ep3)

Supporting Characters

  • Pricinpal Obi wan (From Star Wars series) - He is the principal of the Lez Garden Academy.
  • Mrs.Wasp (from Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes) - She's one of the teachers from Lez Garden Acedemy (instead being a super heroine).
  • Bloom - She is one of the students of Lez Garden Acedemy.
  • Stella - She is one of the students of Lez Garden Acedemy.
  • Zelda - Leopold's First crush


Season 1


Title Description Aired Watch
Episode 1: Pilot
1a Leopold gets prank by video massagers Leopold studies at Garden Lez Academy (Girls Academy), he felt worse because he was the only boy and every girls doesn't want him for a date. So Leopold decided to download and play some games instead. Until some messages where sended from an annonymous for showing videos to him. 12/1/12 (Original version)
1b AGK has a crush TBA
1c AGK almost trashed the band and gets expelled. TBA
Episode 2: AGK returns home
2a AGK found the real culprit TBA
2b AGK vs Magicalpockyusagi (Plan A ending) TBA
2c AGK vs Magicalpockyusagi (Plan B ending) TBA
Episode 3: A new Beginning
3a AGK goes to school TBA
3b Agk's Another Crush TBA
3c AGK and Jake vs Ronald and Stephen TBA


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