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Szalony gracz c.s 1.6

Original Video

Szalony Gracz CS 1.6 (pol. Mad Counter Strike 1.6 Player) - original video of Angry Polish Kid. It first appeared on Polish YouTube in year 2014.

The oldest version of this video is dated for 1th June of year 2014. The oldest video with English title is dated for 17th October of year 2014.


The video is about Polish Gamer, that plays Counter Strike 1.6 (from his screams we can assume, that he is playing on map called "Inferno"), that rages over insubordination in his team. After losing one more round (since the camera guy started recording), Gamer throws his headphones at the wall, hits a table with keyboard, and after then he throws his monitor on the street by the window. After calming down A BIT, he does something, that any other Angry kid still didn't did till now. He actually tries to punch the camera guy, that turned off the camera right before the fist have hit him.


- No kurwa jebana szmato pierdolona! Mówiłem ci kurwa, jak idziemy na banana, to idziemy na kurwa pierdolonego kurwa banana, nie? I przez ciebie kurwa szmato jebana przejmujemy rundę, ale teraz jak nie będziesz strzelał, to kurwa wygramy, nie? Bo ja tu jestem kurwa "komanderem", i ja tu rządzę, i chuj. Dobra, ja idę na środek, rzucam smoke'a i wbijasz za mną. No wbijaj! Kurwa mać, wbijaj! No kurwa, dobry pies! Dobra no. Ja lecę na domek...Gdzie on kurwa jest? No chodź tu szmato jebana-suko pierdolona. No kurwa jebany killer! Kurwa mać! No! Chuj z nim!

- Co ty odpierdalasz?

- Gówno cię to obchodzi; Śmieciu...jebany...kurwa mać!!! Wypierdalaj stąd! Wypierdalaj stąd już!

English Translation

- Oh fuck you fucking trash motherfucker. I fucking told you, that if we are going to attack banana, then we are going to fucking attack banana motherfucker, right? And because of fucking you, we fail, but if in this round you are not going to shoot, then we are going to fucking win this, right? Because i'm a fucking leader in this match, and you have to listen to me, and dick*. OK, i'm going to mid, then i will throw smoke grenade, and you enter there after me. Enter! Holy fuck, enter! Yeah motherfuckers, good boy. OK, now i'm going to enter the house...Where the fuck is he? Come here you fucking trash-fucked up bitch. Fuck, motherfucking killer! Holy fuck! Well! Fuck him!

- What the fuck are you doing?

- Shit if your business*; You...fucking...trash...holy fuck!!! Get the fuck out of here! Get the fuck out of here right now!


The video became quite popular in Polish Internet, and it recived decent popularity on AGK Parody Fandom.

* Marks

  1. Sometimes in Poles say i chuj (and dick), to tell everyone that the case is closed, or that something suddenly screwed up, in really vulgar way.
  2. "Gówno cię to obchodzi" means "You care shit about this", and as you can see, it doesn't sound very well in English, so i translated it in a way, that it still sounds like the original word, but it sounds at leas a bit better, that the literal translation.