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Tal Michaeli, also known by his YouTube alias T_190, is an israeli AGK parodist noted in fields such as writing, illustrating and animation. Best known as an artist of the AGK community and establishing the official Angry German Kid Discord server.


In 2013, T_190 created his first YouTube account. Shortly after, T_190 began being a part of the MLP fandom along discovering AGK under the nickname RainbowMoon.

All videos on this account were removed or struck for copyright. T_190 left MLP after "I realized I don't have anything to do with MLP, it was just nice being part of a fanbase" and dedicated a new channel to AGK. It has grew to only 60 subscribers and has been abandoned ever since.

It took two years for T_190 to learn and study half of the succesful YouTuber until 2015, when he created another YouTube channel by the name "Ticha190". On his new start, T_190 used old themes of AGK in his videos aiming to send nostalgic vibes towards viewers, in the same frame of the poor performance of his computer.

"AGK Gets Tortured By Ran Ran Ru" saga remakes and "AGK Goes to School" are the most standing out old parodies of T_190, but he decided to head towards animation and created "Crusher Leopold", an alternate universe similiar to a japanese shounen manga revolving around Leopold Slikk as a tough and fierce character becoming the strongest being to fight another great being in order to return Earth to normal again.

Making the art and writings to an anime-like animation has been the primary goal of T_190 but not when animating on an industry-level has been proven unmatched to T_190's current skills, and been also abandoned.

T_190 became highly interested in Marvel, Image and Heavy Metal of early 2000 and so created "Master of Steel", a whole new upcoming series with the traditional AGK characters.

Where is Tal right now?

Currently, Tal has deleted both his Youtube channel, Discord account and Instagram page for unknown and certain reasons. The primary reason can be assumed that he is dealing with a lot of stress in the conditions he is living in. Either that or he feels very bored on the internet. Another one has to do with the community itself and what it has been going through.