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TaitoDragoKen (TDKVIDEOSREVAMPED) is an upcoming AGK parodist who will be making AGK episodes. His AGK Series is known as Angry German Kid New Germany. He has been a fan of AGK since August 2016. The user is planning to start his AGK Series between April 2021.


Slikk Family

Leopold's Friends/Allies

Leopold's Enemies/Rivals


  1. AGK Goes to School (What am I doing?)
  2. Extreme Darkness Awakens!
  3. A New Friend...or What?
  4. AGK's Unusual Adventure
  5. AGK Tries Minecraft RTX Mode
  6. A Horrible Nightmare!
  7. Modern Gaming PCs are TOO EXPENSIVE!!
  8. A New Transfer Student? Why?!
  9. Another one, but a Skilled Samurai

Changes to 2021 from 2018

  • TDK was always a huge fan of anime and wanted to include many anime characters in his AGK series, but was scrapped permanently due to having many fictional characters becoming cliché. However, it's unknown if he'll be having any OCs appearing in his AGK series.
  • TDK was also originally going to use modern AGK, but is now likely to go with classic AGK due to many uncertainties with modern AGK since 2018.
  • TDK's AGK series will still be influenced by anime. cartoons, movies, etc., but his interests have changed drastically ever since.
  • TDK is planning to try to use as minimum influence from other AGK parodies as possible.
  • TDK even wants to create a unique start to his AGK series, just like YumaSonic2016.


  • TDK's page was deleted by YumaSonic2016 back in 2019 due to clutter in the AGK Wiki page, then was restored in 2021. It's unknown if the deletion will happen again.
  • TDK chose to recreate his own AGK series because he was aware that his first AGK series wasn't going to get good reception.


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