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(written by the actual creator of the series)

TakerTV1's AGK Series is one of the newest series with currently 1 Season 14 episodes. His account was closed somewhere at 2014. He also states that he retired from AGK. 


Leopold Slikk: The main character of the series he gets scared easily he holds a grudge and he likes to smash keyboards. (debut episode 1)

Harold Slikk: Is Leopold's father he is alot like his son he does beat his son up ALOT. (Debut AGK Shorts 1 agk films his dad at work)

Mary Slikk: In a future episode.

Principle Suxdik: Leopolds old principle he is sorta unfair.(debut episode2 (mentioned)(episode 6 Antagonist)

Mrs Diklikr: Leopolds old Art/Math Teacher she is like Principle Suxdik but smarter. (debut episode 3 (mentioned) (episode 6 Antagonist)

Principle Koksuckr: Leopolds new principle. (Debut agk shorts ep 7)

Mrs Asslikr: Leopolds new teacher. (Debut (MENTIONED) agk shorts ep 7)

Leonard Slikk: Leopolds younger brother (Debut (CAMEO) agk shorts ep7)

Mordicai Slikk: Leopold and lenoards younger brother (Debut (CAMEO) agk shorts ep7)

TakerTV1: A 13 year old who makes AGK episodes and the fictional retarded german kid. (debut episode 4 (mentioned) Episode 5 (antagonist)




Episode 1: leopold gets banned from unreal tournament

Episode 2: AGK Plays Slender

Episode 3: AGK Vs Jeff the killer

Episode 4: AGK Watches himself on Youtube

Episode 5: AGK VS TakerTV1

Episode 6: AGK Goes to school

Episode 7: AGK Plays Sanatorium

Episode 8: An AGK Halloween Special 1/2

Episode 9: An AGK Halloween Special 2/2

Episode 10: AGK Pranks His Father

Episode 11: AGK's Nightmare

Episode 12: AGK Plays Sonic.EXE

Episode 13: AGK's Christmas

Episode 14: AGK Watches Markiplier

Episode 15: AGK's New Year

Episode 16: AGK plays Call of Duty World At War NAZI ZOMBIES!


AGK Shorts Episode 1: Leopold films his dad at work

AGK Shorts Episode 2: AGK Plays the scary maze game (Inspired By DimitarTNT)

AGK Shorts Episode 3: AGK Reacts To Cupcakes Rainbow Factory And Rocket To Insanity

AGK Shorts Episode 4: AGK Gets His Youtube Account Banned

AGK Shorts Episode 5: AGK Makes A YTP

AGK Shorts Episode 6: AGK Gets His Youtube Account Back

AGK Shorts Episode 7 AGK Vs His Dad 

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