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Tanzim K (also known as AnimalCrossingFan01; formerly known as Gumball99Swell) (born June 23, 2001), is a Canadian videographer. He started making AGK episodes from April 2013 until March 2018.

History and Production

Prior to Gumball99Swell Era (Early 2009-January 2013)

In 2009, before he learns how to edit videos, he enjoyed recording audios with a webcam that has a built-in microphone. At that time, he was using a computer running Windows XP.

The same year, he acquired 3 videos, all of which depicts cats, one of his favorite animal. In 2011, he learns how to use Windows Movie Maker and enjoys using it. Around 2011 and 2013, he made many WMM videos, but he didn't export his videos.

In the first half of 2011, when Tanzim was 9 years old, he discovered the Angry German Kid meme, but he only saw a footage of AGK, when he is watching people getting angry at a computer. It was not until late-2011 that he watched the first AGK parody. The first AGK parody he has ever seen is "Angry German Kid Kills Fred... Again" by a popular parodist, known as AngryGermanKid82. [link, source or proof needed]

While he was watching videos by FRED (at that time, he was a FRED fan), he saw the thumbnail for this video. He watched the episode and [ironically] enjoyed the part when Leopold gets annoyed by FRED's screaming and he beats him up. He watched popular episodes, such as those by AngryGermanKid82 and TheKewlOne96. That inspired him to make AGK episodes.

From May to July 2012, he made 11 AGK episodes, all of which were in season 1, but he didn't export these videos until early to mid-2013 because he didn't know how to export .mswmm to WMV. He didn't have a YouTube account until January 2013, because he was too young to have an account, but after being pressured by his brother and his mother, he started his YouTube account when he was 11, which takes us to the next section.

Gumball99Swell Era (January 2013-Late September 2013)

Before AGK (January 2013-April 2013)

On January 26, 2013, he started his YouTube career, with his username being Gumball99Swell. Before he started his AGK series, he made rant videos, which were moved to his alternative account, computerzrul2005 (now replaced by Top20EnMusique, a channel that focused on weekly music charts, now retired) due to him getting a 2nd copyright strike after he got a strike in February, but the 2nd strike was removed earlier by counterclaim.

In October 2013, he announced that his rant series will be on hiatus. His rant videos were ultimately erased and were only available in his computer's hard drive. He also made (USER) and (bogus) reaction videos but were later deleted on March 21st, 2014. He also made question videos, but since August 2014, no new question videos were made and all of these videos were privatized.

Beginning the AGK series (April 2013-September 2013)

On April 14, 2013, he uploaded his first AGK episode, AGK Joins on YouTube. When he uploaded 11 episodes (all of which were in season 1) to YouTube, his episodes were poorly made because of grammar/spelling issues, mangled quality, inferior Speakonia sound (due to the fact that he has difficulties exporting text to WAV audio because he needs to register Speakonia, but he was too young to register it, so he decided to record the TTS voice with a microphone. Luckily, several months later, he resolved the issue), unfinished and clunky AAGK, etc., which are the aspects of his videos that didn't improve with age. Despite these problems, the episodes have positive feedbacks.

During that time, he uploads mock TV continuities and logos, namely Tanzim Channel idents. He also makes a short-lived ask video series. All of these videos were either unlisted or privatized. On October 10, 2013, he gets the full version of Sony Vegas Pro 10 without patching or cracking. In late September 2013, he changed his name to Elipick11SucksDick5, which was named for his hatred towards his old enemy, which marked the end of the Gumball99Swell Era.

During this era, in July 2013, he discovered Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which went on to become his most favorite game in late-2013.

Elipick11SucksDick5 Era (Late September 2013-December 2013)

This was the shortest era in his career. He started season 2 with "AGK's Pets" as the 12th episode. [link, source or proof needed] After AGK EP15, he is planning a Halloween special as a 16th episode but was canceled due to his computer running slowly. His computer is not working likely because Windows XP is at the end of its life support in April 2014. This caused him to halt his series and focus on question videos and other videos. He changed his name to Tanzim K after 3 months.

Tanzim K Era (December 2013-)

In early-2014, he got a tablet, which allows him to manage his accounts on the go.

On March 21, 2014, he announced that all (USER) and bogus reaction videos will be privatized and eventually deleted. In late Winter 2014, he got a new PC (which originally runs Windows 7, but he transferred his files to a new PC after he upgrades his computer to Windows 8.1.

In April 2014, after he upgrades his computer to Windows 8.1, Tanzim downloads Sony Vegas Pro 12 and puts AGK back to production. He uploaded 10 Downfall parodies to his account. After he aired AGK EP16, he made an AGK poll on what he will make, AGK meeting Animal Crossing villagers, or him making an inappropriate art. The latter was chosen as the 17th episode, while the former is scheduled as a 20th episode.

Tanzim was working on AGK EP20 script. While he was working on the script, he uploaded a lot of Hitler parodies, as well as AGK fillers, like the one where he watches the Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour. His computer was having problems. Because of that, after he finished the script, EP20 was on hiatus. His tablet was "soft-bricked", but a few days later, he got another tablet. On July 15, 2015, he finally fixed his computer, so the show was not on hiatus.

He hardly works on the script for AGK EP20 due to lack of ideas and/or motivation, school, personal issues, and busyness. Fortunately, he's started to get ideas, mostly from Tumblr and the series' latest game: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, as well as personal experiences and interests. However, he didn't work on the script for over a year. The progress is currently unknown. He could be dormant or silently retired.

At late summer 2014, Tanzim uploaded a remake of AGK S1 EP4, part of his Neo-Classics series. The remake has improved spelling/grammar, better quality, and enhanced dialogues.

Tanzim released AGK's 2014 Christmas at Boxing Day, though not an official episode.

On November 5, 2015, he made a list of clichés used in AGK episodes on Google Plus. His cliché list was then transferred to the Wiki [1], which was later refined and more comprehensive.

On Christmas Day, 2015, he uploaded an AGK Christmas special. Since then, he intentionally "forgot" to use a cliché where Leopold didn't get what he wanted for Christmas/birthday. Originally, this special will be about Leopold watching funny Christmas videos, but was changed for unknown reasons. Also, he was planning to do a Neo-Classic of AGK EP11 (his most popular episode) as a Christmas special but was scrapped due to his kibosh on a said cliche.

On March 5, 2016, since he's running out of ideas, he decided to make Speakonia rants again, this time, on the last 2 videos. The first one was about GoFags. It received kudos from his supporters. The other one, on Justin Bieber, One Direction, Beliebers, and Directioners, was a different story.

From March 15 to May 13, he was working on his final Speakonia rant on Justin Bieber, One Direction, Beliebers, and Directioners. His rant was more in-depth and even use videos and audios to support his opinion. On May 14, he uploaded his rant to YouTube. He hoped that the video will get thousands of views and more likes.

On May 15, however, a person named Laura Rodriguez informed him that there are more dislikes than likes, which shocked him, affirming that the video should've received fewer dislikes and more butthurt comments. He later disabled ratings and comments but dislikes still increase, recorded on his Video Manager. On May 16, he deleted his rant and uploaded a video saying that the fangirls won the war, but he will still hate Justin Bieber and One Direction. This only gives him more dislikes.

On May 17, he deleted his latest video and post a video announcing his retirement. This caused a huge grief among his friends. On May 18, he privatized all his videos, except the retirement announcement video, and was "blacked out." During his retirement period, he spammed hate comments about himself.

On May 23, he returned to YouTube to apologize to his subscribers for his disappearance, noting that he was having a rough week fighting depression and anxiety (he allegedly suffered from a major depressive disorder). He reverts his channel back to its normal look. After weeks of his friends supporting him, he's finally better. This may lead to his retirement from making any rant videos, whether it's Speakonia or voice over.

On July 22, 2016, he uploaded his second AGK Neo-Classic episode, this time on EP7. [link, source or proof needed]

On July 25, 2016, he downloaded Adobe After Effects. The next day, he is taking lessons on how to use the program. He's doing good in After Effects, but the progress was slow due to lack of RAM and available power of the CPU.

Recently, he's uploading logos to YouTube, as well as a commentary.

On May 2017, Tanzim finally reached 1000 subscribers. [link, source or proof needed]

On July 24, 2017, he unlisted some of his videos.

On March 6, 2018, he offically announces his retirement from making AGK episodes due to loss of interest and desire to focus on other projects. [link, source or proof needed]


These are the list of characters who appeared in Tanzim's AGK series. The orders of the characters will be on episodes. Upcoming characters who appeared in upcoming episodes will be moved to the "current" section and will have more information. Some information will be added or modified as the story develops.


Leopold Slikk: A 15-year-old boy who likes Unreal Tournament, eating sausage eggs, smashing keyboards, and always gets beaten up by his father, Harold Slikk. Tanzim will confirm that in EP20, Leopold is of Sinti and Swiss descent.

Harold Slikk: Leopold's abusive father who keeps beating Leopold up, smashing computers and liking girly stuff.

Marie Slikk: Leopold's mother. Nothing is known about her, but information will be added as the series progresses.

Leonard Slikk: Leopold's younger brother who loves to annoy Leopold.

Leopold the Dog: Leopold's Dachshund pet.

Burgers and Fries: Harold's pet cat who also beats Leopold up. He is so aggressive.

Printy: Leopold's mixed bred cat. The Slikk's family likes him, but Leopold hates him for destroying his own printer.

Mr. Lixakits: Leopold's teacher who sends Leopold to the principal's office. In season 1, he was called Mr. Dickson.

Principal Adolf Hitler: Leader of the Third Reich and Leopold's principal (and arch-nemesis) who punishes Leopold Slikk for his worst behavior. He attempts to kill Leopold, but was caught by Officer West.

Otto Gunsche: Hitler's main informer, who informs him about many things, mostly stupid, much to his dismay.

Alfred Jodl: Hitler's general who asked him about plans, but later objects them, much to Hitler's annoyance.

Hans Krebs: Hitler's general who's intelligent and often point maps. He gives him tips on his plan.

Officer West: A patrolman who arrest Adolf Hitler for attempted murder.

David "Delce" Argmandosinas: An insurance seller who insured Leopold.

M. Pierre: Leopold's art teacher.

Ronald Ramirez Petrov: AKA Angry Dominican Kid, Leopold's friend, and former enemy. This name uses Spanish naming customs: Ramirez is his first/paternal surname; Petrov is his last/maternal surname.


Animal Crossing villagers: The main NPCs in Animal Crossing. Will appear in AGK EP20, then after that, they will appear as either supporting characters, make a cameo, or rarely even a leading role. In very rare cases, some villagers will have their own info.

Stephen Quire: Leopold's rival/archenemy. Will appear in AGK EP20 in a video, AGK EP21 in person. 

Jack Quire: Stephen's brother who dissed him. Will appear in AGK EP20 in a video, AGK EP21 in person. 

Kyla Khalil: Leopold's girlfriend who is of Lebanese descent. Will appear in AGK EP22.

Jake Randolf: Leopold's best friend. Mentioned in AGK EP7, but will appear in AGK EP24 in person.

Leonidas Slikk: Leopold's older brother. Will appear in AGK EP24.

Elias Slikk: Leopold's almost same aged brother. Will appear in AGK EP24.

Lenora Slikk: Leopold's older sister. Will appear in AGK EP24.

Ladina Slikk: Leopold's young sister. Will appear in AGK EP24.

Wilhelm Burgdorf: Hitler's general who likes drinking alcoholic beverages. Will appear in AGK EP24.

Joseph Goebbels: Hitler's generals who also rants. Will appear in AGK EP24.

Hermann Fegelein: Hitler's archenemy who is Leopold's friend. He is immortal. He is immortal; he can survive in everything, like explosions, and even black holes. He is mentioned on AGK EP15, but will appear on AGK EP24.

Copper: Police dog from Animal Crossing. Will appear in AGK EP24.

Franciszek Kristowski : A news anchor of Polish descent. Will appear in AGK EP24.

More to come


  • 125 Raggot Street: Leopold's house, where the majority of the actions take place in.
  • Unnamed old school: An educational institution, where Leopold gets expelled from. This school was destroyed in AGK EP5.
  • Unnamed school: Another educational institution, where Leopold is given assignments, getting in trouble, etc.
  • Berlin Prison: A facility for people accused of crimes. Leopold was sent to prison for being stupid on YouTube and blowing up his old school.
  • Taco Bell: A fast food restaurant that serves mostly tacos. Leopold tried to order tacos, but was caught by his parents for stealing their car.
  • Fuhrerbunker: A shelter. Where Hitler and his generals reside here.


These are the list of episodes of Tanzim's AGK series. Upcoming episodes that were uploaded will be moved to the "current" section and will have a summary.

An asterisk (*) indicates that the episode was remade as part of Neo-Classics.

Season 1

Episode # Production Code Title Plot/summary Date
1 1AGK#01 AGK Joins on YouTube Leopold is bored, so he makes videos on YouTube, but gets negative comments, causing him to get his account suspended. April 14, 2013
2 1AGK#02 AGK Rejoins on YouTube After his forced retirement of his account, Leopold re-upload his videos and upload it to YouTube. But again and he got suspended again and Leopold got arrested by the police for being stupid on YouTube. April 15, 2013
3 1AGK#03 AGK and the Prank E-mails Leopold tries to sleep but is interrupted by prank E-mails. Will he get sleeps or he'll sleep in class? April 16, 2013
4 1AGK#04 AGK Gets Expelled from School* Leopold found out that today is school day but he didn't sleep because of the prank E-mails so he'll sleep in his class. Unfortunately, his teacher caught him sleeping in class and he's sent to the principal's office. The principal expels Leopold for sleeping in class. When he gets home, he got grounded until his expulsion expires. April 18, 2013
5 1AGK#05 AGK Gets Revenge on the School Leopold got expelled and grounded so he gets revenge on his school by blowing up the school. Will he get away with it, or will he get sent to jail? April 20, 2013
6 1AGK#06 AGK Gets Arrested The news found out that Leopold blows up the school. Leopold got arrested by the police and he's sentenced to life in prison. April 22, 2013
7 1AGK#07 AGK Breaks out of Juvie Leopold hates Juvie so he'll escapes. Will he get caught by the police? May 3, 2013
8 1AGK#08 AGK Goes To School Leopold doesn't want to go to school but his dad forced him to go to school. At school, Leopold's teacher Mr. Dickson said to do the essay or get detention. Leopold writes an essay with spelling issues and illegible handwriting. He got send to Principal Hitler's office, then he got suspended from school. May 10, 2013
9 1AGK#09 AGK Takes The Easy Math Test AGK takes the Easy Math Test at school. Will he passed or fail? August 2, 2013
10 1AGK#10 AGK Goes to Taco Bells Leopold is hungry so he'll eat at Taco Bells. But his parents catch him stealing a car. What happen to Leopold when he go back home? August 2, 2013
11 1AGK#11 AGK's Christmas Leopold writes a Christmas list. Will he get anything he wanted? August 2, 2013

Season 2

12. AGK's Pets: Leopold and Leonard had a conversation with their parents about their 3 pets. Upload date: September 9, 2013

13. AGK Makes Hitler's Downfall Parodies: After watching "Hitler gets Banned from XBOX LIVE", Leopold decide to untergang with getting 100 likes and 1 dislike and 15000 views. Upload date: September 14, 2013

14. AGK Watches 20th Century Fox Television Logo History: Leopold watches the 20th Century Fox Television Logo History. But after he watches the full logo history, Cartoon Muttnik invades to his house. Upload date: September 21, 2013

15. Hitler Informs About The Angry German Kid: After Hitler discovered the Downfall parody video made my Leopold, Hitler immediately gets to work on devising a plan to kill Leopold. But unfortunately, he gets caught by Officer West. Upload date: October 6, 2013

16. AGK Meets the Insurance Seller: Leopold meets Delce Argmandosinas, who allows Leopold to sign for the insurance. Upload date: June 7, 2014

17. AGK's Art Class: Leopold creates a sexually shocking art. Upload date: June 9, 2014

18. AGK Meets ADK: Leopold meets Ronald Ramirez. Will they get along or they'll fight? Upload date: June 25, 2014

19. AGK's Birthday (2 parts):

P1: Leopold is excited for his birthday, but will he get what he wants? Find out in the next part of this episode. Upload date: June 27, 2014

P2: AGK's birthday goes terribly wrong. Upload date: June 28, 2014


20. AGK Meets Animal Crossing Villagers (8 parts)


21. AGK vs. Stephen Quire (2 parts)

22. AGK's Girlfriend

23. AGK Goes to McDonald's

24. AGK Babysits His Siblings (3 parts)

25. AGK Goes to London

Non-Official Episodes

  • AGK watches Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour: Leopold watches a disgusting video. How will he react? Upload date: August 10, 2014
  • AGK's 2014 Christmas: Leopold writes a list for 2014 Christmas, but will he get what he wants? Upload date: Boxing Day, 2014
  • New Leopold Sprite Test: This video shows me testing the Leopold sprite with legs. Upload date: August 12, 2015
  • AGK's 2015 Christmas: Leopold received a message from Leonard about a video to see if he's naughty or nice. Will he be nice or naughty? Upload date: Christmas day, 2015


This is the list of planned episodes that were scrapped for a reason.

  • AGK Watch Ghost Caught On Tape: Scrapped in favor of AGK Goes To McDonald's.
  • AGK's Halloween Special: Cancelled due to his old XP computer getting super laggy.


His AGK series was well received by many of his friends. Despite its poor quality of AGK S1, it was met with positive reviews, much to his chagrin.


Here is the list of AGK makers who was cited by him as influences:

  • AngryGermanKid82
  • TheKewlOne96
  • Mitch Soh
  • MichaelsiCast
  • Jeeves476
  • Ikesmash97
  • Videoman1443
  • TheDrapocalypse
  • Tank202100

Parodists marked in bold are his major influences.

Personal facts

  • Tanzim was born on June 23, 2001, in Montreal, QC to a father of Bangladeshi ancestry and a mother of Indian (from West Bengal) and Bangladeshi ancestry.
  • He is a Sunni Muslim, which is rare among all AGK parodists.
  • His name means "issued" in Turkish, though he doesn't have any Turkish descent.
  • He discovered YouTube in the mid-2008.
  • He's often more active on Facebook than YouTube. His least active account is on SoundCloud.
  • He is a huge fan of Animal Crossing and reported that he also likes Earthworm Jim 1 & 2 (for its amazing music (specifically Tommy Tallarico's version), cool sprites and hilarious sound effects), Mario, Megaman, Pokémon and Sonic (all 5 were his childhood games). He also likes old school games.
    • He is also a fan of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.
    • Sometimes, he uses Animal Crossing references in his videos.
    • This indicates that he is one of the few Slikkers who were fans of Animal Crossing, the other was Icepenguins101.
  • His favorite game consoles (from 2nd to 5th generation era) are Atari 2600, NES, Master System, SNES, Genesis, Sega CD, TurboGrafx-16, PS1, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, Gameboy, Game Gear, and Gameboy Color.
  • He enjoys watching videos by The 8-Bit Guy, JerryRigEverything, and thewheatisheat96.
  • He is a fan of DeviantSHART, a web show that showcases bad art on DeviantART.
  • He was reputedly a fan of Apple computers (mostly the old ones), though he doesn't have an Apple computer. He enjoys the aesthetics of iOS and macOS.
  • He likes watching Mac OS X welcome videos since 2011. His most favorite welcome videos were the Leopard and Snow Leopard, which contains the song, Exodus Honey by Honeycut.
  • He likes listening to songs and watching music videos (mostly EDM, classic rock and metal, and underrated songs by Canadian artists). He also likes listening to video game music, either original or arranged. He watched music videos on MuchMusic and on YouTube. He listened to songs on Spotify.
  • He REALLY hates bad pop music especially the ones by Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, Miley Cyrus, One Direction, and Jacob Sartorius (his worst nightmare).
    • While he loathes Justin Bieber, he finds his latest album, Purpose, less bad.
  • He believes that mainstream pop music since mid-2009, in his opinion, is going downhill in terms of quality, but songs will still be good until the mid-2014, where most Top 40 songs since that time are more or less terrible.
  • Tanzim's most popular AGK episode is EP11, AGK's Christmas. Despite its poor editing and quality, it was popular mainly because of Leopold's tantrum attack. This used to be his channel's most viewed video, but as of November 2016, it was surpassed by YTP: Fred Gets Blasted While Shopping.
  • The song used in AGK intro since AGK EP12 is the instrumental version of The World Is Ours, a song by a Canadian pop band, Eleven Past One, which can be heard on YouTube. He decided to retain the intro music, even when the intro was changed.
  • The song used in end credits is originally I Could Be The One by Avicii and Nicky Romero, but due to copyright infringement (he uploaded AGK EP16 with that song, but it was blocked in some countries), his current song since EP16 in end credits is Presenterator. There's a possibility that he will change end credits music on each season.
  • Some of his AGK videos were blocked in some countries. 5 of his videos were ironically blocked in Germany, while AGK EP15 was blocked in 16 countries, including the United Kingdom. It is often suspected that the reason why videos were blocked in Germany is because it contains a recorded copyrighted song. The blocking of his videos with copyrighted songs was due to a controversy between YouTube and GEMA. But as of Halloween Day, 2016, videos that are blocked in Germany due to music were now watchable in that country.
  • Roughly 44 of his videos have copyright notices. The majority of which were Downfall parodies.
  • Tanzim announced that a feature film will be made. He also announced AGK EP100, which will also be the series finale.
  • He has 2 copyright strikes, and 2 community guideline strikes.
  • Tanzim prefers to use REAL or REALISTIC names when making OCs that will appear in his series. For example:
    • Adam Joseph Blackfield (English)
    • Jean-Michel Blier (French)
    • Miguel Pablo Martinez Flores (Spanish)
    • Martin Schofer (German)
    • Ivano Olimpi (Italian)
    • Kristofer Aronsson/Katrin Aronsdottir (Icelandic)
    • Hiroto Sakamoto [JP:坂本博人|HB: Sakamoto Hiroto] (Japanese)
    • Park Jun-Yeon [KO: 박준연] (Korean)
    • Radhanath Damodaran [HI: राधानाथ दामोदरं] (Hindi)
    • Antoni Kowalski/Wiktoria Kowalska (Polish)
    • Mohammed bin Yusuf bin Omar al-Haddad [AR: محمد بن يوسف بن عمر الحداد] (Arabic)
    • Mikhail Antonovich Novikov [RU: Михаил Антонович Новиков] / Yelena Antonovna Novikova [RU: Елена Антоновна Новикова] (Russian)
  • His birthday is the same day where Sonic The Hedgehog was first released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, but he was born 10 years after the game was released.
  • He was born in the year where Xbox, GameCube, Wikipedia, iPod, iTunes, macOS, and Windows XP were born.
  • He is (probably) the first AGK maker to use production code to identify episodes he is working on.
  • He speaks English, French, and Bengali, his mother tongue. He is learning Japanese.
  • His favorite colors are blue, red, pink, and purple.
  • He has a Facebook, Twitter, DeviantART, SoundCloud, and Tumblr account.
  • His lucky number is 5.
  • He never uses his last name because he believed that it would invade his privacy.
  • He loves watching videos by Smosh and the Angry Video Game Nerd.
  • Tanzim announced that there will be the last episode where Leopold is punished with groundings and beatings. The last episode is revealed to be EP62.
  • He is 59 days younger than LeopoldXTailsko10120.
  • New Leopold Sprite Test is self-explanatory.
  • When he rendered his videos, his original format was AVI, but later change to MP4 because this allows short rendering times, faster uploading times, and low size.
  • He, along with AngryGermanKid82, is one of the few Slikkers to have uploaded more than one parody in a day.
  • Tanzim K hated Go!Animate since February 2nd, 2014. He had a GoAnimate account, which was no longer used.
  • Tanzim K used to make (USER) and Reaction videos until March 21st, 2014, where he announced that he will delete all his (USER) and reaction videos.
  • He is well-known for making a list of cliches that was overused in many parodies.
  • Since 2015, he hasn't made any official AGK episodes.
  • Despite his username, Tanzim is no longer a fan of TAWOG.
  • Since the mid-2013, he was the target for accounts made to impersonate him. The original perpetrator is QueenZeppelin, but since QueenZeppelin is inactive, Shajjha Maquina, who is a Wiggles fantard, becomes the imposter perpetrator.
  • Starting on February 19, 2016, he is housekeeping and removes anything related to ********. (Hint: A person who quits AGK and focus on Anime)
  • Tanzim used to love tween-to-teen media when he was between the age of 8 and 11. Examples of these media include Disney Channel movies (like High School Musical), most teen sitcoms, and most teen pop songs. He is steadily losing interest in them after he embraced more mature media. With the added interest in Animal Crossing, he has completely lost interest in teen media.
  • Despite people liking his season 1 episodes, he, looking back at these episodes, disliked the episodes. This is one of the reasons why he makes Neo-Classics remake of old episodes.
  • He used to utilize Bandicam to record screencasts, but recently, he migrated to Camtasia Recorder. He cited slower frame rates (even in 60FPS) and larger video size (due to AVI format) as the reason why he moves to Camtasia Recorder. Despite Camtasia Recorder working fine, sometimes, he has problems with recording in frame rates higher than 15, likely due to lack of GPU and significant RAM.