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Taylan the Beast Slayer (real name Taylan Barış) is an user Turkey. He is known for being a big fan of Pokemon, Regular Show, Tekken, WWE, Marvel, Wreck It Ralph, DC Comics, GTA, Mortal Kombat, Bully (Scholarship Edition), and etc.

Taylan the Beast Slayer started making his own AGK series in January 6th 2017 and he is still making it. There will be 210 episodes and then there will be 3 movies of it and then it will be over and the AGK page will be closed completely.


The Slikk Family

  1. Leopold Slikk (Main Character)
  2. Harold Slikk (AGK's Non-Abusive Father)
  3. Leonard Slikk (AGK's Annoying Brother)
  4. Leonidas Slikk (AGK's oldest brother)
  5. Mary Slikk (AGK's respectful mother)
  6. Barry Slikk (Leopold's Grandpa)

Other Characters

  1. Hot Sauce Mom (The Abusive mother)
  2. Iris (Pokemon) (Leopold's best friend along with Jake)
  3. Jacob ''Jake'' Randolph (Leopold's Best Friend along with Iris)
  4. Hans Krebs
  5. Kirito
  6. Asuna
  7. Alex Hunter
  8. Dark Bloom
  9. Beartic
  10. Aria Blaze
  11. Steve Fox
  12. Alisa Boschonovitch
  13. Kaeru Otoko (Angry Japanese Kid)
  14. Anna Williams
  15. Jade (Mortal Kombat)
  16. Sailor Venus
  17. Claude Speed
  18. Inglorious Hitler
  19. Amy (TD) (One of Leopold's Teachers)
  20. Hermann Fegelein (Leopold's School Principal)
  21. Oishi Kawaii (One of Leopold's Teachers)
  22. Stefan Kaczynski (Angry Polish Kid/One of Leopold's enemies)
  23. Ms. Standsberry (Leopold's Abusive Teacher)
  24. Deathstroke (Leopold's former enemy but now reformed in episode 10)
  25. Baldi (One of Leopold's Enemies)
  26. Taylan Baris
  27. Jin Kazama
  28. Mordecai (Regular Show)
  29. Georgia (Pokemon)
  30. Dolfy Hitler (Downfall Hitler)
  31. Lucy Heartfilia (Deathstroke's sidekick and one of Leopold's friends)
  32. Carl Mannerheim (Leopold's worst enemy)
  33. Vladimir Arzyavitch (Angry Russian Kid)

Upcoming Characters

  1. Itsuka Kendo
  2. Pony Tsunotori
  3. Donald Sims (Angry Sims Kid)
  4. Freddy Fazbear
  5. Juri Han
  6. Asuka Kazama
  7. Wreck It Ralph
  8. Vanellope von Schweetz
  9. Deadpool
  10. Dimitri Bourgeois (Angry French Kid)
  11. Chloe Bourgeois (Dimitri's older sister)
  12. Sami Borak (Angry Turkish Kid)
  13. Adolf Hitler (Real Hitler)
  14. Nelson Muntz
  15. Marinette Dupoin-Cheng (Miraculous Ladybug)
  16. Adrien Agrette (The Black Cat)
  17. Gerald Slikk
  18. Ronald Ramirez (Angry Dominician Kid)
  19. Stephen Quire
  20. Seth (SF)
  21. Tomura Shigaraki
  22. Finn the Human
  23. Jake the Dog
  24. Seth (SF)
  25. Deadpool
  26. King Kong
  27. Mina Ashido
  28. Himiko Toga
  29. Melissa Shield


  1. AGK watches Dr. Phil Clip Hot Sauce Mom
  2. AGK VS. Hot Sauce Mom
  3. AGK goes to school
  4. AGK plays MUGEN
  5. AGK VS. Angry Polish Kid
  6. AGK plays Happy Wheels
  7. AGK goes to Pizza Hut
  8. AGK plays Hard Time
  9. AGK's Abusive Teacher
  10. AGK VS. Deathstroke
  11. AGK plays Follow the Red Dot Game
  12. AGK VS. Baldi
  13. AGK make videos out of Logan Paul
  14. AGK plays Injustice 2
  15. AGK watches Smack Cam videos
  16. AGK's Grandpa
  17. AGK goes to Gamestop
  18. AGK watches Nostalgia Critic
  19. AGK gets revenge on his dad
  20. AGK's good dream
  21. AGK gets prank messages
  22. AGK's dad returns
  23. AGK VS. Angry Sims Kid
  24. AGK and the Bully (AGK VS. Nelson Muntz)
  25. AGK goes to McDonald's
  26. AGK meets Asuka Kazama (AGK & Asuka VS. Vanellope & Ralph)
  27. AGK watches Baldi videos
  28. AGK Meets the Angry Dominician Kid (AGK VS. ADK)
  29. AGK plays GTA: San Andreas
  30. AGK watches Horrid Henry
  31. AGK VS. Katsuki Bakugo
  32. AGK gets sick
  33. AGK gets a girlfriend
  34. AGK watches Funny Videos
  35. AGK & The Return of Angry Polish Kid (AGK,Asuka,Taylan,Jake & Ronald VS. Stefan Kaczynski (APK) & Donald Sims (ASK)
  36. AGK meets Finn and Jake (AGK,Finn & Jake VS. Seth (SF)
  37. AGK goes to Dairy Queen
  38. AGK & Deadpool (VS. King Kong)
  39. AGK’s Nightmare
  40. AGK’s Uncle
  41. AGK VS. His Uncle
  42. AGK goes to the mall
  43. AGK VS. Himiko Toga
  44. AGK meets Izuku Midoriya (AGK & Izuku VS. Tomura Shigaraki)
  45. AGK goes to Jake’s Birthday Part (AGK VS. Principal of the Thing)
  46. AGK plays Slender
  47. AGK goes to Sbarro
  48. AGK plays Mortal Kombat 11
  49. AGK VS. Rafe Adler
  50. AGK's birthday
  51. AGK does Vlogs
  52. AGK deals with another bully (AGK VS. Angry Spanish Kid)
  53. AGK gets abducted by aliens
  54. AGK goes to Five Guys
  55. AGK meets Sly Cooper
  56. AGK goes to jail
  57. AGK escapes from jail (AGK VS. Principal of the Thing again)
  58. AGK goes to KFC
  59. AGK Visits Jake’s House (AGK & Jake VS.Pumpkinhead)
  60. AGK VS. Serena (Pokemon)
  61. AGK deals with another bully
  62. AGK VS. Shoto Todoroki
  63. AGK plays Desert Bus
  64. AGK plays Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing
  65. AGK watches Big Smoke memes
  66. AGK & Hitler VS. BJ and Riff
  67. AGK & Asuka VS. Wreck It Ralph and Vanellope again
  68. AGK goes to Springfield (AGK & Homer VS. Megatron)
  69. AGK watches The Rocking Chair
  70. AGK goes to Baskin Robbins
  71. AGK VS. Katsuki Bakugo again
  72. AGK confesses Melissa that He's in love with her (AKA AGK kisses Melissa)
  73. AGK VS. Kazuya Mishima
  74. AGK plays Flappy Bird
  75. AGK & Himiko Toga VS. Mari Kurihara and Hana Midorikawa
  76. AGK watches FNAF animations
  77. AGK plays Baldi’s Basics
  78. AGK makes Ice Cream
  79. AGK goes to the cursed school
  80. AGK VS. Nemesis
  81. AGK VS. Hitler
  82. AGK goes to Chuck E Cheese’s (AKA AGK VS. Chuck E Cheese)
  83. AGK’s Great Grandfather
  84. AGK gets a job
  85. AGK meets Atsuko Kagari (AGK & Atsuko Kagari VS. Horrid Henry)
  86. AGK goes to the movies with his friends
  87. AGK goes to the haunted Hospital
  88. AGK & Taylan VS. Herbert West
  89. AGK goes on a date (AGK & Melissa Shield VS. Annie & Oakley)
  90. AGK goes to Asuka’s House
  91. AGK & Asuka Kazama VS. Michael Myers
  92. AGK tries Crystal Pepsi
  93. AGK watches funny videos
  94. AGK,Asuka,& Deathstroke VS. The Dazzlings
  95. AGK watches Caillou gets ungrounded videos
  96. AGK gets beaten up by Eric Smith
  97. AGK gets revenge on Eric Smith
  98. AGK has a headache
  99. AGK takes a cinnamon challenge
  100. AGK VS. His Dad again
  101. AGK goes to Burger King
  102. AGK goes Camping Day 1/10
  103. AGK goes Camping Day 2/10
  104. AGK goes Camping Day 3/10 (AKA AGK VS. Scorpion)
  105. AGK goes Camping Day 4/10 (AKA AGK,Taylan,& Asuka VS. Blossom,Bubbles,& Buttercup)
  106. AGK goes Camping Day 5/10
  107. AGK goes Camping Day 6/10
  108. AGK goes Camping Day 7/10 (AKA AGK VS. Baldi Again)
  109. AGK goes Camping Day 8/10
  110. AGK goes Camping Day 9/10
  111. AGK goes Camping Day 10/10 (AKA AGK VS. LeVar Brown)
  112. AGK VS. Playtime
  113. AGK watches Rosie gets grounded videos
  114. AGK plays PES 2019
  115. AGK gets stalked by Slenderman
  116. AGK takes a prostate exam
  117. AGK goes to Croatia
  118. AGK VS. Shoto Todoroki again
  119. AGK VS. Angry Russian Kid
  120. AGK & Dimitri VS. Horny the Clown
  121. AGK VS. Scorpion again
  122. AGK goes to 7 Eleven
  123. AGK gets stuck in the basement
  124. AGK watches MLG videos
  125. AGK goes to Supermacs
  126. AGK & Jake VS. Ghostface
  127. AGK gets sabotaged by Leonard
  128. AGK plays Booking Revolution
  129. AGK meets All Might (AGK & All Might VS. Slenderman)
  130. AGK goes to Domino’s Pizza 
  131. AGK VS. Tsuyu Asui
  132. AGK VS. Deadshot
  133. AGK goes to Heaven
  134. AGK goes to France
  135. AGK meets Ryu and Ken (AGK,Ryu,And Ken Masters VS. Kratos,Heihachi Mishima,and Megaman)
  136. AGK VS. Scorpion again
  137. AGK plays GTA Vice City
  138. AGK VS. Baldi again
  139. AGK VS. 
  140. AGK goes to Supermacs again
  141. AGK drinks Red Bull
  142. AGK plays Pepsiman
  143. AGK VS. Mai Sakurajima
  144. AGK & Asuka VS. Asuna & Kirito
  145. AGK and the curse of All For One Part 1/4
  146. AGK and the curse of All For One Part 2/4 (AKA AGK VS. Tomura Shigaraki again)
  147. AGK and the curse of All For One Part 3/4 (AGK,Asuka,Deathstroke,Jin and Mordecai VS. Dabi,Nomu,Overhaul,and Twice)
  148. AGK and the curse of All For One Final Part (AGK,Asuka,Deathstroke,Jin,Mordecai,Georgia,Himiko Toga,Asuna and Kirito VS. All for One)
  149. AGK plays Deadpool
  150. AGK goes to Taco Bell
  151. AGK plays PES 2011
  152. AGK watches More Funny Videos
  153. AGK VS. Trip
  154. AGK gets stuck in the elevator
  155. AGK has a headache
  156. AGK plays Bully (Scholarship Edition)
  157. AGK's new teacher
  158. AGK VS. Trip again
  159. AGK & Asuka VS. Principal of the Thing & Baldi
  160. AGK & Mina Ashido VS. Dabi & Katsuki Bakugo
  161. AGK has a stomach ache
  162. AGK and the last day of school
  163. AGK,Mina Ashido & Asuka Kazama VS. The Prison School Trio (Mari Kurihara,Meiko Shiraki,& Hana Midorikawa)
  164. AGK & Melissa Shield get stalked (AGK & Melissa Shield VS.Yukiteru Amano and Yuno Gasai)
  165. AGK gets stuck in an elevator
  166. AGK's Hotel Vacation Part 1/4
  167. AGK's Hotel Vacation Part 2/4 (AGK & Tanjiro Kamado VS.Shin Nemoto & Rikiya Katsukame)
  168. AGK's Hotel Vacation Part 3/4 (AGK VS. Muzan Kibutsuji)
  169. AGK's Hotel Vacation Final Part (AGK,Tanjiro Kamado & Nezuko Kamado VS. Overhaul)
  170. AGK plays Chrome Dinosaur Game
  171. AGK & Jake VS. Jack Torrance
  172. AGK has cancer
  173. AGK beats cancer
  174. AGK & the abusive janitor
  175. AGK does the try not to laugh challenge
  176. AGK watches Max Jr.'s Vines
  177. AGK finds out his girlfriend Melissa Shield has been kidnapped
  178. AGK plans to save his girlfriend from the Shie Hassakai
  179. AGK & friends VS. The Shie Hassakai Part 1/6
  180. AGK & friends VS. The Shie Hassakai Part 2/6
  181. AGK & friends VS. The Shie Hassakai Part 3/6
  182. AGK & friends VS. The Shie Hassakai Part 4/6
  183. AGK & friends VS. The Shie Hassakai Part 5/6
  184. AGK & friends VS. The Shie Hassakai Part 6/6 (AGK VS. Overhaul again)
  185. AGK goes on a ship vacation
  186. AGK gets shipwrecked
  187. AGK gets stranded on an island
  188. AGK VS. Deadshot again
  189. AGK goes to Popeye's
  190. AGK plays Tetris
  191. AGK buys a Nintendo Switch
  192. AGK goes to Six Flags
  193. AGK VS. Levar Brown again
  194. AGK gets prank messages again
  195. AGK VS. Angry Sims Kid again
  196. AGK,,Melissa,Scorpion,& Sub Zero VS. The Dazzlings,Wallflower Blush,and Cozy Glow
  197. AGK finds out about the zombie turning toxins
  198. AGK,Asuka,Taylan,Jin,Mordecai,Georgia,Batman,Deathstroke,Marinette,& Jake VS. Zombies
  199. AGK VS. Scarecrow
  200. AGK plays Fighting Vipers
  201. AGK goes wrestling
  202. AGK plays Hong Kong 97
  203. AGK watches Filthy Frank
  204. AGK watches parodies out of Mannerheim
  205. AGK VS. Taylan
  206. AGK & Taylan VS. Mannerheim
  207. AGK VS. Diablo
  208. AGK VS. Sonic.exe Part 1/3
  209. AGK VS. Sonic.exe Part 2/3
  210. AGK VS. Sonic.exe Part 3/3 (FINAL EPISODE)


  • AGK watches My Old Videos
  • AGK makes Vyond Videos
  • AGK Watches Filthy Frank


  • Taylan the Beast Slayer is a really big fan of Pokemon, Regular Show, Tekken, WWE, Marvel, Wreck It Ralph, DC Comics, GTA, Mortal Kombat, Bully (Scholarship Edition), Fairy Tale, and etc.
  • Taylan the Beast Slayer really loves Regular Show with a burning passion
  • Taylan the Beast Slayer really hates Fortnite and PUBG with a burning passion so he will never include anything about them in his episodes
  • Taylan the Beast Slayer hates Logan Paul
  • Taylan the Beast Slayer appears to hate Roblox because he finds that game overrated so Roblox won't be included in his episodes too
  • Taylan the Beast Slayer also hates Prison School
  • Taylan the Beast Slayer doesn't actually hate Baldi's Basics but he do hates the characters of the game
  • Taylan the Beast Slayer's favourite Superheroes are Iron Man and Captain America from Marvel and Batman from DC Comics
  • Taylan the Beast Slayer's favourite character from other AGK series is Leopold Slikk.
  • Taylan the Beast Slayer's favourite YouTubers are Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, PewDiePie and etc.
  • After Taylan the Beast Slayer's AGK Series ends,There will be 3 movies of AGK

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