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"Oh yeah!" - Leopold Slikk

The below information contains spoilers for a parody series. Do not read ahead if you want it spoiled!

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Teachers are usually parents in school as they teach the students into the right way. Leopold usually hates his teacher in his school (as Adrenaline21's AGK Series, he hates his Hitler teacher so much).

If any students are doing their wrong way, the teachers call the students into the principal and parents (Except Adrenaline21's AGK Series as the teachers rarely call the students into principal's office and their parents because Adrenaline21 has his own mindset).

List of AGK Parodists along with the teachers/principal

Adrenaline21's AGK Series

Adolf Hitler: The worst teacher by Leopold, Jack and Johnny in their 2011 World's Platanus School. He usually gets beaten by Toguro "The Younger Brother" (in Comic) and being sent by Fegelein into his room (in Animated).

Toguro "The Younger Brother": The substitute principal as he beats Hitler so hard because he's bad teacher also he's the principal of Junior High School level. Toguro "The Younger Brother" usually kind to Leopold, Jack, Johnny, Ronald, Spencer and Kaeru. He has minor roles in 2nd and 3rd arc (Comic Only).

Terra: A character from Kingdom Hearts series (II FM's secret ending as debut). He's usually teach the students about sports because of his tall, muscular build (Comic Only).

Ventus: A character from Kingdom Hearts series (his debut is same as Terra's). He teaches the students about Economics, Sociologies and Historics in Platanus School (Comic Only).

Aqua: A character from Kingdom Hearts series (her debut is same as Ventus and Terra's). She teaches the students about Physics, Chemistries and Biologies as her primary study material. Her role still improved in 2nd and 3rd arc from comic series by him.

Hermann Fegelein: The principal in Adrenaline21's AGK Series. He usually brings Hitler into his office to advice him how to become a nice teacher againts students in the class. In comic series, his role is more major protagonist while in animated series, his role is minor protagonist.

Sigma: An Elite Irregular robot also he's the main antagonist from Rockman X Series. Sigma usually watches the students and teachers each room. Any students who making problem, he'll send them into Principal Fegelein's Room.

X and 0: Rockmans from different series. They have their minor roles in 2nd arc of AGK Comic series by Adrenaline21. For X, his model based on Rockman X series while for 0, his model based on Rockman 0 series (Comic Only).

Nazi members: They're formerly Nazi members whose their leader surrenders the war in their own world and moving into 2011 World for peace.

CasperTheLawlBro2001's AGK Series

Mrs. Sukscox: Leopold's english teacher.

Eric (from Go!Animate videos): Leopold's substitute teacher for Mrs. Sukscox.

Ivy: Leopold's speech teacher who he hates because he gets bored easily if she teaches the class too long and he escapes

Principal Diknoz: TBA

Mr. Dikson: Leopold's german teacher.

Baldi: Leopold's math teacher.

Icepenguins101's AGK Series

Lizzy: Leopold's first teacher, who had nothing else to say but "Wow, Leopold is doing his assignment."

Mrs. Sukscox: Leopold's second teacher, who often got Leopold in trouble.

Mrs. Damhead: Leopold's third teacher, who debuted in Adventures season 3 who attempted to bring Leopold to Diknoz's office because he refused to do an essay on Thunderbirds101 (a Text-to-Speech parodist)

Mr. Penguin: Leopold's fourth teacher, who later reappeared in Unleashed as The Trapper after a minor brainwash over terrorists.

Principal Eric: Debuting in Rebooted as a cameo, Eric is Leopold's fifth and current teacher since Unleashed.

Principal Diknoz: Leopold's first principal, who said nothing but "No response." to annoy Sukscox. Was eventually stabbed, but ultimately recovered by Adventures season 2 and eventually retired in Rebooted for unknown reasons.

Principal Sbaitso: Leopold's second principal, who took over the role in Rebooted episode 8 (Angry German Kid and the New School Year) who was an ironically-awkward principal. By Unleashed episode 3 (AGK returns to School), he has shown more distrust towards Leopold.

PrinceStickFigure's AGK Series

Ms. Bottleneck: The main teacher of Leopold's class. She gives the punishments to Leopold and other who makes the faulty way in her class (just like Hitler in Adrenaline21's AGK Series),

Principal Ashole: Leopold's principal of this series. He usually punishes the student who makes the faulty way like Leopold, Ronald, Kaeru, Sean and Stephen, etc. by calling their parents, giving detention, chores, etc.

Atarster's AGK Series

To be continued...

AGK&videomaker2000's AGK Series

To be continued...

AGK&Rockman2001's AGK Series

To be continued...

TheGKProducer's AGK Series

Ms. Skateeta is Leopold's 9th grade homeroom teacher who really hates Leopold with a burning passion. She is also strict towards her class.

Mr. Turdfuhck is Leopold's math teacher and detention manager.

Ms. Pantylärd is Leopold's science teacher and Jake and Ronald's German teacher. She is the second victim of being antagonized by Leopold, below Ms. Skateeta.

Mrs. Fartshark will be Leopold's 10th grade homeroom teacher.

Mrs. Wideload is the school principal of the class.

Shiyamasaleem's AGK Series

Principal Kevin: Leopold's first principal who expelled Leopold and only appeared in Season 1: Episode 1: AGK Goes To School. He is Voiced By Connor Marini.

Mr Suxadik: Leopold's first teacher, who only appeared in Season 1: Episode 1: AGK Goes To School. He is Voiced By Microsoft Sam.

Miss Sukscox: Leopold's speech teacher who he hates because he gets bored easily if she teaches the class too long and he escapes. She first appeared in episode 10 and episode 11 AGK Goes To Speech and AGK Cuts Speech.

Mr Diknoz (Principal Diknoz): Leopold's principal, who is patient with Leopold's behavior and first appeared on Season 1: Episode 7: AGK And The New School Year AKA AGK Goes To A New School.