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One of the classic and nostalgic Angry German Kid Series that is funny and no one should miss watching these episodes. (The Creator's Opinion).


  • Leopold Slikk - The Angry German Kid and the main character of all angry german kid series/episodes.His life is very wierd and he acts bad in school and typically everywhere else.
  • Harold Slikk - Leopold Slikk's dad.He beats up Leopold many times due to his actions.
  • Mary Slikk - Leopolds mom. She tries to help leopold act normal but is never happy when he acts bad.
  • Leonard Slikk - Leopold little brother. Leonard loves to piss off Leopold and therefore, they both treat each other like shit.
  • Mr.Kocinkidz - Leopold first teacher. Both despise each other. Always ends up sending Leopold to the principals office.
  • Principal Ramzkidzass - Leopold first principal.Not much can be told right now.


  1. Leopold Gets Suspended
  2. Leopold Gets Revenge
  3. Harold Returns
  4. Leopold Plays Slender
  5. Leopold Takes a Test
  6. Leopold Does Drugs
  7. Leopold vs Angry Slimish Kid
  8. Leopold Plays Ghouls Forest 3D
  9. Leopold pranks his dad

Harold Slikk Episodes

  1. Harold assults his workmate and gets fired for it
  2. Harold tries to get a drink from the vending machine


  • This is one of the few series which has their episodes in high definition and widescreen.
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