Teresa2000's AGK series is a closed AGK series.


  • Leopold Slikk - The main protagonist.
  • Knuckles Slikk - Born February 8. Leopold's older brother, which is abusive, rude, often argues with Leopold and is adopted. He sounds like Gerald from Margaretka4356's series.
  • Miles Slikk - Born October 16. Leopold's younger brother, which is rival with Leopold, but likes his older brother Knuckles and loves his parents and his brother.
  • Leonard Slikk - Born July 5. Leopold's younger stupid brother.
  • Edward Slikk - Born April 14. Leopold's dad.
  • Marie Slikk - Born January 1. Leopold's mum.
  • Jon Isstupeed - Leopold's teacher.
  • Mark Hezgay - Leopold's and Knuckles' principal.


  1. AGK gets grounded - Leopold smashes a keyboard and then gets grounded by Marie.
  2. AGK wants sausage eggs - Leopold wants sausage eggs, but, when there is a lock on fridge, he will buy ingredients and he will cook it. But he fails and makes mess in kitchen.
  3. AGK goes to school - It's Monday and Knuckles, Leopold, Miles and Leonard must go to school. Leopold is writing a test, fails, and is then grounded after Mr. Hezgay's call.
  4. AGK makes an essay about his brother - Leopold must make essay about Knuckles, but he uses also bad words and Mr. Isstupeed will not like it.
  5. AGK goes to Jake - Leopold manages to sleep at Jake, but, when Edward finds out he goes there without permission, grounds him.
  6. AGK runs away - Leopold runs away after he gets grounded again, but his teacher finds him, drunk and telling bad words about his brother, so Mr. Isstupeed will take him home and Edward beats the shit out of him.
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