1. REDIRECT Template:ParodistTheDrapocalypse is a long-running YouTuber from America, who has been making AGK Parodies since 2009. He is famous for animating his episodes almost entirely in MS Paint and Sony Vegas, being one of the first AGK Parody Makers to do so. His series is long and expansive, and features a whole host of characters from a variety of different sources and backgrounds. While he continues to make non-AGK videos, his series appears to be in hiatus, although he has confirmed that he has not abandoned it.


Set in the fictional location of Pen Island, TheDrapocalypse's series focuses primarily on the exploits of Leopold Slikk, his best friend Jake Randolf and his girlfriend, Gerda. This series is notable in that it is one of the few parody series to feature a teacher sympathetic towards Leopold's suffering, being the principal of Leopold's school, Principal Madwoman.

Although Leopold has fought many enemies in the series, the main antagonist is Potato the Annoying Girl, a student at the school who has an unhealthy obsession with Peanut Butter Bars, despite suffering from 'Diabeetus'. Leopold has also encountered other antagonists such as Adolf Hitler and a Mailman who decides to hump a tree after witnessing a Works Bomb explode nearby.

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