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TheGKProducer is an upcoming AGK parodist who has been watching AGK since between 2010 and 2011.


Leopold's Family

  • Leopold Slikk is a self-explanatory protagonist in the series. He's pretty lazy but is neutral. He plays UT a lot while listening to mainstream EDM genres.
  • Harold Slikk is Leopold's father. He's a half and half, which means if Leopold does something bad, depending on the negativity, Harold will abuse him if it's over-the-top
  • Leonard Slikk is Leopold's youngest 11-year-old half-brother. He is one of Leopold's half-siblings who annoy him a lot but is not abusive. He plays a lot of Fortnite and Xbox, and is sometimes loud
  • Leonidas Slikk is Leopold's batshit-crazy 17-year-old half-brother whose libido is out of control, which can bother a lot of girls in his school very much. He once raped Suzanne, and got arrested for about a year, yet he still acts very perverted (S2E2)
  • Suzanne Slikk (Sarah Slikk) is Leopold's eldest 21-year-old half-sister. She is really selfish, and she brags about everything. It is also revealed throughout puberty, she used to fret about puberty stages.
  • Joel Slikk (Sean Turner) is Leopold's 13-year-old half-brother who's been diagnosed with autism. (S2E2)


School teachers

  • Ms. Skateeta (Season 1 voice: Princess, Needs voice actor in Vol 2) is Leopold's 9th grade algebra 1 teacher. She has an enemy relationship with Leopold.
  • Ms. Pantylärd is Leopold's 9th grade earth science teacher and Jake and Ronald's German teacher. 
  • Mrs. Fartshark is the freshman/sophomore living environment teacher. She is really strict when it comes to homework and study sheets
  • Mrs. Crowley is Leopold's 9th/10th grade teacher for history class and e-sports service class. It is revealed she has worked in a school along with Mr. Crowley and others in Go!City, America. She is also strict in homework, worksheets and vocabulary test quizzes.
  • Mrs. Whatshisname - A Mexican-American who was living in Mexico before moving to Berlin. She's Leopold and Jake's English teacher.
  • Mr. Crowley is the assistant principal and dean of the school. He's also the spouse of Mrs. Crowley. He is based off of Bearded Matt from angrywalkthroughs (now Matt Crowley) Voice: Speakonia Male 4
  • Mr. Deepthroat is the Assistant Principal, administrator of the school, and Leopold's 10th grade homeroom teacher working with other 9th, 10th and 11th graders. He is also Ronald's 9th grade geometry teacher
  • Mr. Lollifakr is the physically disabled assistant principal in the school survived after the atomic explosion Leopold has made during his Christmas vacation as revenge. Original character. (needs voice actor)
  • Mr. Creux is the French assistant principal and administrator of the school. Original character. (need voice actor)
  • Mrs. Wideload is Leopold's principal. She gives Leopold large punishments when he does something assholy, but when Leopold tells the truth, she normally suspends him for a week or less. Original character. (S1E1)

Friends (LeoCult)

  • Jake Randolf is Leopold's closest friend who plays Unreal Tournament with him a lot. (S?E?)
  • Kaeru Otoko is Leopold's 3rd-place closest friend who has a really perverted mind when it comes to girls. He got that when he was watching hentai from hentai websites, and also has a lot of premium accounts.
  • Ronald Ramirez is Leopold's 2nd closest goofy friend (S?E?)
  • Lisa Wagner - Leopold's good friend. She is also Jake's girlfriend.
  • Patricia Kyoko Blowjobb - A 15-year-old girl born of a Japanese father and a Scheisselandic human mother. She is Leopold's girlfriend

Others (NPC's, minor appearances)

  • Jade Hopper works as an afternoon reporter for the NN
  • Pony video maker was Leopold's homeroom substitute teacher
  • Ruthie Rainbow (Real name unknown) is an 18-year-old female who moved to Germany with Mr. Crowley and co. She has two jobs, one of them is as package deliver, and the second one is a police officer.


  • Mr Turdfuhck - Ms. Skateeta will be Leopold's math teacher instead
  • Fredrik Lindström is Leopold's Swedish 4th good friend. He likes to play Mortal Kombat and listens to NCS music. (S?E?) - The person behind Angry Swedish Kid got his channel terminated


  • Tailsko will be the antagonist of the AGK series. Mainly she wants to assassinate Leopold because in another dimension, she got killed by a look-a-like of Leopold Slikk, and she wants revenge because Leopold couldn't save her when she was resurrected. (Thanks to AGK&RM2001 for the idea) She also said after she assassinates Leopold, she wants to dominate the world and re-brand Berlin into Twin-Tailed City.
  • Kyle, a short but supersized guy, is Tailsko's servant. Original character.
  • Vlad is the Russian dude. He is Tailsko's second servant. Original character.

Seasons and Episodes

Angry German Kid

Season 1 is nothing out of the ordinary. Leopold just doing his own thang.


EP Title Description Date Video
1 School It's Leopold's first school day, and he has to think about reasons why he joined his community service. Is his day gonna end well? OG: 9/10/18

Reup: 9/17/18

2 Mega Man X8 During Leopold's earth science class, he is going to play Mega Man X8 on an emulator. 9/21/18


3 History Test Leopold has to study for the history class vocabulary test. Inspired by UsefulAGKHelper.
4 Birthday Leopold's birthday is coming up, and he has a bunch of ideas about what he wants for his birthday.

Written by Matt Crowley and me

Planned to have this out by Nov. 4
5 Porn Leopold wants to calm his libido down by jacking off to pornography online. But will he actually find good porn? Let's find out!
6 Cutting Class Leopold is internally bored and doesn't want to learn a new lesson in math class. So he makes an attempt to cut class.
7 Revenge from School! Leopold gets suspended for 9 days on a Friday, so he is going to cause revenge by blowing up the school in disguise.
8 Unknown Unknown
9 Unknown Unknown
10 Dad's Birthday It's Dad's birthday today! Harold forces Leopold to come to a place Leopold doesn't like, which is Dad's favorite place. Harold also brings in his friends, which turns out to be the fathers of Jake, Ramona and Ronald.
11 Paraprofessional The School for Assholes admins and principal gets tired of Leopold's behavior being made after Leopold has cut class, so they make orders on whether or not Leopold should have a para.

Starring: Leopold, Ruthie Rainbow

12 Unknown Unknown

Ms. Skateeta and Friends

This series uses the similar formula of AGK and Hitler Parodies. The main thing is, it's the teachers and staff from A School For Assholes playing or doing something. In each episode there will be a member present.

EP Title Description Date
1 GameStop Ms. Skateeta wants to go shopping, starting with GameStop, so she forces her friends to come.

Feat. The protagonist, Wideload, Pantylärd, Fartshark, Turdfuhck, Deepthroat, and Lollifakr

2 Hong Kong 97 Unknown
3 Sonic.EXE Unknown

Comparison and contrast to parodists

Inspiration/based on Brandon Rogers (YouTube) and Kitty0706 ? Sonic.EXE Danganronpa and Fallout Ed Edd n Eddy
School Leopold will be seated to right. He is seated to the left Same as TGKP and AGKAVM2000 Faces to the left. Same as TGKP and C13
Teachers and staff Teachers have incomprehensible and inappropriate names Same as TGKP Reuses Sukscox and Diknoz Mr. Wall is his math teacher Some teachers have incomprehensible names.
Suicidemouse.avi Never seen it He actually has Same as AGK82 Same as C13 and AGK82 Never seen it

AGK Trivia

  • Shocking story: Leopold's half-siblings will come from Leopold's principal.
  • Leopold's mother is unrevealed right now.