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TheInsideFilmer is a parodist who makes Angry German Kid videos. His series revolve about Leopold Slikk and his crazy adventures. He started to the series on April 9th, 2013, but on March 16th, 2015, he posted a comment on his channel discussion, saying that he is retiring from AGK for personal reasons.

On October 6th, 2021, He uploaded a video of Leopold Slikk reacting to the Chris Chan controversy. He made his official return to making AGK Parodies on October 9th, 2021; much to Leopold's fury. His most recent episode was "AGK Ep 42: Angry German Kid Trolls Everyone" (October 24, 2021).


  • Leopold Slikk - The main character of the series. He is often seen smashing things and showing little respect towards others. He is also selfish and self-centred. Leopold also does mostly poor at school, except in Information Technology, and does little-to-no homework. Despite usually failing in school, he has a average level of intelligence. He also has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which causes him to have difficulty in focusing on tasks.
  • Harold Slikk - Leopold's strong, and aggressive dad.


Title Description
1 Angry German Kid Watches Red Mist Lepold Slikk wants to watch some Spongebob Squarepants cartoons. Little did he know that he is going to watch the lost creepypasta episode, "Red Mist."
2 Angry German Kid VS The Maths Exam, and Nightmare. Leopold has a maths exam to complete at school, however, he ends up falling asleep in class, because he didn't get any sleep from what happened in the previous episode.
3 Angry German Kid watches Candle Cove After getting his Maths exam results, Leopold finds a old 1970's show video disk in his mail. Little does he realise that the old show is called "Candle Cove."
4 Angry German Kid Makes A Music Video Leopold decides to make a music video.
5 Angry German Kid Gets Trolled After getting mocked and laughed at. Leopold decided to check his emails, and finds that there is a website that has free games.
6 Angry German Kid Trolls Stephen Quire -
7 Angry German Kid Watches Suicide Mouse -
8 Angry German Kid Plays Slender -
9 Angry German Kid Watches VIB113 Leopold is trying to play a game called Mortal Kombat, however, he gets a message to watch a review of Mortal Kombat. Little does he realise that the person reviewing Mortal Kombat is known as VIB113, a YouTuber that is known for bashing good games for stupid reasons.
10 Angry German Kid's Birthday -
11 Angry German Kid Baybysits his Brother -
12 Angry German Kid Watches Fred After coming out of a hospital, Leopold decides to watch a funny video. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a Fred video.
13 Angry German Kid Watches There's Good Boos Tonight Leopold is still mad about Saints Row 4 being edited, so he decides to watch an old Casper cartoon called "There's Good Boos Tonight." Howerver, he is unaware that the Casper cartoon is one of the most saddest things ever created.
14 Angry German Kid Reacts To Mass Texts Leopold is still depressed from watching the old Casper cartoon. So he decided to watch a recent music video to make himself happy. The music video, however, turns out to be "Mass Text" created by Tay Allen, and is considered by many to be the worst song ever made.
15 Angry German Kid Watches Dead Bart It's almost Halloween, and Leopold decides to watch a scary video called "Dead Bart", a Simpsons creepypasta video.
16 Angry German Kid Plays GTA 5 Leopold has brought GTA 5, however, like always, something bad would happen to him.
17 Angry German Kid Gets A Job Leopold dedides to get a job in order to buy another Xbox 360 after his old one exploded from the Red Ring of Death.
18 Angry German Kid Meets Angry Homo Kid Leopold watches a video that is made by ChristainUtuber, also known as the Angry Homo Kid. Leopold decides to get revenge on him.
19 Angry German Kid Goes To Jail Leopold gets sent to jail for attempting to murder the Angry Homo Kid.
20 Angry German Kid's Christmas -
21 Angry German Kid Watches 2 Girls 1 Cup -
22 Angry German Kid Cuts School Leopold does not want to go to school because he has tests and he has to write an essay about why Fred Figglehorn is awesome. So Leopold decides to cut school.
23 Angry German Kid Plays Unreal Tournament -
24 Angry German Kid Watches Cupcakes Leopold Slikk searches and reacts for one of the most shocking My Little Pony videos called "Cupcakes."
25 Angry German Kid VS Jessi Slaughter Leopold searches up some videos on YouTube and finds a video made by one of the most hated person on the internet called Jessi Slaughter.
26 Angry German Kid Reacts to Justin Bieber's Arrest Leopold finds out that Justin Bieber has been arrested in Miami.
27 Angry German Kid Visits Username 666 Leopold checks out a YouTube channel called 'Username666'.
28 Angry German Kid Tries Online Dating Leopold gets a new computer, and decides to try online dating. This is the only episode in the series to get deleted.
29 Angry German Kid Plays Sonic.exe Leopold gets a free Sonic game from SEGA, however, it turns out that the game is actually Sonic.exe.
30 Angry German Kid Watches Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life Leopold decides to check out the video called Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life.
31 Angry German Kid Gets a Girlfriend Leopold recieves a message from a girl inviting him to go out for a date. The two start to talk to each other, however, Leopold reveals a secret.
32 Angry German Kid gets Revenge Having decided that suicide is not the answer, Leopold desperately seeks revenge against Katie for her insulting people with disabilities. However, Leopold first needs to find help from an unlikely ally.
33 Angry German Kid Watches Tan Mom Music Video Leopold decides to watch a horrible video called Tan Mom.
34 Angry German Kid Watches Smile Leopold decides to watch a awesome video so that he can forget about the video Tan Mom he had watched. The video in question turns out to be Smile HD.
35 Angry German Kid Watches Happy Tree Friends Leopold decides the watch Happy Tree Friends. At first he thinks it's a show for babies, but he is dead wrong.
36 Angry German Kid Plays The Scary Maze Game Leopold decides to play the infamous scary maze game.
37 Angry German Kid Plays Happymouse.exe Leopold gets a free game, and decides to play it. Little does he know that the game is called Happymouse.exe.

Parts of this video was inspired from The Nostalgia Critic.

38 Angry German Kid Plays Five Nights At Freddy's Leopold decides to buy a game from Steam called Five Night's at Freddy's. This video was requested by gabriel adkins. Thanks for the request.
39 Angry German Kid Plays Sally.exe Leopold gets an episode of Sonic The Hedgehog from the creators (DiC Animation City) for free. He is however, unaware the that the episode is actually the sequel to Sonic.exe called Sally.exe.
40 Angry German Kid Plays COD: Ghosts Leopold plays Call Of Duty Ghosts on the PS4. He then meets one of the biggest Cod Fanboy ever.
41 Angry German Kid's 2014 Christmas Leopold is looking forward to Christmas after telling his dad not to get the wrong presents. Will Leopold get the right gifts, or will it be like last Christmas.