“Without friends, you cannot win. That is that, that is why Justin lost time and time again. Because Leopold had friends to help in times of need, and Justin had no one, save you who rebuilt him. But you were no friend, merely a commander, he was your slave. You will never win against us, even if you try.”
TheKewlOne96 on The Angry German Kid Movie
“My return is not permanent. I have returned to bring a conclusion to my series once and for all and to help clean up the mess some new parody makers have created.”

TheKewlOne96's AGK series revolves around the main protagonist: Leopold Slikk. It follows Leopold in his adventures. All this information has been read, edited and confirmed by TheKewlOne96.

In 2014, he made a comeback with the promise of finishing the AGK series he started 3 years ago. But after he uploaded episode 53, he fell into dormancy again.



Leopold Slikk
The protagonist in the series. He mainly plays Unreal Tournament and fails at school. He uses his keyboard as his weapon of choice and his dad and brother hate him. He has friends who are parody makers. Despite them making crude videos of him, he owes them and Fegelein his life.
Adolf Hitler
He plans actions to kill Leopold in the first parts of the series, but soon they team up. However, he soon resorts to hating Leopold again after being sent a broken computer by Leopold in Episode 32. In Episode 41, he becomes Leopold's principal. In Episode 47, they team up again against Justin.
Hermann Fegelein
Hitler's arch enemy and Leopold's friend. They team up and take down Justin Bieber in the Trilogy, and their continuing friendship is confirmed in Episode 39, where Leopold gets Fegelein's McDonald's order right and achknowleges him.


Justin Bieber
One of Leopold's main enemies. He appears with Leopold on Chat Roulete and is the main antagonist in the AGK Movie. He is also the main antagonist in a Trilogy of episodes (36-38) where he partners up with Sukson Dikshitt, Leopold's Principal, in order to capture and kill Leopold. Justin Bieber dies again at the end of Episode 38.

Supporting characters

Harold Slikk
Leopold's dad, who constantly beats Leopold and gets angry at him, he also gets thrown into jail for killing his boss.
Leopold's Foster Mother
Mary Slikk, who makes cameos in this series. She buys Unreal Tournament 3 for Leonard and a JB album for Harold, but nothing else worth mentioning. In Episode 30, it is revealed she is Leopold's real foster mother and is forced out the house by Leopold's real mother.
Leopold's Real Mother
Coincidently also called Mary Slikk, went to jail soon after Leonard was born, after beating Leopold and giving him amnesia, hence why he doesn't remember her. She returns in Episode 30.
Leonard Slikk
Leopold's little brother, who constantly annoys Leopold during the series. Sometimes he likes girly things like watching Dora the Explorer.
Stephen Quire
The freakout kid himself has made 2 appearances so far, in Episodes 34 & 53. He is always getting into trouble, and spends his life playing WoW.
Jake Randolf
Leopold's best friend. Made several appearances already like in Episode 34 and the Halloween Special 2011 which was banned.


Leopold's House
This is where most of the actions in the series happen.
Leopold's School
This is where AGK gets assignments and for the most part doesn't behave properly; swearing, yelling and writing very bad reports.
This area is only shown in Episode 10 of the series, its basically a playground with a sidewalk. The only action that has occurred there is in Episode 10, when Leopold comes back from school to start his summer and meets his father who has to work during the summer. Leopold laughed at his dad, and then got beaten up. In Episode 46, Leopold and Stephen escape juvey and fight in the playground.
The Airport
This is featured in Episode 20 "AGK kills Justin Bieber". It is where Leopold is waiting for the plane to America, when he meets Hitler, who also wants to kill JB. They decide to team up.
The Plane
Again featured in Episode 20, this is where Hitler and Leopold endure the flight to America. The plane is constantly showing "Never Say Never".
Hitler's Bunker
This is where Hitler plans his actions against Leopold, but is also the place where Leopold and Harold seek refuge in the AGK movie.
This is where Hitler hunts down Mr.Trololol in the AGK Movie.
This is where AGK's Dad hunts down Tunak Tunak Tun in the AGK Movie.
This is where Leopold hunts down Rebecca Black in the AGK Movie.
This is where AGK, Hitler and AGK's Dad kill Rick Astley in the AGK Movie.
The Shop
This is where Leopold's Mom buys Unreal Tournament 3 for Leopold's little brother Leonard. She also buys a present for their dad. These actions take place in Episode 10.
The Prison
This is where AGK's Dad stays for 2 weeks after killing his boss.


Season 1

# Title Description Watch
1 Pilot Leopold tries to play Unreal Tournament, but after smashing the keyboard a few times his mother tells him to get off, leading to Leopold completely destroying the keyboard.
2 Leopold Goes to School Leopold wants to play on the computer, but it is Monday so his mother tells him to go to school, he goes there only to find out that he has a spelling test. He fails it so he gets grounded for another week. Leopold refuses to take the punishment, so his mother says he can play untill his dad comes home.
3 Leopold's Dad Comes Home Leopold's dad comes home from the camping trip, so Leopold gets a beating and Unreal Tournament is taken away from him. AGK decides to compensate for this by watching funny videos, but after laughing and screaming loudly at the videos, his dad comes to his room and beats him.
4 Leopold plays Sonic the Hedgehog At school, Leopold's new assignment is to write a report on WW2, he writes a few words about it and then he downloads a flash version of Sonic the Hedgehog. He starts playing, but he dies on the first boss. He gets frustrated and smashes the keyboard.
5 AGK's little brother, Leonard Leopold is left to babysit his little brother, but he doesnt want to. He doesnt look after him, he just plays Unreal Tournament. When Leonard starts to annoy him, Leopold stuffs him in a trash can. Leopold's dad comes home and sees Leonard in the trash and beat Leopold.
6 Leopold and the exams Leopold takes some exams that he forgot to revise for, after answering very stupidly he goes home.
7 Leopold gets detention Leopold's teacher tells him that he failed all his exams and sends him to detention. The detention teacher is a new one and she tells Leopold to write a essay on why he thinks he failed the exams by the end of lunchtime. He makes the computer get the BSoD, the detention teacher yells at him, he gets suspended for one month and his dad grounds him for 1 month and takes away UT.
8 Leopold's dad gets Bieber Fever Harold's workmate, John Edwards sends him a music video of Justin Bieber, Harold likes it and proceeds to play it in his house. Leopold and Leonard get annoyed by the music and smash the speakers. Then Harold beats both Leopold and Leonard.
9 Leopold's nightmare AGK falls asleep while waiting for his computer to load, he is stuck in a world where everything looks strange, his voice is demonic, the subtitles change colors and the song "Baby" is playing in the background.
10 Leopold's summer One of the best episodes. Its the last day of school and Leopold is excited to start his summer, while his dad gets told by his boss that he will work over the summer holidays. Harold comes home crying so Mary (Leopold's Mom) goes to the store to buy something to cheer him up. She buys a copy of UT 3 for Leonard and a Justin Bieber album for Harold. Leopold gets annoyed by the music.

Season 2

# Title Description Watch
11 Leopold watches some Bieber fails Leopold watches funny moments with Justin Bieber and laughs at them.
12 Leopold makes a Downfall parody After seeing "Hitler gets banned from Xbox Live" AGK decides to make his own Downfall parody. It has poor results and his dad sends him a message telling him that it sucks and he should go back to playing UT. Leopold smashes the keyboard out of frustration.
13 Leopold's computer gets broken Leonard downloads some hacks for UT 3 on Leopolds computer,giving it the BSoD. Leopold decides to sell Justin Bieber CD's to get a new one. He gets enough money but while he is playing on his new computer,everybody is playing "Baby" which makes Leopold regret he ever sold those CD's.
14 Hitler finds out about Leopold Hitler sees Leopolds horrible Downfall parody and decides to kill him. He attempts to sneak into his house,but he gets caught by a local patrolman and runs away.
15 Leopold plays Pokemon Leopold's grandfather comes and beats up everyone and takes Leopold away from his computer. Leopold finds Leonard's Gameboy and plays on it. The sound of the game annoys AGK's grandfather, who beats him up again.
16 Leopold plays Looney Tunes Safe Cracker Harold sends Leopold a horrible game called Looney Tunes Safe Cracker. Leopold loses it and smashes the keyboard.
17 Leopold watches Dora The Explorer AGK decides to watch the movie based off the popular show Dora The Explorer, Dora's Birthday Adventure. He can't sit through it and smashes the keyboard.
18 Leopold plays QWOP After playing a very hard game named QWOP. Leopold sends the game to his dad, then when his dad comes home he beats Leopold because of the game he sent him.
19 Leopold goes on Chatroulette Leopold goes on Chatroulette only to find out its just people jacking off, he comes across his father, Justin Bieber and Tunak Tunak Tun. When he sees Tunak Tunak Tun he smashes the keyboard.
20 Leopold kills Justin Bieber Leopold decides to kill Justin, he goes to the airport where he meets Hitler, who also wants to kill Justin. They team up and kill him.

Season 3

# Title Description Watch
21 Leopold Goes Back to School Leopold goes back to school, misbehaves and gets beat by his dad at home.
22 Leopold and the power cut Theres a power cut while Leopold is playing UT, he smashes the keyboard and tries to think about what he should do to survive. He plays a game called Snake on his phone, but it sucks. The power comes back on but Leopold's computer gives Leopold the message that his keyboard is not detected.
23 Leopold finds out about Rebeca Black Harold sends Leopold Rebecca Black's Friday, and he isn't too pleased.
24 Leopold films his dad After filming his dad getting angry at his computer in an attempt to unground him, the video gets leaked on the internet and Harold gets fired by his boss, because his boss saw the video.
25 Leopold pranks his familly After getting a fake BSoD, Leopold tries to get revenge by installing a fake virus on Leonards computer. The virus turns out to be real and his dad beats him when Leopold tries to uninstall it.
Beginning of Movie 1
26 Leopold's report card Leopold gets his report card,which turns out to be straight F's. He tries to fix it but fails.
27 Leopold gets revenge on his school After receiving all F's in his report card, Leopold vows to get revenge on his school. However, nobody is killed. Harold finds out this and beats Leopold.
End of Movie 1
28 Leopold Runs Away Bored of his boring life, Leopold runs away from home after getting back from school. He buys some beer and sleeps in an abandoned warehouse. Then a bunch of random kids with guns start shooting at him, so he runs away. Leopold also put a disguise on himself so nobody would recognize him. Sadly after the shooting he lost it. Now in the streets and completely helpless AGK meets TheShaneDawsonFan, who gives him UT4. Leopold is happy and returns home. Sadly he can't get used to the controls so he smashes the keyboard.
29 Leopold Plays The Impossible Quiz Leopold plays the Impossible Quiz and fails early on.
30 Leopold meets his real mom After being released from prison, Harold's real wife, also called Mary Slikk, returns home, and Harold has some explaining to do.

Season 4

# Title Description Watch
31 Leopold gets a virus After being tricked by a pop up into downloading a virus, Leopold's computer is destroyed and taken over and he doesn't like it one bit.
32 Leopold's Homework Leopold is threatened with having to do some homework, or being expelled. However, this all eventually leads to dire consequenses for some.
33 Leopold gets Sick Leopold is sick, and is set to go to a new school some other day. However, staying home alone with nothing to do is just as bad as school.
34 Leopold's New School Leopold goes to a new school, which turns out to be just as bad as the old one. Stephen Quire proves to be a bigger trouble maker than him, and the Principal seems unusually nice.
35 Leopold's Bonfire Night Leopold's family celebrates the UK holiday Bonfire Night by letting off fireworks, but Leopold doesn't like this one bit.
Beginning of Trilogy
36 Leopold Discovers the Truth about Principal Dikshitt Dikshitt is finally revealed to be partnered up with the resiliant Justin Bieber, who Leopold is surprised to find alive. Meanwhile, after witnessing Leopold's kidnapping, TheShaneDawsonFan contacts Fegelein and other parody makers to help and rescue Leopold.
37 Leopold's Escape Fegelein and friends rescue Leopold just in time, but MohDakSnake and Paulo Silva are left behind, and Leopold has the truth revealed to him on who saved him. He is thankful and is ready to save his friends, armed with Perk-a-Colas.
38 Leopold's Final Victory Leopold, Fegelein and friends witness the transformation of Hika's robot when he absorbs the perk machines. Armed woth the perks, they find their friends on the enemies side, so tsdf and wario3 battle them and snap them out of it. Then they find Justin, and pwn him in a battle. Everyone attacks him together and kill Justin once and for all.
End of Trilogy
39 Leopold gets a Job After 8 episodes, Leopold's computer is still broken, so he gets a job at McDonalds to try and get a new one. However, things turn out bad when he messes up Hitler's orders, except for Fegelein's, and is fired. However, after being Leopold's friend during the trilogy and not messing up his order, Fegelein uses his BSoD curer whilst Leopold is gone and fixes the computer.
40 Leopold goes to Hell Leopold goes to hell in a dream, and is tortured by G-major Justin Bieber.

Season 5

# Title Description Watch
41 Leopold's New Principal After Dikshitt's death, the school hires a new Principal, and it turns out to be Hitler who threatens to send Leopold to Juvey if he doesn't improve in school.
42 Leopold Plays MW3 Leopold gets MW3, but isn't finding it to be up to standard.
43 Leopold Plays the Impossible Quiz 2 Leopold has nothing to do, and ends up playing the second edition of the impossible quiz, failed.
Beginning of Movie 2
44 Leopold vs The Superintendent The Superintendent arrives, and is keeping a close eye on Leopold. Things take a turn for a worse when everyone finds out Leopold has been cheating his way through his work.
45 Leopold goes to Juvey The Superintendent spares the school, but Leopold isn't. He is sentenced to 3 years at juvey for his behaviour.
46 Leopold Escapes from Juvey Leopold is hating everything about juvey, the fights, no computer, xbox, food sucks. There is only one thing left to do, GTFO!
47 Leopold's School Re-Opens Leopold returns to school, when it re-opened.
48 Leopold cuts school Harold is angry that Justin Bieber is Leopold's new teacher, and fails to convince the Superintendent to fire him.
49 Leopold's Fight for His Life Leopold returns to school, reluctantly as usual, and finds Mr Fuxkidz as a stand in teacher. He suspects Justin is up to something and when he hears an explosion, he leaves the class to investigate.
50 Leopold Strikes Back Leopold have met with TheKewlOne96 at Leopold House And Used The Keyboard Power To defeat Justin Bieber. Ends up Justin's fleeing.
End of Movie 2

Season 6

# Title Description Watch
51 Leopold Breaks up from School It's the end of the school year, even though it is summer, and Leopold happily awaits the end of the day. Too bad he forgot about the final exam...again!
52 Leopold Plays Slender After receiving 0 marks in his exam, Leopold is stuck at home alone with no xbox or internet. The only thing to do is play the mysterious and scary game he downloaded a couple days ago.
2 years of dormancy
53 Leopold's Final School Year Today begins the first day of Leopold's final year at school. Has he improved over the years? Of course not!



The Angry German Kid Movie

Movie 1
Leopold, Harold and Hitler recieved a message from Justin. Justin founded the BFA and started invation of the whole world by sending out the mose annoying singers. Leopold, Harold and Hitler teamed up against the BFA.
Movie 2
1Draguno opened a portal to cyber. Fegelein sensed danger and called the allies to stop 1Draguno and his brother Ezio to conquer the real world.



  • This is the series with the most episodes where Leopold is having his summer.
  • It's known that TheKewlOne96 has a crappy computer like Brian Chiem's, but TheKewlOne96 can make good animations and make transparent sprites using PowerPoint.
  • Compared with AGK82's AGK series, in TheKewlOne96's series, Leopold has lots of friends, even Hitler is on his side. While in AGK82's series, Leopold is always alone and rejected by his parents.
  • TheKewlOne96 is probably the only AGK parodist who stands against SOPA.
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