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“Leave it to Leopold!”
Leopold Slikk
TheLuigi755 (operating under the name TheLuigi755 Productions, Inc.) is an Angry German Kid parodist hailing from Scotland. 

What AGK likes in TheLuigi755's series

  • Motor racing (Leopold runs a racing team, albeit to lackluster results)
  • The PaRappa The Rapper series of video games.
  • Sneech Honekawa, his friend (who also happens to work for TheLuigi755 Productions, Inc.)
  • Harold Slikk, who actually shows a shred of caring for Leopold. TheLuigi755's Harold is less prone to losing it over Leopold, rather than other Harolds who beat the crap out of him every few seconds.
  • Doraemon. When Leopold dropped all his support for Anpanman, Leopold showed greater appreciation for this anime/manga series and franchise.
The Angry German Kid's Not-so-happy Birthday

The Angry German Kid's Not-so-happy Birthday

The "warm-up" video that previewed Luigi's new AGK series.

What AGK hates

  • The Soreike! Anpanman anime series. Dismissed as being for kids half Leopold's age. Previously, Leopold ran into the franchise by accident and fell in love with it for a two-year period, but now hates the series with all his passion.
  • Leonard (hated by Leopold after rigging his DVD player to play back a DVD from the aforementioned Doraemon series during Leopold's Anpanman period).
  • Ms Batako (full name: Batako-san). Left Jam-Ojisan's bakery to work as the depute principal teacher at the Yokohama School for Non-Japanese Students (which Leopold attends). Being an Anpanman character, and one of his principals (the other being Jam-Ojisan himself), Leopold hates her.
    • Batako-san responded to this claim by saying "I don't hate Leopold. I know he hates me, but I'm just doing my job. He's actually very kind at times, mainly when I see him out of school; I think it's school stress that's to blame."
  • School. 'nuff said.
  • DVDs, Blu-Rays and videogames that he cannot play because of compatibility/region issues.
  • The fact that his PS3 is broken (actually inspired by a real-life situation of Luigi's).

Parodist history

On the 6th of June, 2015, Luigi uploaded the first episode of his new AGK series: The Angry German Kid's Not-so-happy Birthday. 3 months later, he dismissed that as merely a warm-up, and brought out The Angry German Kid's Academic Anomaly, which he claims is the real start of his rebooted series.

After this new series started, he went on a rampage and mass-deleted all of his older Windows Movie Maker videos, including a large amount of AGK material that he made in the past. This was mostly poor-quality content (i.e. "shit") made prior to 2015. He claims that WMM, and the results of using it, were "a possible threat to my reputation".

Luigi heavily stresses that he will never retire or shut down his channel (unlike many other AGK makers deemed as "suicidal" by Luigi). According to him, "long periods of inactivity are just a sign that I'm working on another video that's taking longer than it should".

TheLuigi755's Birthday Fun Check

TheLuigi755's Birthday Fun Check

TheLuigi755's more recent AGK videos now take the form of comedic skits as opposed to full episodes, mainly due to a lack of ideas.

Mockery of copyright issues

Thanks to - A typical day at TheLuigi755 Productions, Inc

Luigi talking smack about RTVA in the credits of a video that replaced a video that they were responsible for cancelling.

TheLuigi755 has been known for his zero-tolerance policy against copyright issues and unwanted advertising.

The first case started when he attempted to start a new parody sub-series, starring the wailing Hyogo Prefectural politician, Ryutaro Nonomura. He uploaded a parody, and a parody template, but TheLuigi755 soon deleted them within minutes when YouTube sent a message to his Gmail account, informing him that the videos were blocked by order of the Japanese television network, TV Asahi (officially referred to in the email, and in the video player error message, as "TV Asahi Corporation"). The piece of allegedly offending content was a piece of news footage showing the wildly emotional Nonomura during a press conference. With said footage being the sole basis of the proposed video series, Luigi's unwillingness to dispute the claims and risk termination, and with no footage available from sources other than TV Asahi, Luigi cancelled the proposed series entirely.

Ever since the ordeal, he has since started (subtly) mocking the company in his newer videos by designing a new logo for his channel, directly styled after TV Asahi's network logo. It appears before many of his videos, and often appears as a watermark (in the near-exact same position as TV Asahi's logo when used on television).

Luigi has deleted countless past videos starring Anpanman in fear that they would be blocked by Tokyo Movie Shinsha (the animation company responsible for the Anpanman TV series). Anpanman characters Jam-Ojisan and Batako-San do appear as main characters in TheLuigi755's AGK videos, albeit mostly off-screen.

Later on, in yet another failed attempt to cash in on the subtitle parody craze, TheLuigi755 uploaded a video entitled "JR Shikoku Employee loses it in TV Asahi interview". The Spanish television company Radio y Televisión de Andalucía soon noted that the video was made using the "La parellas" clip from the Canal Sur talk show El Risitas. RTVA quickly responded by forcefully placing ads on the video. In dismay, Luigi swiftly counter-acted RTVA's decision by deleting the video, to ensure that they couldn't "make undeserved revenue" from his non-profit materials. His reports stated that it was only online for around 3 minutes. A 'thanks to' credit in the filler video that replaced it slammed RTVA for "ruining the (now cancelled) El Risitas parody".


  • TheLuigi755 is a Japanophile, and despite being a Scotsman in real life, he claims that his production offices are located within Japan.
  • TheLuigi755 was actually born in New Zealand, and is a proud Kiwi at heart.
  • TheLuigi755 often uses unheard-of and obscure gaming/anime OST music as a method of circumventing potential copyright strikes.
  • TheLuigi755 has created a Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors episode. Microsoft Sam also appears in a few other videos.
  • TheLuigi755 wishes for a Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant to open in his home town of Edinburgh.
  • TheLuigi755 has assisted in the production of a collaborative AGK episode with new parodist AGK MegaMan.
  • TheLuigi755 is a fan of Nichijou and Lucky Star, in addition to his well-known like of Anpanman, Doraemon and PaRappa The Rapper.
    • On a Nichijou-related note, Luigi formerly played under the name "Yuuko Aioi" on Steam.
  • TheLuigi755's favourite TF2 class is the Pyro.
  • Swearing in my videos
    TheLuigi755 doesn't allow any type of profanity or offensive content in his videos, unlike many other AGK parodists.

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