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TheMarioSonicandPacManFan07 (formerly known as ThePCGamer, DeluxeEmeraldFan Official and BartekZioomPro) is a parodist who makes AGK videos. He also does other type of videos such as gameplays, commentaries, rants and many more.


TheMarioSonicandPacManFan07 started making parodies in December 2017, but he was working on Angry Dominican Kid instead of Angry German Kid. He was inspired by CyberPod Mark 2 to do his Angry Dominican Kid Videos.

In July 2020, TheMarioSonicandPacManFan07 decided to finally make his first Angry German Kid Episode. His AGK Series were inspired by CrashFan96, Cansin13, AngryGermanKid82, CyberPod Mark 2 and many more. Just like in other people's AGK Series, his AGK series involve Leopold Slikk as a main protagonist in the series who tries to not get into trouble, but it fails.


Leopold Slikk

The Main character of the series who rages when something bad happens to his life and mostly loves playing Unreal Tournament.

Harold Slikk

Leopold's abusive father that likes to abuse his children when Leopold does bad things.

Mary Slikk

Leopold's kind mother that tries to make Leopold's live not be a nightmare.

Leonard Slikk

Leopold's younger brother who loves to read about viruses and sometimes installs viruses on Leopold's Computer.

Leonidas Slikk

Leopold's stupid brother who acts like a crazy man who has a seizure.

Leorich Slikk

Leopold's youngest brother who loves to watch LazyTown so much and wishes to meet Roobie Rotten from that show.

Daniel Slikk

Leopold's Oldest Brother who likes to play games on his PC, Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Charles Slikk

Leopold, Leonard, Leonidas, Leorich and Daniel's great-great-grandfather who literally fights with bad guys.

TheMarioSonicandPacManFan07's AGK Episodes List

Episodes in italic means they are upcoming.

Episodes in bold they are being worked on.

  1. AGK Gets Troll Skype Calls
  2. AGK Plays Mario Forever Space Travels
  3. AGK Gets the BSOD
  4. AGK vs Dark Bowser
  5. AGK plays Batman Forever
  6. AGK watches Angry Video Game Nerd
  7. AGK Gets Revenge on His Dad
  8. AGK Plays InkBowser.exe
  9. AGK's Nightmare
  10. AGK vs InkBowser.exe
  11. AGK Gets Petya Ransomware
  12. AGK buys a New Computer
  13. AGK gets revenge on Leonard
  14. AGK Goes to McDonald's
  15. AGK and the Skunk
  16. AGK Gets insulted on YouTube
  17. AGK vs Drex Masopac

TheMarioSonicandPacManFan07's False Copyright Strike

On July 27, 2020, TheMarioSonicandPacManFan07 discovered that he got a false copyright strike by a Vyonder/GoAnimator called AA_ElSexyDarwin5677SiAnaNo69__ Returns on his AnaAnimate10 Sockpuppet. The Video was a proof that AA_ElSexyDarwin5677SiAnaNo69__ Returns can't handle dislikes due to him disabling the ratings on one of his AnaAnimate10 Sockpuppet's Videos. According to Horrible Vyonders Wiki, AA_ElSexyDarwin5677SiAnaNo69__ Returns' Page says that the video was telling the truth and that just makes him a Suzy Lu wannabe since he unfairly copyright striked TheMarioSonicandPacManFan07. TheMarioSonicandPacManFan07's Copyright Strike expired on October 25, 2020.

TheMarioSonicandPacManFan07's 1K Subscribers Surprise

On August 30, 2020, TheMarioSonicandPacManFan07 discovered that he finally reached 1k subscribers after almost 3 years of activity on YouTube. He was really happy that he would get the community tab as he got 1k subs. When he discovered that he got 1k subs, he had actually 1.01k subs.

Editors that TheMarioSonicandPacManFan07 uses for his Parodies

  • Windows Movie Maker (2017 Only)
  • KineMaster (2018-Sometimes)
  • Camtasia Studio 8 (2019-Present)