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ThePentagono41's AGK Series is a series of the Angry German Kid created by an italian guy called (of course) ThePentagono41.


The Angry German Kid had an Windoze XD, as PC, it was bad. And he received other Windoze which, however, broke.


All episodes of the saga, warning these names are translated in english:

Season 1

  1. the winzozz
  2. let's cut this winzozz
  3. angry german kid ep 3 st 1 the old winzozz
  4. play of the mac mac
  5. rebel animation
  6. a pc game
  7. battle at the last linux
  8. the youtube channel
  9. clash on skype
  10. the revenge of coilsi90

Season 2

  1. a beautiful pc
  2. another ploywindows ora
  3. a terrifing game with ponies
  4. AGK vs NocciolinaRombante94


  • Coilsi90 (season 1) (season 2)
  • Pingux2012 (season 2 *upcoming*)