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This is TheSimpsonsStuff's series of Angry German Kid.

Leopold Slikk


Episode 1: Angry German Kid plays The Simpsons Game

Episode 2: Angry German Kid and Leonard vs their father


Leopold Slikk (born 7th October 2001) is the main character of the show. He mainly swears alot, but also likes playing games and watching stuff on YouTube. He also calls his teacher Mr Fucker.

Leonard Slikk (born 19th July 2004) is Leopold's brother. In one episode, he hacked onto Leopold's computer, which kind of annoyed Leopold.

Harold Slikk (born 13th June 1970) is Leopold and Leonard's father. He does beat up Leopold, but not Leonard.

Mr McKillop (born 30th November 1969) is Leopold's teacher. He sends Leopold to the principal's office for not doing any work or swearing at him.

Principal Walsh (born 28th July 1962) is the principal of the school. When Leopold misbehaves, he is sent to his office, where Leopold gets a bit too far with the principal, although the principal is not seen.

Ben Drancy (born 8th July 2002) is Leopold's enemy. In one episode, when Leopold is playing The Simpsons Road Rage, Ben turns up and confronts him about what Leopold did to him in the past.