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The "Dark Weapon" is one of the main antagonists of AGK: FM. He makes his debut in Episode OVA 1.



The "Dark Weapon" born on 10th March 2003, lived in Romania.

Prior to Final Mix


Road to Power Up and Final Mix


Final Mix

Name: The "Dark Weapon"

Japanese Translation:

  • 闇の剣戟 (Yami no Kengeki)
  • アレクサンダーキャタリスト (Arekusandaa Kyatarisuto)

Age: 16

Birthdate: 16th March 2003

Blood Type: ???

Alignment: Evil





Height: 170 cm

Weight: 61 kg


  • The "Dark Weapon" has similarities to UsefulAGKHelper as:
    • Birthdate (16th March 2003)
    • Original/Full Name ("Alex Cata", in A21's AGK Series, his full name is longer as "Alexander Catalyst")
    • Nationality (Romanian/Romania)
    • Status (Slikker)
  • From above, The "Dark Weapon" has differences as:
    • Series Origin (The "Dark Weapon", A21. UsefulAGKHelper, his own series)