The 4th generation has been introduced on the Angry German Kid Community in 2017 because of the reasons below:

The Reason Why The 4th Generation Is Implemented

The reason why the Angry German Kid community wanted a 4th generation is because the current AGK meme and the 3rd Generation's content rate at that time went from satisfactory to unneeded to the point were the fan base was considering that the meme was “dying”.

“Originality is now rare, there's no more inspiration, the meme loses its relevancy, fan boys attack other AGK Makers by comparing them with another parodist, the 3rd generation is gonna die soon, more people started to become more inactive and lose interest on AGK.”

Because of this system is considered by others to need new standards, a new generation was also considered to be launched in an attempt to replace the mistakes of the former generation.


NOTE: More things have been introduced since 4th generation started, not only those that are listed on the poll. In order to know your feedback regarding this subject, comment on this article or vote on the poll below:

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