The AGK Movie is a series or movie from all about Leopold will having adventure to stop Dark Leopold from taking the world. A movie series created by KingSteven AGKChannel.

The official trailer was posted on July 23, 2016. And it was premiered the movie since August 2016.


Parts Description Release Date
1 Leopold taking a test from school, he refuses. And his dad will going to his office party, but then, his brother told him to having adventure. August 20, 2016
2 Leopold and his brothers and friends preparing their stuff to kill Dark Leopold. August 26, 2016
3 They borrow Gerald Slikk's car to having road and they rented for hotel for staying and rest. Actually, on the next day, Ronald, Leonard, and Leonidas having trouble in cooking. September 24, 2016
4 After the punishment situation, Harold calls Hitler for help and it should arrest his uncle for no reason. Also, Arry and Adrielle having a call from Leopold that they should join too for his team. October 13, 2016
5 A simple discussion from the Bunker about Dark Leopold. November 25, 2016
6 As they are touring around the world with Leopold's team. Meanwhile, Hitler and his generals are finding the bus but they find it with classic one. But surely, Leopold's team was inside of it and they have fun. When they are in Dark Leopold's lair, they entered seperately from Hitler's generals and Leopold's team, when Leopold's team was giving shortcut to Dark Leopold's throne room, they notice from some of Dark Leopold's backups are there. February 10, 2017
7 As Leopold, Jake, and Arry started to fight Dark Leopold's backups. They will killed them by their upgraded weapons. After the situation happen, they come to it's evil throne room and notice that Dark Leopold destroys the ceiling with lava and they will start to battle. March 9, 2017
8 Leopold's team will begin to battle Dark Leopold in RPG style. March 27, 2017
9 After the destruction of Dark Leopold's lair. Meanwhile, at the hospital where Harold got injured and cover it with bandages after he got beat up by his uncle. Leopold's team join to his room until he feels very well. After a couple of hours, they all finally home through Leopold's house and does the Harlem Shake dance. Meanwhile in the destructed Dark Leopold's lair, the commander shoots of it's hand that raised up. (This is the finale part of the movie) March 31, 2017 (FINALE)


  • Downfall people are also friendly to Leopold in this movie.
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