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The Angry Gang Logo (fan made)

The Angry Gang is a group in NajibTheChamp's AGK Series that consists of the main protagonists in the series. Their job is to foil any evil plots set by Dr. Claw and Adolf Hitler.


Current Members

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Story Arc

The debut episode of NajibTheChamp's AGK Series shows Leopold and his friends talking and playing Metal Gear Solid 2 in their class. This is short-lived when their notorious teacher, Ms. Claw, bursts through the room, threatening the Angry Gang with a stroke of the cane. After being confronted by the PlayStation 2, Ms. Claw mutates into Mutant-A. Leopold gets weapons to kill the beast and with the help of his friends, kills their dreaded teacher. 

In Episode 2, Hitler instructs his henchmen to break Leopold's PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 with a virus. Due to their laziness, only Burgdorf does the mission. Leopold would come to his house, only to see that his gadgets have broke, even clarifiying that his brother, Leonard, did it. Leopold only finds out the Nazis have done it when the swastika shows up on the screen. Leopold, with the help of Captain PS, finds Burgdorf and severely injures him with gunshots. Fegelein does an antic when he fixes the consoles and the PC.

The Angry Gang story will be explained further when new episodes come.


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