The Angry German Kid: Christmas Special is a comic episode made by GeneBernardinoLawl and AGKandRockman2001, with its story treated as a re-imagining of the Purple Guy Story Arc.


A day before Christmas, Hoppus found out he didn't get any presents because of his actions in the "Mighty MagiSwords" series. He went to Leopold's house and asked him to help him.

Leopold asked Grizzly Bear for help, and went to Hoppus' tent so that he can cheer him up.

Later that night, Hoppus got a letter from Gene inviting him to a Christmas party. He accepts the invitation, but is uncomfortable because he didn't get help. So he went to the bathroom to think peacefully about his situation, that is until he heard a music box behind him.

Milo Prower, Tailsko's "younger" brother, appears as a spirit. Hoppus freaks out, but Milo tries to tell him to calm down by telling him he can make him appear on the nice list if he does something for him. It turns out that Milo was, along with five other children, the victims of a British serial killer named William Afton. Milo wants Hoppus to set himself and his friends free by giving Christmas presents. Realizing he must care about others rather than being greedy and selfish, Hoppus accepts the request, and goes shopping quickly before he ends up being cursed. After finding presents for the Missing Children, Hoppus found a drawing of Tailsko & Milo, and asks Fabrice if he can get some more.

After being caught putting the presents under the Christmas tree, Hoppus had no choice but to tell Gene the truth. At first, Gene was shocked, but Hoppus told him that those kids had no chance to stand up against him the day they were killed.

Later that night, Hoppus got awoken by the sound of laughter coming from downstairs. He then found Milo and his friends in front of the Christmas tree waiting for him. As each kid opens their present, they became really happy and are thankful to Hoppus before being sent to Heaven. And Hoppus got himself a new friend: Milo.

The next morning, Hoppus was very excited to see if he got a present, but became disgusted by seeing his friends having presents. But Gene found a large gift for Hoppus at his doorstep. It turns out it's a vault containing many gifts and a letter from Milo thanking him for his good deeds.


  • Hoppus the Rabbit (voiced by Travrinity)
  • Prohyas Warrior (voiced by Fabrice Laroche)
  • Gene Bernardino (voiced by himself)
  • Leopold Slikk (voiced by GeneBernardinoLawl)
  • Grizzly Bear (voiced by Fabrice Laroche)
  • Milo Prower (voiced by GeneBernardinoLawl)
  • Fabrice Laroche (voiced by himself)
  • Marcus Brutus Rabbit (voiced by Fabrice Laroche)
  • Bart Simpson (voiced by Fabrice Laroche)
  • Gasper Vladi (voiced by Fabrice Laroche)
  • Lincoln Loud (voiced by Fabrice Laroche)
  • Sailor Moon
  • Asia Argento

Musics Used


The Angry German Kid: Christmas Special/Script

Easter Eggs

  • At 5:04, a picture of the child possessing Golden Freddy can be seen for a split second.
  • At 6:55, an anime version of Scrap Baby appears with text saying "I can't wait for the show to begin.". This easter egg is a spoiler to Fabrice's AGK series. The video belongs to Mairusu Paua (Miles Power).
  • At 7:19, a picture of Sonic.exe and Tom appears on screen. This picture belongs to JC the Hyena, the author of Sonic.exe.
  • At 15:58, a sound clip of VideoGameDunkey is heard when Hoppus goes upstairs. It's also an easter egg in Sonic Mania.
  • At 16:47, a picture of Flora from "TwoKinds" appears on screen with a sound clip of Koneko saying "Nya!".
  • At the very last second, Springtrap can be seen. This design will be used in Season 5 of Gene's AGK series.


  • It is the first comic Gene & Fabrice worked on.
  • It couldn't be uploaded on YouTube because Gene's brother doesn't want him to use his PC, and his phone didn't have enough space. So, he shared the Google Drive link instead.
    • However, it is no longer available because of Terms of Use.
  • This is the first comic series on DeviantArt that you see Hoppus crying.
  • This is the only version with Fabrice's choice for the soundtracks.
    • Otherwise, the Re-release and Remake are Al's choice for the soundtracks (some of soundtracks from Fabrice's choice are picked by him)

The Angry German Kid: Christmas Special (Re-release) is a comic made by GeneBernardinoLawl and AGKandRockman2001, with its story treated as a re-imagining of the Purple Guy Story Arc. Adrenaline21 re-release the original version with modifier.


Same as the original version.


Same as the original version but some of the characters voiced by Adrenaline21.

Here are the "A21" voiced characters:

  • Leopold Slikk
  • Hoppus
  • Milo
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Narrator

Audios Used


The Angry German Kid: Christmas Special (Re-release)/Script


  • Adrenaline21 have planned the re-release along with version to improve his video editing skills after his hiatus on AGK since 2 February 2018.
  • Instead of few screenshots of Purple Guy Story Arc from Gene's AGK Series.
  • The Re-release has fixed voice for Milo and Leopold, thanks to Al for recording while there are few background noises because Gene's voice sounds incompatible and gibberish when he records his lines.
  • This is the version without Travrinity on it.

The Angry German Kid: Christmas Special is the non-canon OVA of Adrenaline21's AGK Series with its timeline set on a day before Christmas.


  • Leopold Slikk (Voiced by Adrenaline21)
  • Johnny Fort Spieler (Voiced by ???)
  • Jack Randolf
  • Ronald Suez
  • Spencer Grave (Voiced by Travrinity)
  • Kaeru Otoko
  • Leonard Slik
  • Leonidas Slikk
  • Harold Slikk (Voiced by ???)
  • Gladys Slikk
  • Cauliflo
  • Adrenaline21
  • Vanessa Nakamura
  • Alisa von Dreissig
  • Sui von Dreissig
  • Tailsko
  • Noah Riegel
  • Gene Bernardino
  • Nick Skiles
  • Jaiden Romario van Dahlmanns
  • The Blue Pony Video Maker
  • Joey Slikk
  • Jayden W. Montoya
  • Fabrice Laroccia-Laroche (Robot form, Voiced by himself)
  • Nova
  • Adolf Hitler (Voiced by Adrenaline21)
  • Togsy (Voiced by Adrenaline21)
  • Hermann Fegelein
  • Hoppus (Gene's AGK Series, Voiced by Travrinity)
  • Ice Bear (Gene's AGK Series, Voiced by Adrenaline21)
  • Grizz Bear (Gene's AGK Series, Voiced by AGKandRockman2001)
  • Panda Bear

Audios Used

  • ....


The Angry German Kid: Christmas Special (Remake)/Script


  • Remake has the same soundtracks as the Re-Release but some of them are exceptional, depending on the version.
  • Remake version has different story arc.
  • Etc...


Original Re-Release Remake OVA
Released on 24 December 2017 Released on 26 May 2018 Released on July/August 2018 Released on November 2018
Soundtracks from...
  • 5NAF
  • Undertale
  • Kevin McLeon
  • A Whole New World.exe
  • Toy Story.exe
  • Sonic.exe
  • Sally.exe
  • Abandoned Discovery Island

being picked by AGK&R2001

Soundtracks from...
  • Rockman Zero
  • Sonic
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Masked Rider
  • Yugioh

being picked by A21

??? ???
There are easter eggs There are no easter eggs Same as Re-Release Same as Re-Release
The comic itself made by GBL and AGK&R2001 Same as Original The comic itself being remade by A21 with different story N/A
The character dubbers are:
  • GBL
  • AGK&R2001
  • Travrinity
For females, AGK&R2001 using the footage from anime The females, one voiced by TTS (Asia) and one silent due to no lines for her (Sailor Moon)
Gene is the character voice for Milo and Leopold. A21 is the character voice for Milo and Leopold. A21 uses his natural voice pitch to make them suitable for him.
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