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The Angry German Kid Movie is created by TheKewlOne96. There are 2 episodes. The first movie is between episode 25 and 28, and the second movie is between episode 43 and 51.

Movie 1 - Invasion of the Bieber Fever Army




Supporting Characters

  • Jodl
  • Günsche
  • Rick Astley
  • Armies of girls
  • Rebecca Black
  • Mr. Trololol (Eduard Khil)
  • Tunak Tunak Tun
  • Numa Numa Guy

Minor Characters

  • Hitler's Generals


  • Leopold's house
  • Harold's office
  • Hitler's bunker
  • The Reich Lab
  • Hitler's armory
  • France
  • Malaysia
  • Africa
  • Australia
  • ARK Music Factory


This story starts when Leopold wanted to play Unreal Tournament as usual, when suddenly, he receives an email...

“Dear, Leopold Slikk

You thought you had killed me. No, I am still alive. Be prepared Leopold, sometime very soon, I will find you and kill you.”

―Justin Bieber, Head of the BFA (Bieber Fever Army)

Thinking that this is just a prank, he ignores it, deciding to start playing UT instead. Later, during a heated match, he is interrupted. Leopold, Harold, as well as everyone around the world receives a video message from none other Justin Bieber himself:

“Hello world, I am Justin Bieber. You all must think I am dead. Well, I only just survived, but I had to be rebuilt, and because of that, I'm now part android. The news I have heard is disgraceful. Millions of parades over my death. Well, I will not allow it. All of you shall perish. For I have been secretly bringing together some of the most annoying and unpopular people on the planet. Like Rebecca Black, Rick Astley, Mr. Trololol, and Tunak Tunak Tun, to form a new army, the BFA, the Bieber Fever Army. We have the tools to take our revenge on this pathetic world. We will begin our takeover in exactly half an hour. Oh, and Leopold and Hitler, you two shall be brought personally to me. You cannot hide from our army, for It is bigger then you can imagine. It is not finished yet. But in half an hour, well you just wait and see. You won't be able to run or hide from me. No one will. Be prepared world, your end is near.”
Justin Bieber

Leopold and Harold are shocked. Just after that, Leopold's computer is hacked. His computer as well as every computer around the word, except for the ones in Area 51, the Pentagon, and the White House, then initiates a command known as 6602: Bieber Brainwash, turning everyone who had Bieber Fever into a mindless slave of the BFA. Harold arrives at home and informs his son about the message, before Leopold suggests that they go to Hitler's Bunker after telling him about his deal with the Furher. Harold agrees to take him and Leopold gives him the location.

Meanwhile, in Hitler's bunker, he listens to last of the message, before beginning yet another rant.

Right before Bieber's assault began, Leopold and Harold arrive at the bunker. Leopold reveals that their best bet to beat the BFA is to target the generals. They (which from here on out, will be referred to simply as the Allies) then go to the planning room. Leopold's plan is to take out said leaders so they could free the girls and then focus on Justin himself. Hitler informs them that they have some gadgets to track these leaders and fight them, including Jodl's newly completed Track-O-Matic.

In America, a short special report plays, revealing that the BFA has access to a special weapon that causes anyone who is hit to develop Bieber Fever and become a part of their forces, and that they are beginning their assault on Europe.

The Allies enter the lab and activate the Track-O-Matic and prepare to track the leaders' locations. After being RickRolled by Jodl and Fegelein, they decided to go after Rick Astley first. To their surprise, Rick was just 2 miles off the west coast of France. They head to Hitler's top secret armory that only he and Günsche knew about. They then equip themselves with WTF bombs, first aid kits, armored clothing, and guns (mainly AKs). As the Allies board Hitler's truck, Leopold installs a special antihacker program and is about to go on YouTube, when Hitler tells him that Rick and his piece of the BFA has been spotted just a mile away. After Leopold checks the program "Weapons and Defenses", Hitler informs him that The United Nations declared that due to the rapid rate that the BFA is taking over, the Allies and anyone deployed may attack the girls if necessary. Leopold then activates the shields and deploys the missile turret (Or a multipurpose turret in the remake by Cansin13.) and fires two missiles, The girls retaliate by firing two much larger missiles, bringing the shields down to just 30%! Furious, Leopold fires three more missiles, killing half of Rick's battalion before switching to and firing the chaingun turret, (or firing an energy ball in Cansin13's remake) killing Rick, and allowing the Allies to free the girls from Justin's influence.

The allies return to the lab where Hitler informs Leopold and Harold that Jodl made handheld copies of the Track-O-Matic . They split up and each target one of the remaining leaders. Leopold went after Rebecca Black in Australia, Hitler went after Mr. Trololol in Malaysia, and Harold went after Tunak Tunak Tun in Africa.

After the three leaders were defeated, the Allies went back to the lab and found out that just as things were starting to return to normal, the girls were suddenly back in BFA control. The reporter, surmised that Justin must have a device of his own, and hopes that whoever defeated the generals can take Justin down, too, They tracked Justin and found that he was in the ARK Music Factory. Günsche takes them there right away, During their long walk, they encounter the Numa Numa Guy, but he is killed by an impatient Hitler. Finally, they reach Justin's command base where they confront the cyborg pop star. Justin reveals that the reason the girls are under his control once more thanks to his new satellite and he plans to use it to control the minds of EVERYONE. However, before the Allies can act, Harold is suddenly brainwashed by Justin using one of the mind control ray guns used by the BFA, forcing Leopold to fight him. Just as Harold is about to deliver the final blow with a knife (or his sledgehammer in Cansin13's remake), however, Hitler succeeds in hacking the nearby computer, freeing Harold... only to be knocked out by a grenade thrown by an angry Justin.

Finally, Leopold fights Justin, and wins after being saved by his father and Hitler. He then slams him out of the window with his keyboard, causing Justin to fall to his (apparent) death. However, when Hitler shuts down the satellite, freeing the girls once and for all, the computer activates a missile that targets Area 51, but it was soon destroyed by Leopold. Finally, after the allies destroy the ARK Music Factory headquarters building, Günsche picks them up and they set off for home, ending the first movie.


Boss Location HP Battler
Justin Bieber ARK Music Factory/Justin's command base 300 Leopold


Movie 2 - Dangers of the Internet




  • Justin Bieber
  • TheKewlOne96's Brother (Ezio Auditore da Firenze)
  • 1Draguno (Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad)

Supporting Characters

  • Gamerno99 (Fawful)
  • cvetipavlov (Link)
  • Trollfaces
  • BETA-One (MohdAKSnake)
  • Demon Leopold
  • Bunchie
  • MrWario3 (Wario)
  • TheShansDawsonFan
  • NXTurbo007 (Turbo)
  • Hikazemitzusucharai (Hika)
  • FireWorldTheRed/MrSuperParty5 (The Cartoon)
  • ComJacker
  • Jake Randolf
  • Goebbels
  • scorpion (Paulo Silva)
  • Heatran
  • Giratina
  • TheKewlOne96


  • A road
  • Fegelein's lab
  • Leopold's home
  • The place where 1Draguno's teleporter was
  • First region of cyber (Fegelein's group)
  • Second region of cyber - the computer desktop
  • Third region of cyber (Hika's group)


The movie starts with Gamerno99 and cvietipavlov, talking about some ideas on what video they should make. Suddenly, a figure dressed in white appears and despite the pair demanding answers, he refused to give them, and went to Fegelein's lab. There, he made some adjustments to the FegelPorter, so that the real world would have a permanent connection to cyberspace itself. At this point, Fegelein arrived, just as some trollfaces teleported themselves to the real world. Gamerno99 and cvietipavlov arrived and fought off the trollfaces. Fegelein puts together that the man wanted to conquer the world by letting the beings in cyberspace enter reality. So, he sends a teleport link to the many allies he had made, including Leopold, MohdAKSnake, Paulo, MrWario3, Hika and TheShaneDawsonFan.

Meanwhile, in Leopold's house, he and Jake, receive the message from Fegelein, and use the link to teleport to Fegelein's lab. MohdAKSnake could not go due to him being busy with school, so he sent out BETA-One, an upgraded version of his android, ALPHA-One. Just before the teleport link activated, however, Gobbels arrives to confront Fegelein for stealing and eating all of Hitler's cookies... only to be teleported himself.

Elsewhere, the culprit made another teleporter, copying Fegelein's design. Suddenly NXTurbo007 comes forward. The saboteur lies to him, telling him that he was the one who invented the teleporter and convinces him to get in. As soon as Turbo arrived in cyberspace, he was ambushed and trapped by a Bunchie.

The allies arrive at where the saboteur placed his teleporter but before they can apprehend him, he teleports away. Then the allies encounter a Heatran and Giratina. Leopold and BETA-One stayed behind to fight them, while the others were teleported into cyberspace. After that, TheShaneDawsonFan, ComJacker, and MisterSuperPatty5 meet up with them. At this point, they entered the teleporter, sending them into cyberspace.

However, the party was separated during teleportation.

Fegelein, MrWario3, TheShaneDawsonFan, and Goebbels arrived at a cyber region composed of files and links. There, they found Turbo, still trapped. The Bunchie appeared and attacked Fegelein's group, but is quicky subdued. Turbo was then released, and in return, he healed Wario and explained the man in white's role in this scheme...

Leopold, BETA-One, Jake, MSP5 and ComJacker were teleported into a computer desktop. Leopold realizes that the figure they confronted at the duplicate teleporter was 1Draguno and that he was one of TheKewlOne96's two brothers, and is then kidnapped by 1Draguno himself...

Hika's Robot, Paulo, Gamerno99, and cvietipavlov found themselves in another region. TheKewlOne96 other brother came in and sent out Justin, now sporting the completed version of the Mechadroid suit he utilized in his last fight with Leopold, and told the allies to surrender...

Meanwhile, Leopold found that he was back home, but in actuality, he was in a special psychic bubble made by 1Draguno, which allowed a demon that had been trapped within Leopold for years to surface. Right then, the group Leopold traveled with arrived, only to be informed that Leopold had been overtaken by his demonic counterpart, and then attacked 1Draguno. Soon, TheKewlOne96 arrived, and took 1Draguno away.

Meanwhile, back in the first region, a bored Goebbels teleports himself back to the real world. Fegelein's group decides to redirect their main priority to finding the other, separated allies. At that moment, Demon Leopold appears and following 1Draguno's orders, attacked Fegelein and his party. During the battle, TheShaneDawsonFan, Turbo and MrWario3 are all defeated. Ultimately, however, Fegelein manages to free Leopold, sending Demon Leopold back to hell. Leopold and Fegelein went back to the lab to heal their defeated allies. And then they teleported to the third region.

Back in the third region, the allies refuse to surrender and attack Justin, but fail to even put a dent in the cyborg or his suit. Leopold appears and unleashes the power boost granted to him by TheKewlOne96, and then BETA-One comes in as well. Hika's Robot and BETA-One combine into a gigantic android, the IMPERIAL-One, and face Justin with Leopold. Ending with IMPERIAL-One using his "Shoop-Da-Nuuke" attack to finish Justin off.

“I, have been defeated? No! It's just like you said before in episode 38. Maybe if I made more friends, I would have won. My time is finally up. My end is here. Goodbye Leopold, and master.”
Justin Bieber

With that, this world's version of the infamous teen pop sensation accepted defeat and exploded, ending both his singing career and revenge plot against Leopold and his friends, once and for all. Kewl's Brother arrived, disappointed and angry at Justin's defeat and decides to fight them himself, but was stopped by his brother.

“Without friends, you cannot win. That is that that is why Justin lost time and time again. Because Leopold had friends to help in times of need, and Justin had no one, save you who rebuilt him. But you were no friend, merely a commander, he was your slave. You will never win against us, even if you try.”

He was finally imprisoned, along with 1Draguno. All the allies were finally teleported back to the real world, ending the second movie.


Enemies/Bosses Locations HP Battlers
3 Trollfaces Fegelein's Lab 200 each Fawful and Link
Heatran and Giratina Near 1Draguno's teleporter - Leopold and BETA-One
Bunchie First region of cyber 500 Fegelein, TheShaneDawsonFan, Wario and Goebbels
Demon Leopold First region of cyber 300 Fegelein, TheShaneDawsonFan, Turbo and Wario
Justin Bieber Third region of cyber 1000 Leopold and IMPERIAL-One


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