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The Angry German Kid Movie (アングリージェルマンキッドムービー: ロードトウパワーアップ&ファイナルミックス, Angurii Jeruman Kiddo: Roodo tou Pawaa Appu ando Fainaru Mikkusu, Angry German Kid Movie: Road to Power Up & Final Mix) is an upcoming movie before the series 2 came to the end and before the series 3 (Angry German Kid: Power-Up) and season OVA (4)/Angry German Kid: Final Mix for Adrenaline21 going to released.


Adrenaline21's AGK Series



Adrenaline21's AGK Series

  • (A21) Leopold Slikk
  • Jack Randolf/(A21) Angry Sims Kid
  • Johnny Fort Spieler (Voiced by AGK&Rockman2001)
  • Adrenaline21
  • Ronald Suez
  • Spencer Grave
  • (A21) Kaeru Otoko
  • Vanessa Nakamura
  • Alisa von Dreissig
  • Cauliflo/Caulifla
  • Hermann Fegelein
  • Hitler
  • Togsy aka Elder Toguro/Toguro "The Older Brother"
  • Exo
  • Alvaro De Vance
  • Victoria De Vance

GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series

  • (GBL) Leopold Slikk
  • Jake Randolf
  • (GBL) Kaeru Otoko
  • Eric R. Sims/(GBL) Angry Sims Kid
  • 40T10 aka Gene
  • Hoppus
  • Prohyas Warrior
  • Vambre Warrior
  • Barry Slikk
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Panda Bear
  • Ice Bear
  • Yana
  • Angry Sulu Kid/Kervin Neinttarson
  • Barry (from We Bare Bears)
  • Barry Slikk
  • Sasha Fokin




  • This is the 1st movie of GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series and followed by 2nd and a crossover movie with Adrenaline21 and Icepenguins101.
  • This is the only original movie of GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series.
  • This movie's title is a reference to both "Kingdom Hearts" and "Megaman" series as:
    • Final Mix for A21's Series (from Sony console exclusive Kingdom Hearts games) and...
    • Power Up for GBL's Series (from Megaman 1's remake)
  • According to his past, this is the last appearance of Sasha Fokin from GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series.
    • GeneBernardinoLawl was planning the death of Sasha Fokin.