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  • Leopold Slikk
  • Harold Slikk
  • Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Daggeron
  • Xander
  • Vida Rocca
  • Madison Rocca
  • Nick Russel
  • Chip
  • Leanbow
  • Clare
  • Udonna
  • LeeLee
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Hüsnü Çoban
  • Suat Çoban
  • Zeliha Çoban
  • Tekin Çoban
  • Metin Çoban
  • Şule Çoban
  • Nazike
  • Melek Serter


The Çoban Family, a squadron of Family with real souls and machine-like bodies, set their sights on Earth after conquering Planet Leslie with a "white snow" virus that mutates inhabitants of a planet into machine slaves. Their ultimate goal is to mutate the inhabitants of a planet, then charge them an exorbitant price for the cure, making massive profits on others' misery.

Upon arriving on Earth, the Mystic Rangers give chase with Mystic Titans and Solar Streak Megazord stopping their arrival and take out a platoon of Family footmen that they use to make their getaway while the Mystic Rangers obtain the virus vial. While Daggeron heads to Planet Leslie to further investigate the situation, the Mystic Rangers search through town to find any clues regarding the Çoban Family true intention, while they attempt to sell the concept to Adolf Hitler, who refuses them due to not having both virus and cure. During the investigation, Leopold encounters Clare, a Magician who is actually an undercover Mystic Rangers agent from Leslie who possesses the power to temporarily freeze time for a short period.

While falling for Leopold, she fears for what is happening to her people and wishes for the Evil Çoban Family to be captured and the antivirus to the disease to be obtained to save her planet. Ultimately when in the AGK's House headquarters, she freezes time long enough to seize the virus back and head back to the Evil Çoban Family, but quick usage of Xander's thinking pose and Chip's ESPer powers tracks her down to her location.

Once there, the Mystic Rangers discover the Evil Çoban Family and deal with LeeLee's betrayal, who defends her action as a means to save her people. Hüsnü, the leader of the Police, betray her by injecting her with the entire content of virus, which would mutate her in an hour into a vector machine that would ultimately allow for Earth to befall the same fate as Leslie. Leopold promises LeeLee they would defeat the Evil Çoban Family in an hour before having her carried off by Sonic.

Heading into combat, the Mystic Rangers each take out members of the Çoban Family: Yellow Mystic Ranger destroys Evil Metin and a Commander Hitler driving in a car, Blue Mystic Ranger and Pink Mystic Ranger kick down Evil Zeliha and Evil Şule, and Green Mystic Ranger takes out Evil Tekin. Red Mystic Ranger attempts to defeat Agent Melek, but he sends out a defense of Evil Nazike quickly destroyed by Wolf Warrior. Finally on his own, Leopold finally defeats Evil Hüsnü with ease and obtains the antivirus, which he quickly passes off to Wolf Warrior who departs the area. However, the Evil Çoban Family leader uses a final trump card, traveling back to Leslie to gather a Death Tank Kaijuuki for destroying both worlds.

The Mystic Rangers pursue using Titan Megazord, but face Hüsnü and an army of mechanical tanks which give them much trouble until Daggeron arrives to the rescue with a Phoenix Unizord, a typical standard issue for many AGK's House throughout the universe. Merging with the Phoenix Unizord into Sword Mode mode, Titan Megazord easily defeats Hüsnü and the army of tanks.

In the end, with Clare finally saved and the cure within her hands that it can save her home-world, she departs back to Leslie, but not without giving an affectionate farewell to Leopold.