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—The Angry Video Game Nerd on Top Gun (NES)

James Rolfe, aka The Angry Video Game Nerd  (born July 10, 1980) (formerly The Angry Nintendo Nerd and often abbreviated The Nerd) is the title character of The Angry Video Game Nerd, portrayed and created by James Rolfe. In each episode, he reviews a different poorly made video game, complaining, overeacting and often shouting about either graphic and music quality or gameplay, but more reasonably the latter. His mortal enemies are the Nostalgic Critic and the infamous Irate Gamer, being just as popular as he is in the popular trade of reviewing similar media such as video games or television.


The AVGN has the appearance of a stereotypical nerd. He wears glasses and dresses in a white dress shirt, that is always neatly buttoned up. In the pocket of this shirt, he has a few ballpoint pens, which he sometimes throws. He also equips some of his NES accessories when fighting for armour and weaponry as Super NES Angry Video Game Nerd, where he sometimes doesn't wear his glasses.


The Nerd appears to have anger issues, sometimes going as far as destroying a game if he is angry enough. He is constantly drinking beer (either Rolling Rock or Yuengling). He usually flips off the game he is reviewing, sometimes in an slightly different way, such as wearing the Power Glove. He constantly swears and seems to like making rude remarks about games such as "Cowabunga? Cowa fucking piece of dog shit!"

Appearance in the Angry German Kid Series

Angry Video Game Nerd appeared in episodes 44 and 45 of AngryGermanKid82's Angry German Kid Series where Leopold watches some of his reviews, and when he was watching the nerd's Superman 64's review, his father, Harold Slikk hears the Angry Video Game Nerd swearing, he beats up his son and bans him from watching it. After Harold was arrested, Leopold watched the end of Angry Video Game Nerd's review of The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout.

He also appeared in pauladrian360's Angry German Kid Series as a recurring character.

He also appeared in TheDrapocalypse's AGK episode Angry German Kid goes to church

He also appeared in Nein Cat's AGK Series In A Nightmare On Elm Street He Says "Oh God It's Freedy Comming" aiso In AGK Parody He Says "Oh God It's Eva Lee Comming"


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